Arthur M. Anderson

 Anna Marie Altman

Arthur M. Anderson was built in 1952, is 767 feet long and flies a U.S. flag

Biscayne Bay
Click below to hear her whistle when she arrived on June 9, 2014 Click here for other pages featuring the Arthur M. Anderson
Note: (April, 2017) The Anderson arrived Duluth for winter layup on January 15, 2017. She is currently laid up on the East side of CN Dock 6 and is not expected to sail for the 2017 shipping season

20100629_2108The Arthur M. Anderson was built by the American Ship Building Company in 1952 at Lorain. She is one of eight AAA class boats built in the early 50’s and one of three built for the Pittsburgh Steamship Company. The other two were the Philip R. Clarke and the Cason J. Callaway. The Anderson is 767 feet long with 23 hatches opening into 5 cargo holds. She was lengthened by 120 feet at Fraser Shipyards in Superior in 1975. A 250-foot self-unloading boom was installed in 1982, making her capable of discharging cargo at a rate of 6,700 tons per hour without using equipment from the shore.  A bow thruster was installed in 1966, and a stern thruster in 1989. She has a 7,700 hp steam turbine engine.She was named for Arthur M. Anderson, a director of U.S. Steel in 1952 and vice-chairman of the J.P. Morgan Company.  Mr. Anderson died in 1966. Picture above taken Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Captain Bernie Cooper successfully led her through the storm that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald near Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior in November, 1975. The Anderson was the last vessel to have contact with the Fitzgerald.
Since 1995 through 2010, she has averaged about 11 trips to the Twin Ports each year. Lately, she has carried limestone into the port and loaded iron ore pellets, either here or in Two Harbors, for her return trip to the lower lakes, usually to ports on Lake Erie. In the shipping season for 2012-13, the Anderson made 20 visits to the port of Duluth-Superior.
Above, the Anderson leads a parade of boats toward the Lift Bridge on April 13th, 2013. A powerful East Wind with gusts up to 47 mph came in the day before, bringing most of the ice left in Lake Superior into the Duluth harbor with it. For more on this, check out this post.
Above, on June 8th, she moved down the Duluth harbor, on her way to the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge (below).
Below, tied tying up at Calumet Fuel on December 9, 2013
Arriving Duluth on June 8, 2012


Arriving Duluth on June 29, 2010
Above, she arrives Duluth on Friday, November 6, 2009
Above she arrived Duluth on December 23, 2008; below, she departed the next day.
Above and below taken on February 21, 2005 while she is getting a new paint job at the Fraser Shipyards dry dock.
Picture above taken Sunday, September 18, 2005
Picture above taken April 5, 2003, breaking through ice in the Duluth harbor; below, she enters the harbor 3 months later; no ice.
Departing Duluth on May 5, 2002
Arriving Duluth in April, 1998
At the Mesabi Dock in West Duluth loading iron ore pellets


  1. Karen Damvelt says:

    Thank Goodness this Ship was in Dry Dock–The Waves in Lake Superior and other areas really made the Gales/Winds of November a Stern Memory. Hope to see Him Sailing again soon for the 2018 Season.

    • Kevin Woyce says:

      I heard the Great Lakes are to warm and may not freeze over this winter. We all know what that means.
      A lot of lake affect snow. We may be in for a lot of the white stuff.
      I’m from Owen Sound we always get double wammied by Georgian Bay and Lake Huron.

  2. Sad to see her not Sailing this Season!!!

    • Troy Rogers says:

      She was in Duluth loading this weekend. At the CN ore dock. July 1-2, 2017

    • Denny Johnson says:

      My Dad was a steersman for the Anderson in the 1954-5-6
      Can any records of his name be found? Robert W Johnson
      He has passed away but the stories he told.
      Long live Arther M Anderson

  3. Anyone have an answer as to why she doesn’t have a departure date listed yet?

  4. Charles Smith says:

    We observed her unloading in Huron, Ohio, on Friday, August 5,2016. Does anyone know what she was hauling?

  5. William Fowler says:

    The Anderson is due in Duluth Tues Mar. 28, 2016. Great to see her sailing this season, worried about her last summer.

  6. Kevin Stern says:

    The trio of Great Lakes Fleet vessels of the Anderson, Callaway, and the Clarke are my favorite lakers. The AAA class of vessels built in 1952 1953.

  7. Christian B. says:

    The Anderson is a “famous” ship

  8. I know Duluth/Superior is a hotel of lakers for the winter lay over, Lake Superior and St Louis bay is mega thick with ice

  9. What on earth is she doing out there at this time of the year? Most of the lakes are froze over or close to it! The soo locks are closed.

  10. Karen Damvelt says:

    When and where is She going to be tying up at for the rest of the winter when the Harours close.

    • Karen Damvelt, as of 2/20/2015, 8:45pmEst. the Anderson is still stuck in ice about 1-2 miles off of Conneaut, Oh. the crazy crew was abandoned by 2 CG cutters The Bristol Bay and one other. the CG was going to Cleveland for supplies, I guess. As cold as it has been, they may be there for awhile.

      • Ca ice breaker Samuel Risley busted the Anderson out of the the ice and they are heading for Detroit. USCG Bristol Bay is running well ahead of the dynamic duo. last observed east bound lake Erie at 10.6 knots. looks like the Anderson may layup, fitout. all at once. wonder how happy that crew is. oh, well, all pays the same (and sometimes even more) good luck making the dock.

        • Update: The Anderson isn’t done yet!!! They left Detroit and heading to Manitowoc, WI. Currently lodged in ice just west of Mackinaw bridge. $ cha-ching $ 2 ice breakers working to free the Anderson again. 3-2-15. amazing

  11. bill reed says:

    who is the current captain of the Arthur M Anderson

  12. Why did the bridge tender not respond to the salute of the Arthur M. Anderson as it entered the harbor at 7:01? I have noticed a lot of the salutes are being eliminated. It must be optional? Is it be because it is not high shipping season? Few ??? this Monday morning!!!

  13. Alice Kane says:

    I just LOVE the Anderson. But why are these ships still plying our inland seas during these treacherous winter months?! I don’t want one more sailor to lose his life! I don’t want one more of these magnificent freighters to go to the bottom! I thought sailing between November and March stopped after the tragic loss of the Fitzgerald.

  14. chuck ritchie says:

    On Monday Jan. Dec. 30, 2013 out of the fog appeared the Arthur M. Anderson headed towards shore just off of Encampment Island north of Two Harbors. She anchored and remained there for a day and a half. Then on Tues morning while we were in Two harbors she slipped back into the mist and was gone. We have never seen any ore boat that close to shore and are trying to find out why she was there. She was fully loaded and we surmised that if headed up lake to the Sault she was disabled in some way. The temps were down around -20 and she looked iced up. If loaded with coal or other cargo coming down lake she had to be headed for Duluth. At one point we heard that the harbor was iced over, but when we left for Minneapolis we saw a boat in the dock, but we were unable to determine whether that was the Anderson. Can anyone enlighten us as to why were blessed with this magnificent sight out our window for a day and a half? I have a picture but do not know how to post it.

    • As was mentioned in our boat-watching facebook group it was most likely the Munson you saw at the ship yard. The Anderson has not been into Duluth for the last week or so.

      Most likely it was sitting there waiting for the wind/cold/ice.
      If you follow the boatnerd news, the ice has been wreaking havoc at the locks. boats have been getting stuck almost daily leading into and out of the lock areas. It has been mentioned that the CG has asked that the fleets head to winter layup early this year.

      • holly jorgenson says:

        chuck, this was posted on one of the facebook pages…
        the Anderson anchored off Two Harbors either due to ice, wind, or possibly to wait for the Two Harbors dock to clear since she was originally scheduled to load there. the Anderson loaded ore at CN (in Duluth) on New Year’s Day.

  15. paul christmann says:

    i became fascinated with LAKERS with the song WERCK OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD. in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s my friend and i were big race fans and would go to Detroit and Toronto a lot and we would visit the maritime museum’s . one time when we were on Montreal on the water front, there was a Laker there named the Comedoc (sp) . i went over to where she was docked and a car pulled up and the gentleman got out and asked if i would like to go onboard, i said yes and he said you have to ask the ships master. so i did and the next day i got such an awesome tour of the whole ship top side to inside the holds engine room …. it was so cool, better than touring a museum ship .

  16. John Bronson Jr says:

    I do believe the Arthur M. Anderson comes into Sturgeon Bay, WI for maintenance and repairs at Bay Shipbuilding Company during the winter…..I have some pictures from a couple years ago when I visited……I have family up there and its not uncommon to see the big freighters there…..My Great Uncle was Russel G Haskell, and went down on the Edmund Fitzgerald…..I will share my pictures if anyone wants them…..

  17. Alice Kane says:

    I am fascinated by the big lake freighters. The Anderson is my favorite, probably because of her history with the Big Fitz. I have just started enjoying tracking her movements through these deadly Great Lakes of ours. I am currently reading “Great Lakes Shipwrecks & Survivals” by William Ratigan. I have the Edmund Fitzgerald edition. In all my years of growing up in Chicago I never knew of the dangers of the Lakes! I see them through new eyes now. I also watch many videos about the Fitzgerald, the Arthur M. Anderson and the Titanic in YouTube. Very interesting and informative.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      alice, check out some of the books by “frederick stonehouse”.
      he has several…excellent!

      • Alice Kane says:

        Hi Holly! Thanks so much. Sorry it took me until now to discover your reply. I checked out Frederick Stonehouse’s book on Amazon and just purchased a copy of “Haunted Lake Michigan” published in October of 2006! I am looking forward to reading it.

  18. John Hagerman says:

    Watched the Arthur M Anderson take on a load of limestone at Port Calcite in Rogers City, Michigan. Great spot to watch the boats coming and going and can even see product bring loaded.

  19. Bill Dent says:

    This afternoon I saw the Arthur Anderson pass in front of my window overlooking Lake Erie and watched it turn north and slowly recede from view as it headed toward the Peele Passage. It had just unloaded crushed limestone at a cement plant in Huron Ohio.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      thanks for that report, bill. i love hearing eyewitness accounts of what’s happening on areas of the lakes where there are no cameras!

  20. Tristin (loves ships) says:

    She was the first ship I ever saw, watched her come into Duluth from the DECC? After that I fell in love with ships.

  21. Just watched the Arthur M. Anderson loading iron ore pellets in Two Harbors, MN. One of our favorite stops on the drive back home after a trip to the BWCA.

  22. Could you please let me know where I could receive the article and pics on the Arthur Anderson. I have a model of the ship and this would really enhance my gift from my boys. Thank You!

  23. Yes, the Anderson was in Sturgeon Bay for the winter. I saw her in March of 2012.

  24. OK i will try that thanks for your help

  25. another idea, rick: I would just tell him to take roads closest to the water, thats how i found the spots i took photos, also walked on the ice.

  26. That would be cool holly but ricks feet dont leave the ground haha

  27. and another: the comment on boatnerd regional said it was on the face dock, so it’s parallel to the street, but now the Callaway is rafted alongside, I think. So it may be hard to see much of it.

    rick, perhaps you could rent a helicopter and do a fly over!

  28. Ok thanks

  29. i got this: It all depends where she lays up at Sturgeon Bay and if another vessel gets rafted to her.

    then, this on facebook:

  30. Rockford,il

  31. rick, i’m not familiar with the area, but will see what i can find out for you. where are you?

  32. Ok thanks Holly, would i be able to see it if i went there, this stuff is all new to me thanks

  33. rick, i believe she is in sturgeon bay, at the shipyards there.

  34. Does any one know where the anderson docks for the winter would love to see it

  35. My favorite picture of my dad and me was taken on the deck of the Arthur Anderson in February of 1962 at Jones Island harbor in Milwaukee, WI. I was only 3 years old. What a ship!

  36. Tristin (loves ships) says:

    That’s too bad.

  37. He passed in 1993

  38. Is

    captain Bernie Cooper of the Arthur Anderson still living? If so where City or state

  39. John Kessey says:

    yes she is a good ship the last ship to see the fitz if she could talk shed
    have a lot to say

  40. donna, she is a beauty, isn’t she…and such history!

  41. Just watched that classy ship enter through the Duluth Ship Canal. I love seeing the lakers; there is something so noble about them compared to the salties. Maybe because I was born and raised on Park Point I might just be a little prejudiced.

  42. I can remember when this one was considered one of the larger boats. Winter lay-up Duluth seemed like it had the entire US Steel fleet.

  43. Just watched the Anderson enter Duluth Harbor. A piece of history passing before us. Safe passage!

  44. Great boat with a great history I believe Bernie Cooper’s theory on the sinking of the Fitz makes sense.

  45. Jack Masterson says:

    Sail On good ship Anderson.

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