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Birchglen was built in 1983, is 730 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Canadian Leader
Previous names:
Canada Marquis: 1983-1991
Federal Richelieu: 1991-1991
Federal Mackenzie: 1991-2001
Mackenzie: 2001-2002
Birchglen: 2002-2015

Sept. 29, 2015…In the past week, Canada Steamship Lines bid farewell to Birchglen–as she set sail on her final journey. She arrived Aliaga, Turkey on October 14, 2015, to be scrapped.

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birchglen2008Aug18_0160The Birchglen was built in Govan, Scotland in 1983 as a ship that could sail the world’s oceans as well as the Great Lakes. She was launched as the Canada Marquis, initially working ocean routes between ports in Brazil, Argentina, West Germany, Quebec, England, West Germany and Russia.
In 1990, she came under the wing of Fednav Limited in Montreal. She became the Federal Richelieu. She became the Federal Mackenzie in 1992. Her ownership and flag changed several times during the 90’s.
In 2001, her name was changed to the Mackenzie. As both the Mackenzie and the Federal Mackenzie, she visited Duluth many times, usually loading grain here for overseas ports.
In 2002, she was sold to Canada Steamship Lines. Her name was changed to the Birchglen, and she became a Canadian laker, coming here usually for grain and taking the grain to Montreal for transfer to ocean going ships. Picture above taken Monday, August 18, 2008
Picture above taken Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Picture above taken Saturday, August 14, 2004
Picture above taken Friday, August 22, 2003
Picture above taken Friday, August 22, 2003


  1. The review said she loads grain and today’s shipping news said she is loading coal???

  2. She’s a much more attractive ship now that they have repainted her red with the big CSL on the side!

  3. what ship is that in the background for the August 22, 2003 picture?

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