Paul R. Tregurtha

Paul R. Tregurtha was built in 1981, is 1,013½ feet long and flies a U.S. flag

Previous names:
William J. DeLancey: 1981-1990
Paul R. Tregurtha: 1990-

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The Paul R. Tregurtha has been outfitted with freshwater, closed-loop exhaust gas scrubbers. More specifically, DuPont Marine Scrubbers from BELCO. The scrubbers work to effectively strip the majority of sulfur and particulate matter from the ship’s stack emissions, reducing the environmental impact of the ship.

Listen to her whistle as she came into port on May 6, 2013
At 1,013 feet, 6 inches long, the Paul R. Tregurtha is the largest boat on the Great Lakes. She comes to Duluth about once a week and almost always loads coal, usually for Detroit Edison power plants. She was built as the William J. DeLancey in 1981 in Lorain, Ohio. She received her current name in the spring of 1990. Paul Tregurtha was born in 1935 and is an officer of the Interlake Steamship Company, the owner of the ship. She came to the Twin Ports 41 times during the 2012-13 season, second only to the James R. Barker.
In the picture above, the Tregurtha approaches the North Pier Light, at the head of the Duluth ship canal, a popular place for man and beast; Picture  taken Saturday, April 24, 2010
Above, the Tregurtha arrived under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on May 28, 2014.
Above, she arrived Duluth on June 3, 2014 and docked at the Murphy Fuel Terminal; below, she goes under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on May 6, 2013.
Below, slowly moving through the ice on April 13, 2013 as she departed Duluth.
Above, she passes by the American Mariner at the Port Terminal on her way to Midwest Energy Resources in Superior to load coal for Detroit Edison on August 4, 2013; arriving Duluth on April 28, 2012. Below, she passes by the Canadian flagged Radcliffe R. Latimer discharging salt at the Duluth salt dock on October 25, 2013.
Above, Captain Dayton  on phone in the pilot house after docking at the Calumet Fuel dock on March 25, 2012; below, arriving Duluth on September 17, 2012.
Above, approaching the Lift Bridge on July 17, 2012.
Above, she eases close to the Murphy Fuel Dock after coming under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge (right) on December 18, 2012. After docking, she hooks up a fuel line and begins to fill her up.
Below she departs Duluth on November 20, 2012.
Above, the Tregurtha is welcomed to Duluth as she approached the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on October 3, 2012. Below, a half hour later, she was docked at the Murphy Fuel Dock at the Port Terminal.
Above, the Tregurtha arrives Duluth while the Hon. James L. Oberstar departs on May 25, 2011; below, moving up the Duluth harbor on May 5, 2011
On her way out on June 28, 2010
The Tregurtha was the subject of a series on big ships of the world in the spring of 2008. The series was developed by the Discovery Channel, Canada. Most of their crew is seated for some dessert at the captain’s table on the Tregurtha. Standing at the back is another Discovery Channel crew member and to his left is Captain Dayton and to his left, other officers on the boat.
Above, arriving on April 15, 2007; she gets a welcome while arriving on September 16, 2007
In July, 2007, the crowd at the Duluth ship canal got a double bill just after the  Tregurtha cleared the North Pier Light; the Antigua flagged Pochard appeared and came into port.
She departs Duluth on July 30, 2006; below the same on May 6, 2006
Leaving Duluth on October 8, 2005
Above and below, visiting on January 17, 2004; below, Captain Dayton, center, gathered some of his crew who live in or near the Twin Ports for a picture on January 17th, 2004. Captain Dayton retired from service in 2014.
I went over to the boat in February to see how layup maintenance was going. As you can see, it can be hot when you are working on (or in) the engine (below)
The Tregurtha started the season taking coal to Lake Superior ports. Above, she is returning from one of those trips on March 23, 2004. Since the Soo Locks opened on the 25th, she was probably going to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources for Detroit Edison. Below, she returns to Duluth for more coal on April 4, 2004.
Above, she arrives on stage at the Blues Festival on August
I visited the Tregurtha on September 10, 2004. Above, we walked along the tunnel that runs the length of the boat below the deck, where cargo is dropped from each cargo hold onto a belt that moves cargo to the stern mounted self unloader which pulls it up and sends it out the self unloader arm and onto the ground or other receptacle on shore. We made it to the bow where Captain Dayton and I played a game of pool. The table is at the bow of the boat. Below that, a look on the deck where the coal loader at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior is filling the cargo holds.
Below, she brings in some ice from Lake Superior on Christmas Eve, 2004
Picture above taken Wednesday, January 13, 2002: The Tregurtha spent the winter of 2002-03 at the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior. In mid-March, 2003, it was time to load coal and get out to Lake Superior. The Coast Guard cutter Sundew was called to breakup ice that had formed around the boat (below). It was a slow and delicate process but the cutter freed the 1,000-footer and she was ready to go
She departs on May 27, 2001
Picture above taken Sunday, May 28, 2000: Looking into the Duluth inner harbor as the Tregurtha goes under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge