Algoma Enterprise

Algoma Discovery

Algoma Enterprise was built in 1979, is 730 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Algoma Equinox
Previous names:
Canadian Enterprise: 1979-2012
Algoma Enterprise: 2012-

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In 2011, Algoma Central purchased the entire Upper Lakes Group fleet. They added the company name Algoma to the names of most of their ‘new’ fleet, including the Canadian Enterprise. She is now the  Algoma Enterprise.
2008Aug01_7391Canadian Enterprise was built, with her sister ship, the Canadian Transport, to move western, low sulfur coal to Ontario power plants. Both still work that trade today. She has 22 hatches that open into one cargo hold located below deck. Above her deck she has a 250-foot self-unloading boom that allows cargo discharge at a rate of 6,000 tons per hour.
Picture above taken Tuesday, August 1, 2008; below on June 23, 2008
Picture above taken Wednesday, June 7, 2006; below taken June 2, 2004
Picture above taken October 24, 2002; below, taken October 2, 1999

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