New paint, new name

The America arrived Duluth this morning (October 9, 2017) after a short wait at the anchorage off the Duluth piers. She is now loading wheat at Riverland Ag (below). This ship was built in 2010 for the Flinter Shipping Group in The Netherlands with the name of Flinter A. It soon received a new name; she is now the  Flinter America. But the Flinter Shipping Company went bankrupt in 2016 and Wagenborg Shipping, also in the Netherlands, purchased her. They of course had to get rid of the Flinter in her name and since they already had a ship called the Americaborg, they decided to rename her America. You can see the new Wagenborg paint job above, using their usual grey ship color to paint over the Flinter, leaving her new name to stand alone.

America in Duluth in October

People were out enjoying the weather on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Duluth (October 8, 2017) while America was just beyond the Duluth ship canal, waiting to come in on Monday morning to load wheat at Riverland Ag. This is her first trip to Duluth. Click the link just above to read some more information about her.

Two salties due here soon

The Ebroborg will be here around September 30, 2017 to load beet pulp pellets at Gavillon (formerly Peavey). This will be her 7th visit to Duluth since she was built in 2010.
20120714_4092 She was here 3 times in 1012, loading bentonite at Hallett #5 in May (above), grain at CHS in July (at right and below), and beet pulp pellets in November. She made 2 trips in 2013, loading more bentonite in August and beet pulp pellets in November. One trip in 2015, in October, found her loading grain at Peavey. (The Atlanticborg is seen in the anchorage in the picture above right. She is waiting to come in to load wind turbine blades for Brazil; before going out to the anchorage, she was at the Port Terminal discharging wind turbine blades loaded in Denmark.)
20101029_5757The Fivelborg will be here around October 1st to load grain at CHS. This will be her 6th trip here since she was built in 2009. She loaded beet pulp pellets at General Mills Duluth in October 2010 (right) and again in October, 2012 (below).
In October 2015 she loaded pellets at Peavey. She spent some time in the anchorage off the Duluth piers before coming on June 22, 2016 to load grain at CHS 1. A 2nd trip in 2016 found her loading beet pulp pellets at Peavey in November 2016.

Orsula here for her 2nd visit this year

The Orsula arrived under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge yesterday (September 10, 2017) to load grain at the CHS terminal in Superior. This is her second trip here this season; she was here in June, also loading grain at CHS. On an earlier trip, she loaded wheat, flax and soybeans for Ghent, Belgium.

She was built in China in 1996 as the Federal Calumet and became the Orsula in 1998. This is the 19th visit the Orsula has made to the Twin Ports since 1996. She was here once in 2010, once in 2009 and twice in 2008.

20101214_7631She is a Croatian ship with a Croatian crew and until recently flew the Croatian flag. She now flies the flag of the Marshall Islands but that is a technicality; she is a still very much a Croatian ship and is owned by Atlantska Plovidb in Dubrovnik, Croatia although she comes here under a charter to Fed Nav in Montreal. I visited the ship in 2010 and learned a lot about Croatia dubrovnikfrom a crew who were very proud of their city and anxious to share it with me. The owners of the ship are also proud of Dubrovnik; and have a company poster (above left) the crew showed to me with a very beautiful picture of the medieval city of Dubrovnik. Below right is an image I took with Google earth of the entire city.  The yellow arrow points to the same image the poster has; the red arrow points to Park Orsula. Either the ship is named for the park, or both are named for another Orsula. (Click any image to see a larger version.)

Above, tug Kentucky on her stern and the tug Arkansas on her bow assisted the ship yesterday and they guided her through the Duluth harbor to her dock at CHS.

Roerborg departs with wheat

The Roerborg came under the Lift Bridge at 5:20 pm on September 4, 2017. After loading wheat at CHS 2, she departed (above) at 4:35 this afternoon (September 6, 2017).
2017-0906-3745The Roerborg was built in Germany and launched on July 4, 2014. At 577 feet, she is the longest vessel Wagenborg has ever owned. She has two sister ships, the Reestborg and Reggeborg. All three ships belong to Wagenborg’s R-series and have unique bow shapes (see picture at left) called by Wagenborg, an eco bow. I assume it allows her to cut through ocean waves easier than other bow shapes would. That allows her to have a smaller engine capacity so they can be called Green. The R-series is unique in combining cargo capacity, hold dimensions and fuel consumption. Below, the photo, by Henk Zuur was taken during her launch.

Alpena here 4th time this season

The venerable cement carrier Alpena arrived 11:30 this morning (August 19, 2017), only her 4th trip to the Twin Ports this season. She has been here 286 times since I started doing this in 1996. As the Alpena entered the ship canal, you can see the Taagborg at anchor just beyond, waiting to load wheat at CHS in Superior.