Algoma Olympic

Algoma Olympic was built in 1976, is 730 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Previous names:
Canadian Olympic: 1976-2011
Algoma Olympic: 2011-2018

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Algoma Olympic arrived at the scrapyard in Aliaga, Turkey June 13, 2018

She departed Duluth on July 28, 2017
Discharging salt at the Duluth salt dock on November 19, 2013
Under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on April 8, 2011
Above arriving April 3, 2009; below, arriving Duluth on June 3, 2009
Above, arriving Duluth on January 1, 2008; the Gott is at anchor [n background
Below, on July 15,2008, the Indiana Harbor, at left, loading coal at Midwest Energy; at right, the Canadian Olympic is discharging salt at Hallett.
Below, she arrives Duluth on October 15,2008
Below, arriving Duluth on December 16, 2005
Captain Mike Austin brought the Canadian Olympic and her crew of 27 into port on January 14, 2004 to load coal at Midwest Energy. They took this cargo to Ontario Power Generation before going to Ashtabula to load more coal for Nanticoke. They carry mostly coal with an occasional cargo of salt. About twice a year, they go out the St. Lawrence Seaway to New Brunswick to pick up a cargo of gypsum for Montreal, a substance used in making wall board. Captain Austin told me he likes the break in the routine but the deck hands are never too happy since gypsum is not a nice cargo to deal with. It is very sticky at the least. Front end loaders need to be lowered into the ships one hold to break up the cargo before it can be discharged using the self unloader. They need the help of local stevedores for this job.
She enters the Duluth harbor on April 2, 2002
Above, getting a tug assist in the Duluth harbor on July 21, 2001
Arriving May 1, 1999