Algoma Montrealais

Algoma Mariner

Algoma Montrealais was built in 1962, is 730 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

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Previous names:
Montrealais: 1962-2012
Algoma Montrealais: 2012-2015

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Listen to the Algoma Montrealais on July 15, 2014

Update: July 14, 2015: The tug Diavlos Pride has delivered the former laker Algoma Montrealais to the scrapyard on schedule. The latter, renamed Mont for the trip overseas, reached Aliaga, Turkey, on July 10 after the long tow from Montreal. The last steam-powered bulk carrier on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes will soon be dismantled.
monatrealais240821-1-022In 2011, Algoma Central purchased the entire Upper Lakes Group fleet. They added the company name Algoma to the names of most of their ‘new’ fleet, including the Montrealais. She is now the  Algoma Montrealais. She is a bulk freighter built in Montreal, Quebec. She has 20 hatches that open into 5 cargo holds. The vessel is powered by a steam turbine capable of generating up to 9,000 hp.
Picture above taken Saturday, August 21, 2004; below taken on July 15, 2014
Picture above taken Thursday, July 19, 2001: departing Duluth in the fog
Picture above taken Monday, August 7, 2000: loading grain


  1. I’ve been looking for her this evening trying to see if she’s sailing. Sadly it appears not. My father was captain on her from 1965 to 1988 and I spent many of my young summers aboard probably totaling well over a year of my life; excluding my working years as a wheelsman. I feel a need to get to her before she’s towed away. So sad…

  2. Mike Hobart says:

    Would make a great museum!

  3. Don Meyer says:

    1/15/15 She is now at rest in Montreal. Her AIS was shut down about 10 ago. I’m afraid the last days of the last Great Lakes steamer are not too far off. Farewell old girl…well done!!

  4. Mike Hobart says:

    The end has come. Word from Algoma states the she will be retired at the end of the 2014 shipping season. Another legend is about to disappear. And the scrap parade continues(typical Algoma)…

  5. Mike Hobart says:

    I hope she still sails for a few more seasons. She is the fastest operating freighter on the lakes right now and it would be nice to have it stay that way.

  6. Bill Paris says:

    Spotted her this past Monday early morning (June 30th) traversing the Welland Canal in Port Colborne on her way out to Lake Erie.

  7. SHE’S BACK!!!!! At least for the time being. Boatnerd reports the Montrealis left her layup berth yesterday, 6-28, and will be up-bound for Superior for a load of ore. This decision is due to the back-log from the winter. Boatnerd also reports that the new Algoma Harvester is transiting the Panama Canal at the present time so enjoy her while you can because with the Harvester on the way it seems that her return could be a short one.

  8. Kathleen
    Thank u very much for sharing some of your thoughts and memories. U help us remember what is really important: the people that worked on these boats for so many years and the families of those people. I had a couple really good meals on that boat; i am sure the food u had in the galley so many years ago was even better
    thanks so much

  9. kathleen cameron says:

    my father sailed on the Upper Lakes Shipping ships for 20 odd years .he sailed on both the Quebecois ,Montrealis but was on the Montrealais for many masny yrs. I buried my father in 2012 and he would be so sad to know that there will no longer be the fleet that he knew.He loved to sail.i can count the ships he was on and I own his work book with all his Ports of call in it. i miss him a lot and it will be sad to see the last ship he was on be sent for scrap..

  10. Denny Dushane says:

    She is now the last steam powered Canadian freighter at least on the Great Lakes. However, there is talk and rumor that this will be her last and final season on the Great Lakes with Port Colborne, Ontario being her final lay-up this winter. Also, her sistership Algoma Quebecois was towed from Toronto to Port Colborne for eventual scrapping as well. It is a sad time for Great Lakes shipping as an era and end to steam at least on the Canadian side is drawing to a close.

  11. Most steamers are running on bunker C heavy fuel oil. It is pretty cheap but the EPA is going to heavily restrict its use in the future.

  12. What kind of fuel is used to generate the steam?

  13. This ship has such a beautiful and haunting Ship Horn!

    • kathleen cameron says:

      Yes I remember a lot of things about this ship. i use to get on it in lock one and get off a few locks down .Spent time in the galley lol.

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