Two large cargos of coal leaving Duluth

The Paul R. Trugurtha departed Duluth at 2:40 in the afternoon of November 10, 2017. She will take 38,000 tons of coal to Detroit Edison’s power plant at St. Clair and 30,000 tons to their Monroe plant. A little later, the American Integrity arrived to take her place loading coal at Midwest Energy. She will load 68,000 tons for the St. Clair plant.

Boland arrives for 4th trip this season

The John J. Boland arrived Duluth this morning (November 4, 2017) to load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. This is her 4th trip to Duluth this season; she made 4 trips last season. She loaded coal at Midwest Energy on 2 of this year’s trips and iron ore pellets at BNSF on the other trip. She often brings limestone in before she loads a cargo to carry out; this year she only brought one limestone cargo in. That was on May 26 when she discharged limestone at the Graymont Superior dock before going to Midwest Energy for coal. (Click her ship page link just above for more information about her).

Star II to discharge cement from Turkey

In addition to the United States, Turkey exports cement to 85 countries, including Libya, Iraq, Russia, Israel and Syria. In 2016, two sister ships, the Pride and the Silda, also brought cement from Turkey to CRH.

McCarthy arrives behind Pier B

The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. arrived this afternoon (October 19, 2017) around 3:00. She then moved over to Midwest Energy Resources to load coal for Detroit Edison. This is her 21st trip to Duluth. On 20 of those visits, she loaded coal as she is today. After discharging part of this load at the St. Clair power plant, she will go to Consumers Energy’s Karn-Weadock Generating Complex on Saginaw Bay near the mouth of the Saginaw River in Hampton Township, Michigan to discharge 30,000 tons of coal. On August 29, 2017, she was here to load iron ore pellets at BNSF.

COE Leni here under her new name

The COE Leni arrived Duluth this morning (Monday, October 16, 2017) at 6:10, coming here from Thunder Bay where she picked up a partial load of grain. She will finish at Riverland Ag (above) loading wheat. She started life in 2010 as a Wagenborg ship, the Marselisborg. She became the Clipper Anne in 2012 and was again named the Marselisborg in 2016. In June of that year, she brought wind turbine pieces to Duluth before leaving for Thunder Bay to load grain. She was purchased by C.O.E. Shipping in Buxtehude, Germany in 2016 where she received her current name.

Canadians here for fuel, iron ore pellets

Above, Holly caught the Algosteel coming under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge yesterday (October 10, 2017). She first went to Calumet for fuel and then to CN to load iron ore pellets. She left last night at 10:50. Below, the Whitefish Bay arrived last night at 7:25, got fuel at Calumet and then went down (up?) the Superior Channel to go out to the anchorage to wait for the Algoma Guardian to finish loading iron ore pellets at the BNSF dock.