John J. Boland

John J. Boland was built in 1973, is 680 feet long and flies a U.S. flag

Previous names:
Charles E. Wilson: 1973-1999
John J. Boland: 1999-

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The John J. Boland was built by Bay Shipbuilding Company in Sturgeon Bay and launched as the Charles E. Wilson in 1973. When American Steamship Company’s boat called the John J. Boland was sold to Lower Lakes Towing in 2001 (becoming the Canadian flagged Saginaw), their boat called the Charles E. Wilson became the new John J. Boland. On most of her trips here, she brings limestone in and usually loads coal or iron ore pellets before departing for a lower lakes port.
She arrived Duluth on November 4, 2017 to load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. That was her 4th trip to Duluth this season; she made 4 trips last season.
The Boland departed Duluth on May 17, 2014, but Winter had not yet done the same.
The Boland came in Duluth for winter layup (above) at Fraser on January 12, 2013 and did not leave until May 17, 2014 (above) when she departed empty. She came back on August 26, 2014 to discharge limestone and departed the next day.
Above, she enters the Duluth harbor on January 5, 2012 for winter layup. Below, on February 23, 2012, she was in layup at Fraser Shipyard.
Above, she departs Duluth with coal on September 18, 2012. Below on the right, she waits at CN Duluth for the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. to complete loading iron ore pellets.
Above, on September 20, 2011, the Boland loaded limestone in Calcite Michigan and arrived here to discharge the stone at the Graymont stone dock in Superior. She left for Two Harbors that afternoon where she loaded iron ore pellets.
Below, she departs Duluth on December 21, 2011 after loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. Just above, click to hear her whistle as she is departing
Above, she arrives Duluth on June 26, 2009 to discharge limestone at Cutler Stone. After that, she left Duluth to load iron ore pellets in Two Harbors.
She departs Duluth after discharge limestone at the Cutler stone dock and loading iron ore pellets at the CN dock
She came in on May 8, 2006 to load iron ore pellets at the CN in Duluth
On the deck looking at the hatch covers; strait ahead, you see the self unloader sitting on the deck; below a clearer view of the self unloader from the side.
Below, looking down the deck from the pilot house on March 25, 2005 as she was preparing to leave winter layup in Duluth. Below that, at the CN dock on April 18, 2005.
Above, the John J. Boland arrives Duluth on June 6, 2005 with limestone while visitors to the Duluth ship canal read the latest edition of the Duluth Shipping News instead of watching the boat. Where did I go wrong? Pictures below show her discharging the limestone at the Cutler Stone dock during the same trip.
Above and below, the Boland left the Twin Ports on December 17, 2003.
Above, she arrived in the Duluth harbor on July 6, 2001; below she was back again a month later.