Algoma Navigator

Algoma Montrealais

Algoma Navigator was built in 1967, is 730 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Algoma Olympic
Previous names:
Demeterton: 1967-1975
St. Lawrence Navigator: 1975-1980
Canadian Navigator: 1980-2011
Algoma Navigator: 2011-2016
Navi: 2016-2016
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In June of 2016 this vessel arrived Aliaga, Turkey for scrapping
20110605_3105The Algoma Navigator was built in Great Britain as the Demeterton and went into salt water duty. Over the years, she received several upgrades that increased both her length and cargo capacity. She was sold in 1975 to Upper Lakes Group and moved over to Great Lakes service. Several name changes followed; she became the Canadian Navigator in 1980. Since 1996, she has been to the Twin Ports 31 times (as of September 2009), 23 of those trips were before 2001.
Recently, Algoma Central purchased the fleet of the Upper Lakes Group Inc. Most of those boats have been renamed including the Canadian Navigator, now known as the Algoma Navigator. I think this was the first trip to the Twin Ports by one of their new vessels that has the new name on the boat. (inset, just above)
In May, 2013, the Algoma Navigator was here to discharge salt at the Duluth salt dock (above). She was back in September to do the same thing. I think the pile on the left (below) is the same pile she discharged above, but with most of it discharged into trucks that come right to the pile to load salt.
Above and below, the Canadian Navigator arrives Duluth on August 18, 2012 to load iron ore pellets at the CN Dock in Duluth.
She enters the Duluth harbor on July 15, 2010 on her way to load iron ore pellets at the CN.
She departed Duluth on August 4, 2009 after loading iron ore pellets at the CN.
She enters the Duluth ship canal on her way to Midwest Energy Resources to load coal.
Picture above taken Tuesday, July 9, 2002. She did not come back until July, 2005, the 2nd of 3 visits that year.


  1. Morvan Jean says:

    At this exact moment,( Sunday May 29 2016 at 20.17 ) l’Algoma Navigator is Under towing from “Boulder Tug” in St-Lawrence river , just in front of Ste Anne des Monts ….. route forecast Aliaga ..Turket.

  2. Great shot of the then Canadian Navigator coming into Duluth harbor with the seagull in the foreground. At first glance, the bird looks like part of the ship’s paintscheme.

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