Algoma Provider

Algoma Progress

Algoma Provider was built in 1963, is 714 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Algoma Quebecois
Previous names:
Murray Bay: 1963-1994
Canadian Provider: 1994- 2011
Algoma Provider: 2011-2013

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Algoma Provider was towed to Turkey for scrapping in spring of 2013

canadianprovider20070803_0124The Algoma Provider was built in 1963 for Canada Steamship Lines as the Murray Bay. In 1994, she became the Canadian Provider and in 2011, when Algoma Central purchased the Upper Lake Group fleet, she became the Algoma Provider. She is one of the oldest boats operating in the Canadian fleet and still operates with a single 9,000 horsepower steam turbine engine. Like most Canadian lakers that visit the port, she is 730 feet long, allowing her to go through the Welland Canal, a task a boat has to perform if it is going from Duluth to the St. Lawrence River. The Welland is a canal dug so that boats can go around, and not over, Niagara Falls. It links Lake Erie with Lake Ontario and is a vital part of the St. Lawrence Seaway System. She has 17 hatches feeding 6 cargo holds with a total capacity of 25,600 tons. Picture above was taken in August, 2007 when she was the Canadian Provider. Just below, the picture was taken in October, 2004 as she was about to go under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on her way out to Lake Superior. Bottom picture was taken in September 13, 2004 as she was entering the Duluth harbor and about to get a tug assist.


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    Sorry about the duplicate.

  2. Svenska Fisk says:

    Does anyone have any idea what the oldest Laker still in operation i

  3. Svenska Fisk says:

    Does anyone have any idea what the oldest Laker still in operation is?

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