American Valor

American Valor was built in 1953, is 767 feet long and flies a U.S. flag

Previous names:
Armco: 1953-2006

American Valor: 2006-
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NOTE: At the end of 2017, the Adam E. Cornelius, American Victory, American Valor and the Buffalo were sold by American Steamship Company to Algoma Central.

The American Valor was in long-term layup since November, 2008, in Toledo, Ohio.

The American Valor, formerly called the Armco, was built in 1953 by the American Shipbuilding Company in Lorain, Ohio. She was named for the Armco Steel Corporation, honoring the close business association between the two companies.
In June, 2006, the Armco was sold by Oglebay Norton in Cleveland to American Steamship in Buffalo. Her name was changed to American Valor.
She usually visits several Lake Superior ports, including Marquette, Michigan, Silver Bay, and Duluth/Superior. At the other end, her stops include Lorain, Toledo, and Ashtabula in Ohio. At Silver Bay and Duluth/Superior, she loads taconite pellets that she delivers to steel mills on the southern shore of Lake Erie. Picture below taken Friday, June 13, 2008.
Picture above taken on June 8, 2007 after American Steamship repainted her. In the photo just below, taken on June 25, 2006, we see the American Valor after purchase but before the paint job. They did not have to paint her in their new colors immediately but the new name had to appear on the boat so notice the patch on the side of the bow which covered over the old name while providing background for the new name.
Above, the Armco departed Duluth January 4, 2005 on her way to Silver Bay.
Above she departed Duluth on June 3, 2004 for Silver Bay to load iron ore pellets after discharging limestone at the Cutler Stone dock.
Above, she arrived Duluth on April 24, 2003 with limestone to discharge at Cutler Stone dock.
Above, the Armco arriving in the Duluth ship canal on August 26, 2002. Below, we see her turning into the Duluth harbor earlier in August, 2002
Above, departing Duluth on April 28, 2002
Arriving June 23, 2001
In the Duluth harbor in August, 1998
Above, arriving Duluth in October, 1996