Burns Harbor


Burns Harbor was built in 1980, is 1000 feet long and flies a U.S. flag

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The Burns Harbor was built in 1980 at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and is 1,000 long. She has 37 hatches on deck that feed 7 cargo holds below deck. She has a 250 foot self unloader on her deck and both bow and stern thrusters to help her navigate in smaller ports and when moving to or away from a dock. She often loads iron ore pellets in Silver Bay and the BNSF in Superior and takes much of it to both Burns Harbor and Indiana Harbor. She is now owned and operated by American Steamship Company. In the picture just below, taken on June 13, 2015 she is arriving at the Duluth entry, a rare occurrence, since she is always loading just inside the Superior entry. In this case, she is coming in for fuel at the Calumet fuel dock at the Port Terminal. She made 31 trips to the Twin Ports in 2015 and the same number in 2014. She is probably the most frequent visitor to the port for the last 15 years, although we seldom see her at the Duluth entry.
On June 13, 2015, the Burns Harbor made a surprise visit (above and the two below) to the Duluth ship canal.
Coming in the Superior entry on April 2, 2011

Above, at the Burlington Northern Santé Fe ore dock on August 27, 2006; below, I was on deck as she is loading pellets; her self unloader lifted up out of the way. Below that, she departs the Superior entry after she completes the load.
September 29, 2004: she is loading iron ore pellets at the BNSF, her usual dock.
Above, the Burns Harbor is departing the Superior entry after loading iron ore pellets at the BNSF dock. Just to the right of the boat is the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse, built in 1912.


  1. She is has loaded lots of stuff then the aother boats!!!!
    She comes in Duluth the most part of the years!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Christian B. says:

    How come the Burns Harbor doesn’t come into Duluth that much

  3. Just watched the burns harbor and the American century arrive Duluth. Awesome sight seeing 2 ASC vessels arrive one after the other. Great day, lucky to see the burns arrive Duluth because of to much Ice in superior but I will take it!!!

  4. peter galasinski says:

    Just watched burns harbor thru scope about 30 mi. North of Milwaukee about 12 mi. Off shore just north of port washington.ur uncle’s all good.

  5. Where is the burns harbor now i have an uncle on the ship and am worried havnt heard from him..

  6. Tristin (loves ships) says:

    I’ve noticed that she comes into Superior more than Duluth.

  7. Burns Harbor for Bethlehem was the best.

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