Algolake was built in 1977, is 730 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Algoma Discovery
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Click just below to listen to her whistle as she came in on October 21, 2011
The Algolake was built in 1977 by Collingwood Shipyards at Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. She is seen above in the Duluth harbor around noon on November 24, 2015, on her way to the Hallett dock to discharge salt.
She is 730 long and has 23 hatches on her deck that open into 5 cargo holds. She has a 250-foot self-unloading boom on her deck. That, along with a system of conveyor belts beneath her cargo holds, allows the boat to unload her cargo without using equipment from the shore. She was the first Algoma boat with all her superstructure, meaning the cabins and pilothouse, in the rear (aft) of the boat. Before this, their boats had the pilothouse forward. Several times a year, the Algolake brings in a cargo of salt before loading coal. Picture just above, foreground, taken July 18, 2011 when she was discharging salt at Minnesota Salt Dock. Below at the same dock on October 10, 2010.
Below, she goes under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on July 6, 2009
Picture above taken June 28, 2008; below, May 17, 2008
Above, the Algolake arrives for the Blues Festival in August, 2007; below she is loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior on April 9, 2006
Picture above taken March 30, 2004 as she turns toward the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge; below doing the same thing on June 15, 2002
Below, looking out from the pilot house as she loads coal at Midwest Energy Resources on June 11, 2001. Notice the Midwest coal loader pouring coal into the boats cargo holds (top, center). When loading coal the boat’s self-unloader is turned out over the St. Louis River to be out of the way.


  1. I saw it on 5/4/12 hauling coal. Passing the Cason j. Callaway a master salute.

  2. Lee Downie says:

    Yesterday, 08/19/2012, I saw Algolake (I think) back out through the Duluth Ship Canal! Yes, back out! Why would her captain execute such a maneuver? This must put a heckuva strain on her rudder(s).

  3. Is that Algolake unloading salt in duluth right in front of the camera?

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