Tim S. Dool

Thunder Bay

Tim S. Dool was built in 1967, is 730 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

W. N. Twolan
Previous names:
Senneville: 1967-1994
Algoville: 1994-2008
Tim S. Dool: 2008-

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Tim S. Dool

20100811_3444The Tim S. Dool was launched October 15, 1967 as the Senneville for the Mohawk Navigation Co. of Montreal and was the flagship for the fleet.  Algoma Central bought her in 1994 and renamed her Algoville. She was renamed by Algoma to the Tim S. Dool in 2009 after Dool retired from his position as President and CEO of the company. She has carried a wide variety of cargos over the years. One hold was converted to a tank so that canola oil would be carried. She has 18 hatches that open into 6 cargo holds below deck. She is powered by two diesel engines that can generate 9,600hp providing a top speed of 16 mph.   Picture above taken Wednesday, August 11, 2010.
Above, she is loading grain at the Duluth Storage dock (formerly Cargill) in July, 2013; below, departing Duluth 2 months later after loading grain at CHS 1.
Picture above taken Tuesday, October 1, 2002: arriving Duluth in late afternoon
Picture above taken Saturday, December 1, 2001: The Algoville starts to turn into the Duluth harbor after coming under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. Below, arriving Duluth in September, 1997 (scan of a picture taken with film)


  1. It always makes one heart skip a beat to see these massive iron monsters come and go in Duluth Mn. It shows great master of iron workers and the work they can do.

    • Rita Allerding says:

      Dorothy, You took the words out of my mouth. It is so exciting. I could jump up and down. Love when they toot their horn one long…two shorts..WOW.

  2. great page here. iam from aylesford nova scotia canada

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