Algoma Spirit

Algoma Quebecois

Algoma Spirit was built in 1986, is 728 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Algoma Strongfield
Previous names:
Petka: 1986-2000
Sandviken: 2000-2008
Algoma Spirit: 2008-

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2008Sep17_2995In the winter of 2007-08, the Sandviken was sold by Viken Shipping in Bergen, Norway to Algoma Central Railway, a Canadian shipping company who sends many boats such as the Algolake and the Algonorth to the Twin Ports. The ship arrived in the Twin Ports on September 17, 2008, as the Algoma Spirit. Because of a previous contract, the ship still has the same Filipino crew as it had when it was the Sandviken and it is still loading grain in Great Lakes ports for foreign destinations, in this case wheat for Spain. The contract has two more years on it; after that, it may work more within the Great Lakes, but it will give Algoma the opportunity to earn money from it on the ocean during the winter when the Great Lakes are iced in and most lakers are sitting at docks in winter layup. The new owners painted most of the hull black, as most of the Algoma fleet is. When it was the Sandviken, it was painted bright green. Picture above taken Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Picture above taken Monday, September 15, 2008: Entering the Duluth ship canal to load grain
Above and below, I visited with the Captain and his crew in August, 2003 and gave them the latest copy of the Duluth Shipping News.
Picture above and below taken Saturday, August 18, 2001230816-2--074


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    Poor old Girl is aground hard in Chippewa Bay off Rose Island in Canadian waters…July 23, 2013.

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