Peter R. Cresswell

 Ojibway (ex Voyager Independent

Peter R. Cresswell was built in 1982, is 730 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Pierre Radisson
Previous names:
Algowest: 1982-2001
Peter R. Cresswell: 2001-2016
Peter: 2016-2016
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In June of 2016 she was under tow by the VB Hispania, to Aliaga, Turkey for scrapping
20090731_0093Peter R. Cresswell was launched in 1982 as the Algowest and began loading wheat from Western Canada in Thunder Bay and taking it to a port at the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway where the wheat was transferred to an ocean going ship. In the late 90’s, a self unloader was added to her deck, enabling her to start carrying iron ore pellets and other bulk cargo such as limestone and coal. Late in the season of 2001, she was rechristened the Peter R. Cresswell, the same day that Peter R. Cresswell retired from his position as President and Chief Executive Officer of Algoma Central Corporation. Picture above taken Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Picture above taken Saturday, November 10, 2001
Pictures above and below taken when she was the Algowest, on Wednesday, August 29, 2001 and April 28, 2001 respectively.


  1. Christian says:

    I heard a rumor off the Boatnerd Daily Shipping News Website the she is or what is to be her presumed to be her final destination the Marine Recycling Dock in Port Colborne, Ont.

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