Federal Polaris

 Federal Patriot

Federal Polaris was built in 1985, is 600 feet long and flies the flag of The Bahamas

Federal Rhine
Previous names:
Federal Polaris: 1985-2014
Federal Kasser: 2014-2016
This vessel arrived Alang, India July 3, 2016 to be scrapped
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The Federal Polaris was built in Japan in 1985. Unlike many salt water ships federalpolaris20100414_2229that come to Duluth, the Federal Polaris has kept the same name, so far, throughout her life on the high seas. She is 600 feet long and painted bright red, typical colors for Fednav boats, her owner.
Picture (left) taken Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Picture above taken Friday, April 16, 2004
Picture above taken Sunday, April 23, 2000
Just above and below, the Federal Polaris loaded wheat at the AGP elevator in Duluth in August, 1997. She then departed under the Lift Bridge.

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