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  1. To whomever fixed the live cams….THANKYOU!!!!!! You made my granddaughters and I very happy!!!!! Have a good day!!!

  2. Can BOTH the Bridge Cam and the Canal Cam be turned back to the bridge and canal instead of the workers and a coat on what looks like a dumpster?????? It would be very appreciated by all if we could see the boats. Thanks!

  3. I noticed the red beacon isn’t working. Is there a problem?

  4. it will be a busy late afternoon for the bridge today!

    • Surprised to See the Arthur Anderson still in port. Is she undergoing maintenance? I think all the rest who were in for winter layover have gone back to work! Anybody know what’s going on? Thanks!

  5. i dint get what you have told……..sorry…

  6. I know you are the middle of a huge storm there…but watching the waves coming in and seeing the end of the pier…red light flashing as normal. Now there is no red light……. waves are HUGE sometimes! Awesome sight!

    • Steve Brooklyn Park says:

      When will the ships start moving ????
      Guess i dont have much to do
      But I like watching the ships

      • Richard akerlund says:

        March 22 Paul Tregutha, largest ship on the great lakes, taking a load of coal to two Harbor. And so it begins.

  7. I am watching the web camera on the shipping canal in Duluth. All of a sudden a white foam almost the width of the canal started moving slowly out to the lake. Even the seagulls rode the foam….what is that??? The water looks a different color…did it get churned up from rain and it is the run off???? Just odd. Watching the people, they don’t seem to notice.

    • Steve Brooklyn Park says:

      I think that all due form the heavy rain they had in northern Mn the last couple weeks
      Have you noticed, quite a few ships have not been blowing there horns???
      Dont like it when they dont

  8. go away, bug!

  9. https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/duluthmn/jobs/1310169/bridge-operator
    hahaha, steve, maybe if i were 50 years younger!

  10. The Cornelia is on the move.

  11. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Sounds like she could be there for a while

  12. Denis Brown, Winnipeg, Manitoba says:

    Your new Home Page for “duluthharborcams.com” is a knockout.
    My wife & I visited Duluth at least 4 times a year when we lived in Thunder
    Bay for 7 years, and we still attempt an Annual visit from Winnipeg. The Duluth waterfont is an empowering attraction, and your new Home Page personifies it.

    • Denis, the page you mentioned and this website are not affiliated. They both serve the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior, but are separate entities.

  13. Does anyone know what is going on with the Cornelia? She has been anchored now for 10 days.

  14. As many of you know, Isaac from tugboathunter recently decided to end his blog since he is now attending college. I, like many others, really enjoyed looking at his photos over the past four years. His blog inspired me to create my own, so here’s a link to the one I created: https://freighterfreak.wordpress.com/

    • Jill from Alabama says:

      Daniel, your pictures are really good. Thanks!

      • Steve Brooklyn Park says:

        What is floating out into the lake from under the bridge ???

        • steve, i was up there. it seemed like the wind was stirring up sediment in the harbor, then there was a layer of foam which preceded it under the bridge and out into the lake. water inside the harbor was brown. could that be what you saw?

          • Steve Brooklyn Park says:

            Thanks, I was hoping it wasnt some type of a spill
            Looks like a nice day in Duluth, wish I could have been there

  15. MN_Jack76 says:

    Off to Duluth!

    • Jill from Alabama says:

      Hey Jack! Did you have a great time? What all did you get to see? Jill

      • MN_Jack76 says:

        Hello Jill. We had a great time! We arrived 3 hours early for check in so we spent that time on superior point, It was t-shirt warm. Checked into the South Pier Inn right as the Walter J McCarthy was arriving. We watched the Wild game and ate Pizza Luce stepping out every time a ship went by. Second day we walked across the bridge to eat at Grandmas, stopping first to try to find Ken. Thanked Ken for all he does and gave him some money. I had the French Onion soup and got some stuffed mushrooms to go. We later climbed Enger Tower. Several different times walked out in the middle of the night to the South pier lighthouse. During the down time in the day we chased seagulls from our deck with a camera-equipped drone helicopter. We fed the seagulls the whole trip. I had poster board and a new marker but every time I mentioned it Jake said we can do it later. Of course later never happened.

  16. Indiana Harbor, taking a delay! What is that all about? Is she afraid of pushing a little ice or is she just not feeling well?

  17. Will the Indiana Harbor go through late Friday night?

  18. Cool ! But it’s now 4:45 I hope I didn’t miss it….I’ve been watching this ship…my first one to see go through πŸ™‚

  19. Will the Algoma Olympic go through here today?

    • penny, yes…she is currently a little more than an hour out from the bridge. coming in for fuel, then going over to BN in Superior to load.

      • although, since the Clarke is at the fuel dock, Olympic may take her time getting here.

        • she went to anchor outside the piers…waiting for Clarke to finish fueling, and weather issues. expected to arrive sometime in the evening.

  20. Check out this awesome drone footage of the John G. Munson Departing Duluth http://youtu.be/j0m3peJbs-Q

  21. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Saw Munson leave, but not Miner
    Did she leave ??

  22. Is there a current ship schedule we can get for this weekend (3/20/2015) or do we need to pick it up down on canal park? The one on the website is not current.

  23. right now she is about 4 miles off the superior entry…barely moving at .9 kts.

  24. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Any updates on the Alder ????

  25. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    I heard on the news a couple days ago the Alder was going
    to start breaking up ice in the harbor ???
    Havent seen any action yet
    Any news ??

    • this is what i heard:
      U.S. Coast Guard cutter Alder that was set to begin icebreaking in the Duluth-Superior harbor Wednesday has rescheduled the start of operations to Monday.
      A crewperson aboard the ship confirmed the pushback, and said the Coast Guard will release further details later.
      The Coast Guard will conduct icebreaking in the harbor first, before expanding offshore. Eventually, icebreaking will include Two Harbors, Taconite Harbor, Silver Bay and Thunder Bay, Ontario.
      Lake Superior is facing its second straight winter of nearly complete ice coverage.

    • What I understand,,, there holding off on ice breaking to wate for the upcoming heat wave…

  26. Congrats,, ken,,, 20 years, D.s.N….

    • Thanks Ken for all you do. 20 years of dedicated service to keep us all informed is fantastic. Here’s to many more to come.

  27. Anne54dakota says:

    I hope a whole bunch of Boat Nerds are planning to line the Sturgeon Bay ship canal and give her a proper welcome when she arrives!

  28. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    I heard on the news Anderson is stuck in one of the eastern Great Lakes
    Coast Cutters not having any luck getting it
    Any body have any news ???

    • steve, she was stuck for several days in lake erie off the conneaut harbor, but yesterday the CCGC Risley freed her and escorted her to detroit. now, i think, she is waiting for the risley to return from sarnia, to get her out to lake huron, then to sturgeon bay.

  29. There are three of four more ships at winter layup this morning
    Most built in the early 1900’s
    When did they arrive and how did they get there ???

    • Steve, are you referring to the four ships in long-term layup that Ken added to the schedule? They have all been laid up for quite a few years, but Ken added them to the “layup fleet” just today.

  30. Well with the next couple of months off, I can always rely on Ken’s 2015 ship calendar to look at. Thanks Ken. I am always getting great comments on it from my co-workers.

  31. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Watched Munson come in this morning, turn out the lights, the party’s over
    Long Winter ahead

    • Heard that Steve,, hate too see it come to an end,, but the ships crew need a break too…. In 2 months they will be fireing them up,, can’t wate….

  32. Is the bridge manned during the 2 months of winter layup or do the operators get a break too?

    • Mary, the bridge is manned all 12 months of the year. Even though no more ships will be arriving or departing in the next two months, the bridge tender is kept on hand in case the Alder or another small vessel needs to pass through. Also, he stays on for safety reasons, to make sure that everyone using the bridge stays safe. Hope that answers your question!

      • yes thank you Daniel for your reply. I’m sure it’s not quite as exciting for them during this time but I suppose there are times when they see interesting things going on around them.

  33. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Long cold winter, when do we start seeing ships again ???

    • haha, steve! remember last spring?

      • Lol Holly, I remember! It was so brutal I pushed my yearly vacation to Duluth last year to May 18th and ships were still calling the bridge to give ice reports! I stood on Wisconsin point and could see the ice.

  34. Svenska Fisk says:

    Does anyone have any information about what ships will be scrapped this year? Also, when is the J.B. Ford going to get towed away? It said in the Duluth News Tribune that it would be scrapped before winter?

  35. cheak out the other web cam

  36. Boat fans,

    Can you tell me when the Soo Locks (Sault Ste Marie) will be closing this year? It will be a sad day for all of us.


  37. look how fogy it is shesh!!!!!!

  38. tom from mpls says:

    How about the ice on the Jackman? Almost the entire ship was covered!! I was cold just looking at it.

  39. tom from mpls says:

    Anybody else see the Edger Speer cruising on the Bayfield side of Madeline Island? Seemed odd.

    • i saw that, tom…thought maybe she was going to get some lunch in bayfield! lol

      • tom from mpls says:

        There’s no shipping of ore over there in Ashland anymore is there? Maybe she was just trying to get out of the winds, but it seemed a little extreme.

        • The ore dock in Ashland has been unoperational for a number of years, and in fact, it was just scrapped this past summer. And I would have to agree, going so close to Bayfield and Ashland to avoid the weather does seem a little extreme.

          • tom from mpls says:

            Over on Boatnerds they speculate it was due to bad weather. Just seems like a long way to go to avoid it.

  40. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Anyone know when the last shipping date of the season in this year ??

    • steve, soo locks scheduled to close 11:59 jan. 15, but cargo can still move around the lake.

      • Steve Brooklyn Park says:

        Thanks Holly, should have known it would have been you with the answer, hope you had a good Christmas

        • i did, steve! hope you did, as well! we should be seeing a layup chart for the twin ports sometime soon…always anxious to know who the “overwinterers” will be.

  41. Just watched the Indiana Harbor glide majestically through the canal at an impressive 10 knots! Looked to be about 50 hearty souls braving the balmy -7 temp to greet her arrival.

  42. Dumb question, but are the times for arr/dep listed on the ship schedule page local Duluth time or are they UTC.

  43. I’ve noticed a few ships that are scheduled to go to Two Harbors have been anchoring in the Duluth harbor before heading up to Two Harbors. Is that because the Duluth harbor is a safer place to anchor?

    • Mary, the reason ships anchor off of the Duluth harbor while waiting for the dock at Two Harbors is because the Duluth anchorage is like “free parking.” Ships don’t have to pay to anchor outside the harbor, unlike anywhere inside the harbor. Also, anchoring off Two Harbors can be a bit more risky since the ships may be in the shipping lane. Hope that answers your question!

  44. Just spent the last three days in Duluth. Saw Paul R. Tregurtha come in, American Century come in and then back out, and then late last night got to see the James R. Barker come in (if lucky enough will get to see it leave sometime this morning). Took in Bentleyville and skied at Lutsen. Leaving today but have had great time. Ken, received my 2015 calendar. Great pictures.

  45. lots of ice

  46. Today while grading final exams, I had the streaming video running. And I really *listened* to the ship/horn salute. My conclusion: The James R Barker wins the “most melodious horn” award today. Two distinct pitches. First one higher, followed by a lower one. And the operator knows it! A gentle tone from the first, a pause, and then a sustained baritone. Beautiful!

  47. Jill from Alabama says:

    What a treat to watch the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. depart Duluth yesterday morning! She’s a beautiful boat. She was guided under the bridge by a wonderful friend, Captain Mark! Merry Christmas, Captain Mark, and everybody out there who enjoys the Kencam.

  48. I wonder if the Bluebill will be Duluth’s last saltie for this season. There aren’t any more due soon, and with the Seaway closing next week, I think she may be the last one for this year!

  49. looking at cam i have never seen aship go under because school (6)

  50. awesome

  51. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Spent the weekend in Duluth with the family
    Nice weather for December, went to Bentleyville on Sat night
    Us and 5,000 of our close personal friends, what a zoo
    Went last year during the week, much better time

  52. Why are the ships not saluting the bridge and the bridge saluting the ships in return? Seems like more and more ships pass under the lift bridge w/o sounding their horns – whether during the day or evening. Two ships just came in now and, despite the crowd shouting to blow their horns, neither one did. Are there some new rules or something? Hearing the “big ships'” horns is one of the more fun aspects of the Canal Park experience.

    • DKS, as you have probably noticed, the ships have been arriving with a good amount of ice on their hulls. This ice also affects their horns. At this time of year, when the ships are coming off the lake as they arrive, their horns can be partially or completely frozen. This is because the temperatures on the open lake are quite colder than on shore. Because of this, the ships don’t salute the bridge if their horns are frozen so as not to damage them.

  53. At our daughters house for Turkey Day weekend in Litchfield, Mn
    Think it got up to about 7 yesterday
    Looking at the Duluth Cam, that’s not ships floating out to sea
    Take it easy, everybody have a good weekend

  54. Happy thanksgiving ken, jill,, holly,, and all boat fans,, keep floating cats…

  55. Ken, where can I find pics of the inside of ships, pilot house,engine rooms e.c.t?

  56. Why do so many salties go to Thunder Bay? What are they picking up or dropping off

  57. Daniel and Lar, thanks for the insight on Bentleyville. Thanks Holly for the link to the calendar.

  58. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    What’s the story on the bridge cam being ahead of the canal cam by about 30 sec ???

  59. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Just another question, someone always knows the answer
    Lee Tregirtha came in this morning, unloading “coke breeze”
    What is it ?????

  60. Tammy Smith Schroeder says:

    The Christmas Lights are wonderful. We enjoyed them.

  61. Just wondering if it would be worth a four hour trip north to Duluth in a few weeks and take in the experience of Bentleyville? I have heard it is awesome. Just looking for some feedback for anything else that might be going on in a few weeks.

    • Rex, I went to Bentleyville a few years ago and absolutely loved it! I live about four and a half hours south of Duluth, and we make the trip up there at least twice a year. Bentleyville is the biggest light show I have ever seen, and it is definitely worth the trip. We’ll be up in Duluth over New Years, but Bentleyville closes right after Christmas, so we won’t be able to visit it this year. πŸ™

    • rex, this might give you some ideas on other things to do in the area when you go to see bentleyville, which i hear is wonderful!

    • Absolutely worth it! Bring lots of warm clothes. πŸ™‚ If Bentleyville doesn’t get you in the mood for Christmas, nothing will.

  62. I love to watch the ships going in and out…..but why isn’t the schedule working since Oct. 28th???? I am so glad that the cameras are on full time so we can see the great arrivals and departures!!! Loved Duluth!!!

  63. I guess the weather is what is causing both web cams not to be working this morning. I am in Maryland and I have had so much enjoyment out of watching the web cams all summer long. And, I have been most fortunate to have been able to catch a ship either coming or going several times. The most exciting one was the other morning, when it was still dark, to catch a ship coming into the canal. What a beautiful sight with all the lights on it. I did see where it was snowing yesterday, so I am assuming the weather is still bad this morning. I will keep checking back.

    • Jill edwards says:

      Joy, check Solglimt b&b webcam, it was working ….. Solglimt.com… I wanted to watch the Tregurtha come in!

      • Thanks, Holly. It did work. Not as exciting as the other cams. Looks like a neat place to stay. Will have to look at that website later when I have some extra time.

        • Looks like the web cams are back working. Just happened to catch a ship coming in when I checked back. This place is on my “bucket list” but don’t think I will ever make it there. Guess I will just have to be satisfied to visit there via the web cams. Does the canal get iced in over the winter? Last winter, I watched a web cam on Lake Michigan at Grand Haven Beach and it was so interesting to see the water frozen over and the waves under the ice making it move up and down. I am anxious to watch the canal during this coming winter.

  64. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    I guess I just don’t understand
    Why would St Clair come to Duluth to load coal
    Then go to Silver Bay, unload the coal and load iron ore
    maybe it’s just to late at night

    • steve, at a tour of midwest energy this fall, i learned that different facilities require different blends of coal. if i remember correctly, SMET is able to blend 3 different coals for specific needs. northshore mining in silver bay must need one of those blends. hope this info is accurate.

  65. Question, why do we call the ships she,,, her,,and sister when most of them are named after men??? Just wondering .

  66. Hello everyone. Haven’t been on for awhile. I have a question. Did anyone witness the CSL Laurentien leave the harbor going under the bridge at about 7:06 am (0706) today (Oct 30) and if so can you tell me what the Tugboat was pushing that followed a few seconds later.

  67. What a treat it was to be “bridged” at 6:30 this morning while starting a run with my friend, Kate. We ran up and down the pier and saw the American Century come in the pre-dawn hours. It is amazing to see a boat come through the Canal while it is still dark. The lights look so far away and then suddenly it quietly glides into the Canal, and then the horn blasts through the silence. I have seen many boats, having lived in Duluth since the early 80’s but I think this was the first time up close in the dark.

    • joanne, a couple of years ago i was there with friends for the weekend. from our hotel balcony, at midnight, we saw a boat coming in, and ran down to the canal in our pajamas. it was the mesabi miner, and we were awestruck at how quiet and huge and awesome it was!

    • I usually stay at the Comfort Suites at the end of Canal Park – room on the lake side – with the drapes and door/window open. You can hear the bells from the bridge as it signals it’s ascent – jump out of bed and you have a magnificent view of the boats coming in and going out. Awesome!!!

  68. why doesn’t the bridge answer back some times when a ship is going through? I’ve noticed that a few times in recent months.

  69. Wow…the Joseph L. Block’s horn sounds a lot like the Edward L. Ryerson’s! She just arrived a few minutes ago.

  70. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Is anyone else having trouble watching the Can and Bridge pictures ??
    I can pull them both up, waiting for a ship, then sometimes they go black with Loading or playing signs in them ???

    • it does seem to be happening more often the last few days. on dsntv cam it seems to be better to refresh the page than to just hit the “play” button.

  71. So,is the small boat caption paying for the tug boat tow…

  72. I watched the whole thing. .. he was trying to avoid a small fishing boat. Couldn’t make the turn with out running over the small boat. Seen the whole thing

  73. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Was Paul trying to avoid another ship, or a fishing boat ??

  74. Ken, thanks for the audio feed of the coast guard talking with the PRT!

  75. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Is there something wrong with the other bridge cam and the cannle cam ?
    All I get is a black screen with the Loading sign and a quick look every once and a while

  76. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Don’t you think the bridge went up a little early for Barker this morning
    Anybody know how much before the ship comes in it has to go up ???

    • i’m going to post this on facebook and see if we get a definitive answer…

      • This info from Terry White: the bridge lifts when the boat is at the 1Β½ mile mark.
        They went up early today as there were a couple of personal craft waiting for a lift. Bridge operator asked them to wait a few minutes to catch the Barker too.
        thanks, terry!

  77. The Merwedegracht certainly has an interesting cabin design…check it out in this photo Ken took this morning when she arrived. I wonder if it has any special purposes?

  78. Sorry for the type O Superior

  79. So what was going on with the American Integrity tonight? Almost looked like she missed the turn or at least had to turn around a bit and then back up before being able to go under the bridge. Certainly interesting to watch.

  80. Ken, I see on the schedule Baie Comeau is going to be unloading flue chips at Hallett #8 when she arrives in a few minutes. Do you know what flue chips are? I have never heard of that type of cargo before.

  81. Jeff B. Haertein says:

    Hi Ken:

    We were in Duluth starting last Sunday the 17th, and returned home yesterday the 23rd. It was a good time in Duluth/Superior and the NorthShore, but with the showers almost every day, sitting along the GREAT Lake was not much of an option. I tried to locate your office and camera, and I can’t believe I could not find it. In any event, it was a good week, and nice cool temps, instead of high 80’s and 90’s we are now in for this week in southcentral Wisconsin. Maybe next year I will even bump into you. Never caught you putting out the daily Shipping News either. The lake side rooms are getting really pricey, but it is nice to have a window looking out into the Lake as I watch for boats, when not outside.

    Take care.


    • Jill from Alabama says:

      Glad you had a good time, Jeff. It’s been several years now since I’ve been up there so it’s fun to experience everyone else’s vacation. I hear you about the heat! Stay cool up there!

  82. Looking at the web cams seeing people, dogs, and various modes of transportation is great. You can wear your “jammies” and nobody knows. But, tune in about midnight or after. The water seems deeper and colder and you can’t help watching it. I check Duluth schedule hoping there is late night or early a.m. traffic. Tues. a.m. the activity was a man sitting on a bench eating popcorn. What a great place to be fog and all. Happy(gray) Wednesday. Dianne W.

  83. For a few seconds there I thought it was a Minnesota earthquake (says this California resident)! But I guess Ken was just adjusting it!

  84. Joel from Wisconsin says:

    Will be in Duluth area week of Aug 4. I’ve been periodically checking this cam as well as the two at LSMMA to get primed for the visit. Will be staying in Canal Park. Greatly looking forward to the visit. Hope to see some of the same ships I saw as a kid when visiting the Soo locks with my parents.

    • Jill from Alabama says:

      Have a great time, Joel, and be sure to give us a wave! I’ve been up there twice and loved it both times, although I almost froze to death during my last visit. It was in July but the temperature was in the 40s! Wish we could all come with you!!

      • Jill,
        40’s, while unusual for July, are 100 times more acceptable than the temps we had last winter. We had over 60 straight days of morning temps below zero. Just recently had our first 90 degree day of the summer and very humid. Not normal for our neck-of-the-woods.

        Looking forward to a cool breeze off “gitchegoomie”

        • Jill from Alabama says:

          We were there for Grandma’s Marathon and even the locals said it was “too cold”. With the constant wind in the harbor, it was absolutely freezing!! When our plane touched down in Birmingham we were greeted with 96 degrees and high humidity. Very typical for Alabama, but oh, it felt so good! Nevertheless, we loved our second trip to Duluth and we felt like such “know-it-alls” because we had been there before. We stayed in South Pier
          Inn both times, and I promise, the folks there told us they remembered us from the first visit. Don’t guess they get too many visitors from Alabama. I love Duluth, the boats, the bridge, the food, and Ken! Enjoy the breeze from Gitchegoomie and give us all a wave. We’ll be looking forward to the report of your visit!

          • Hi Jill,
            Had a great time last week at Canal Park. I waved at you from the canal wall. Did U see? Weather was the best they had all summer with highs in the mid to upper 70’s and lows in the mid 50’s. Humidity never an issue. We slept each night with our room windows open (third floor). Saw three Salties and many Lakers. Saw two “footers” within an hour of each other. We left Canal Park only one day to go see Glensheen and Enger Tower. did the Timber Twister at Christie Mountain on the way out of town Friday. Did alot of walking and even rented a surrey bike, which was more of a workout that it looked like. Took many pics of ships, the bridge, the harbor, etc. Got a great shot of the moon rising over the lift bridge at night. Had a great 5 days there and can’t wait to return.

          • Jill from Alabama says:

            Great report, Joel! I don’t know if I saw you exactly, but I checked the bridge cam several times a day looking for an excited tourist. Glad the weather cooperated. I’ve wanted to rent one of those surreys because they look like so much fun. Thanks for telling me the truth! Congratulations on your great trip and thanks for thinking of us!

  85. Mary Ann says:

    Have to wonder if there are any “rules of the road” for the small pleasure boats! Or any requirements that they have common sense? Seems like so often they are very close to the big guys!

    • 700+ feet of steel against 30+ feet of sailboat. i would bet on the steel. common sense should be a requirement, but obviously not!

  86. Jill from Alabama says:

    Just watched the John G. Munson leave Duluth under an indigo sky. There were lots of people (and one dog) in the canal and they all looked to be enjoying themselves. Wish we all were there, too. The bridge looks great, and the Munson gave a hearty salute!

  87. Is that the final angle of the cam? Don’t see as much of the bridge anymore. Would be nice if it had the resolution of the LSMMA cam or the Great Lakes Aquarium cam especially at full screen.

  88. Jill from Alabama says:

    Lovely!! Thanks, Ken!

  89. Hey Ken, nice view on this perfect day. And … no more bush!

  90. Thanks Ken!!

  91. gorgeous view Ken! Keep up the good work! Your view is worth waiting for! Looks like a gorgeous day at the Bridge!

  92. I have moved my office to the other end of the same building. Charter has taken over a month to install my new cable connection which will give me lots of power to run this cam and do everything else. They just told me yesterday it may be a month more. I also have several issues with my new window/screen/ and there is no convenient place to put the cam. As it is, I have to dismantle everything before I leave the office. Well, enough of this. I am very sorry for the delay. I will try to get it up more than it has been. Thanks for your patience

    • I am on the shore @ Two Harbors from mid May until I want to go back home in Fl. Probably Nov. 1. I look at the shipping canal everyday more times than I can count. Just like being there almost. I check ore boat sched. for T.H. and try not to miss arrivals and departures. Today when looking at the canal, I was up close and personal with a seagull looking right back at me. I will name him Roger after my ship favorite Roger Blough! Thank you for giving us such a fun service and such thrills when a ship goes thru.

  93. Don Howard says:


    • don, ken is still in moving mode. the window configuration in the new office is different than the old space, so the setup has to be changed…

    • Jill from Alabama says:

      Don, I check several times everyday to see the status of our view, too! In the meantime, you can check the Duluth Harbor Cam to get your fix for the day!

    • Hello! I’m not here; but you are!

  94. Don Howard says:

    Hey What happened to the camera pointing at the Lift Bridge?

  95. Karen Davies says:

    When will the camera be back on?

  96. I will have to turn the cam off for most of the day; it should be back on late this afternoon,

    Thanks and Happy 4th of July


  97. Hi
    I am moving my office to the other end of the building today. I have to turn the cam off now and hope to get it back up later today, if all goes welll
    Thanks for your patience


  98. Hey, I am moving my office down the hall about 50 feet or so. I will be setting up the cam down there, probably with a better angle on the bridge. In the meantime, the cam may be off for periods of time. THanks

    • Looking good Ken! Thanks for the heads up! Could be a grand adventure!

    • Jill from Alabama says:

      Hey Ken, are you moving EVERYTHING in your office to the new location? Those of us who have visited you in your office will understand this question!! Maybe we can come help you?

      • Great. I need the help. And as usual, u get a free Duluth Shipping News t-shirt; well not free, but at least half price. I need to take into consideration your cost of your airplane tickets. Will U be here Wednesday morning or should i pick u up at the airport on Thursday,

        Go Gophers

        or Steelers


        thanks again


  99. What is the status on the m/v el Ryerson?

    • Jill from Alabama says:

      Bill, check “Vessel Pages” above, then US Fleet, then Edward L Ryerson. You’ll see some great pictures and discussion regarding that boat. She’s in long term layup at Fraser Ship Yard up there in Duluth. Still stately and pretty!

  100. It either means First Aid or its a Health Symbol.

  101. Judy Bauer says:

    Lived in Duluth about 30 years ago—this site is almost as good as being there!! Could you tell me what the white flag with green circle & cross sign is that flies on the little boat that is outside the maritime museum? It flies next to the American flag and the Corps of Engineers flag….

  102. Mary Ann says:

    What is the very large group of people walking their dogs? Looks like fun!

    • holly jorgenson says:

      mary ann, sometimes the humane society has a group dog-walk as a fundraiser…maybe that’s it.

  103. Mary Ann says:

    Looks like a beautiful evening!

  104. Doea anyone know why has the Federal Mattawa been at anchor for so long?

  105. any idea what they are doing off the end of the north pear ???

    • holly jorgenson says:

      tim, the dredging rig has been out there for a couple of days now. the tug John R Asher has been moving the full barge into the st louis river.

  106. MN_Jack76 says:

  107. Truly one of the best videos i have ever seen

  108. MN_Jack76 says:

    Hello Ken, I was going to walk across the bridge and hand you a couple of bucks to thank you but it was raining all day. Here is a video my friend and I made while staying at the South Pier. I’m going to hit the donate button now.

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Awww, Jack!!! You look great! I know you had a good time, even if it was raining. I love the South Pier Inn! Did you buy a souvenir boat from the lobby? I have three of them!

      • MN_Jack76 says:

        Thanks Jill for the kind words, I sure rock pajama bottoms! (joking). I had a great time, but never even knew they sold boats at the lobby. I will look next time!

  109. Mary Ann says:

    Hard to believe there is still ice!

  110. tom from mpls says:

    It’s shocking to see how beat-up the Thunder bay is already. Is that due to running through the thick ice or damage while docked?

    • Tom, I think that is damage from the Welland Canal. The damage you see on Thunder Bay is common on most Canadian lakers, because their paint rubs off when they slide the wall into the Welland Canal locks.

  111. OK, I think we’re having a triple ship here! Cason J. Callaway is departing now, Spartan/Spartan II is following, and John J. Boland is leaving the fueling dock. Wow!!

  112. John J. Boland is departing Fraser Shipyards now…heading to Calumet before departing for Silver Bay in a while!

  113. Always tune in to see what is happening. Check it many times a day. Just an awesome website and info! Look forward to coming up this Summer to visit!

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  114. I love the streaming cam!! It is so exciting to watch when I can’t be there! I am addicted! Thanks for letting us experience.

  115. Jill in Alabama says:

    It was exciting to watch the departure of the Burns Harbor. We don’t often get to see her. Thanks, Captain Mark!

  116. Cheryl in Long Beach, WA says:

    So happy to see the salute to the Oberstar. Digging clams in Washington, missing Duluth so much. Thanks for the cam.

  117. holly jorgenson says:

    hon. james l. oberstar arriving soon, to a memorial salute. flags are at half mast on ships all around the great lakes.

  118. Ken, will the Orla be the first saltie of the season? I see she is scheduled to arrive Fri May 9.

    • Daniel says:

      Diane, the Diana πŸ™‚ is expected to be the first saltie of the season. She is currently anchored off Duluth, along with another saltie, Zealand Delilah. I don’t know if they are stuck in the ice, or what, but hopefully they will arrive soon!

  119. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    I think I missed something, when did they stop the Horn
    and who’s idea was it ???/

  120. David Lersch, Capt, USCG retired says:

    The CG made a bad decision to remove the fog horn when a few people complained about it. Were there really budgetary issues or was it the influence of political pressure to have it removed…I was stationed at the Marine Safety Office, Duluth and lived in town. Many residents and visitors loved that fog horn!

    • I loved the sound of the fog horn when I visited my grandparents in Duluth as a child. When my son moved to Duluth, he called me one night and held up his phone so I could hear it again. It was wonderful. Fog horns, like train whistles in the night, are sort of comforting (probably not so much now to all those vacationers in the Canal Park area.) He and his family moved away but still come back to vacation and I came with them last Sept. I fell in love with Duluth all over again.

  121. Saw all seven ships arrive Port of Duluth 12:18 until 13:45. Just like opening a Christmas stocking and all of the goodies falling out! Does the fog horn no longer have a horn and just a whistle? I believe that is what I am hearing as the fog rolled in. My husband was the lighthouse tender who blew that horn hour after hour while on watch at the South Pier when we had fog. Bridge was up and down 3 times between 12:00 and 13:45! Can you imagine being stuck in that line of traffic!!!!

  122. Well, THAT was FUN !!!!!

  123. Pat Hanson says:

    Oh my now the fog has rolled in and ruined all our fun!

  124. Pat Hanson says:

    Wow this is awesome, from home I can see 3 ships in a convoy out in the ice, did see the Canadian ship come through the canal but the others seem to be waiting or stuck. What a sight

  125. This is going to be like watching a parade!

  126. Anne Oppegard says:

    I watched the Assiniboine leave this morning (she was preceded by the Mackinaw, I believe), and now MarineTraffic.Com shows her turned around and heading back? Anne, SFSD

    • Now she’s showing at stopped. Interesting.

      • Is there any update. AIS looks crazy a few miles out.

        • ThunderBay/Duluth AIS is crazy this morning! The Assiniboine seems to be engaged in stop-and-go. Perhaps to let the Mackinaw clear ice? Now AIS is showing the Oberstar, Callaway, and Thunder Bay all stopped about 7NM off the canal and the Mackinaw working between that group and the Assiniboine. (will it EVER be spring?!)

  127. If any of you haven’t seen Dennis O’Hara’s new harbor camera, you really should check it out. It’s got a view of the bridge that I think only Ken’s camera can beat. Just scroll down a little on the home page, and click on the picture of the camera with the words “Visitor Stream 2” above it.

  128. It looks a little Moist up there today, we are having liquid sunshine also. Nice to see them come through from little bit different angle! Thank you again for the great job you do Ken

  129. Jill in Alabama says:

    Just watched the American Integrity come in. So nice to hear your voice, Ken!

  130. Looks like they are taking large slabs of concrete from the surround of the tug boat!! Quite an undertaking!

  131. What’s going on with that crane that is situated on the North Pier just on the edge of the picture by the tug boat? Can’t see what they are doing — anyone know?

  132. anyone know whats up with the Miner?

    • holly jorgenson says:

      she is stopped in the ice about a mile off the duluth piers. word is no tug assist until morning.

      • holly jorgenson says:

        this info came from a crew member who relayed the info, which in turn, was posted on facebook.

  133. when’s the convoy coming ?

    • Hopefully soon, Jeff! I believe they will leave Whitefish Bay on Easter Sunday, but this is just a guess.

  134. Lee Sanford says:

    10:26pm 4/16/14…
    What a night… one look through your window…says more than 10,000 words. Sail safe mariners!

  135. I think I just saw the Sam Laud sail under the bridge at 21:03. She was moving!

    • Donna, I believe that was the Algoma Discovery you were watching. Sam Laud departed about 19:45, and Algoma Discovery was at 21:00. I unfortunately missed the
      Sam Laud’s departure, but I was able to see the Algoma Discovery, and I agree that she was going pretty fast.

  136. james pfeifer says:

    where did all the ships go!!!! i was gone for a while and came back and all ships where gone! and there not on ais

  137. now that was cool……BOMBS AWAY ships,, a convoy across the greatist of great lakes.. thanks Ken

  138. tom from mpls says:

    Why would the icebreaker be in the rear rather than the front? I guess maybe the lanes aren’t too bad?

  139. tom from mpls says:

    Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a Convoy!

  140. Stewart J. Cort is a really cool, one of a kind ship, I wish she went in and out the Duluth side more often.

    • I totally agree, Jay. She is one unique vessel, and we don’t get the opportunity to see a ship like that too often. I consider myself lucky that I was able to see her in winter layup in Sturgeon Bay this winter.

  141. Wow, Stewart J. Cort’s departure just a few minutes ago was pretty cool. She blasted her horn twice as she left port. Can’t wait to see more boat traffic in Duluth!!

  142. Finally, we’re getting some harbor action! This has been a long and lonely winter, and I’m so glad to see so many ships in port. Here’s hoping to a great 2014 shipping season!!

  143. tom from mpls says:

    Looks like convoys for a while, that will be interesting. If we can just get Ken to do some type of CW McCall impersonation as they pass under the Lift Bridge all would be right with the world.

  144. tom from mpls says:

    Maybe a triple on this beautiful morning? Outstanding!!

  145. Oh, oh, — Walter J. McCarthy — my mistake!!! Oh dear, first one I’ve made today!

  146. Watched the Walter S. McCarthy, Jr. smash through the ice in the canal at 10:10 today as she arrived Port of Duluth. Boat nerds were all crowded on the pier. Great to see! Sheets of ice were floating out of the canal into the lake! Hooray!!!

  147. Mesabi Miner and Kaye E Barker with assistance from the CG Katmai Bay and CG Morro Bay are already rounding the tip of the UP heading toward Whitefish Bay – we’ll see if they are able to get all the way to the Soo Locks. They have to be 4 brave boats, hope they make it without damage. That convoy coming up from the Soo sure isn’t making any progress yet. Reports on Boatnerd of ice up to 14′ thick in some areas out there in some areas due to high winds piling up the ice. Roger Blough has a hole in its hull by the engine room. This is very compelling “boat watching” for sure!

    • damn, there dropping like flys,
      ..Roger blough is my fav,, he will be back

      • Yeah me too, I have a few nice photos of the Blough when she was laid up in Frasier last winter.

        • dont be shy jay, lets have a look at those Blough pics you have..

          • I tried but I can’t figure out if there’s a way to add pics in here! I see the convoy heading this way is making progress, they should be around the tip of the UP by the end of the day. Miner and Barker made it safely from here to Marquette!

    • The Miner and Barker are headed to Marquette to unload coal at Presque Isle _ That’s at the LS&I ore dock – south side.

  148. 5 boat convoy Gott,Spear,Cort,SamLaud & Algoma Discover with two ice breakers- Radisson and Mackinaw enroute to Twin Ports.

  149. Is that you, Steve, waving by the tug boat in canal park?

    • Steve Brooklyn Park says:

      Sorry to say it wasn’t me
      We didn’t think there were any more ships coming in and left Duluth about 12:30
      Should have checked the schedule before we left
      We will be back in Duluth again

  150. via AIS it appears that the Roger Blough and the CGIB Mackinaw have turned about and are heading back toward the SOO.

    Anyone hear any news?

    The Canadian IB is heading back to the 4 boat convoy north of Whitefish Point

    • From Boatnerd: “Sources say the Roger Blough suffered damage to her hull caused by the ice. Heading back to the Soo for the time being. She may eventually end up at a shipyard for repairs.”

      It looks like the rest of the convoy has dropped anchor. This seems like a disaster waiting to happen. I have never been on a laker but I would have to imagine this type of thing is very hard on these ships. It will be really interesting to see what is done to get caught back up when things eventually open up again, could we see some laid up boats back in action this summer such as the Ryerson?

  151. Glad you’re having fun, Steve. Wish I was there right now! I hope you’ll be able to see lots more ships. πŸ™‚

  152. Just saw the American Spirit arrive at 10:39! About 2 dozen people on the pier to greet her! Saw it on the LSMMA camera!

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      I was there with you, Donna, and enjoyed it just like you! Great looking boat, and I was glad to see many people and even two dogs awaiting her arrival. Wish we could have been there!

  153. Munson and Callaway are at the SOO Locks

  154. I just looked on AIS, and the John J. Boland was on the map in Fraser Shipyards!! Ken, do you know if she’ll be leaving soon? πŸ™‚

  155. holly jorgenson says:

    the callaway, munson, mackinaw convoy is on ais (marinetraffic.com) MOVING toward the soo, led by the canadian radisson.

    • Go take a look a pasty.com and look at the pictures from today. One of the guys on the Callaway is posting pictures on his Facebook page of the ships stuck in ice and being rescued by the Mackinaw. I’ve been tracking these boats for seven days. Still can’t understand why they even attempted to make the crossing. Now we have 20 inches of snow forecasted for the U.P. tonight. Winter is getting real old.

  156. Jim in Texas says:

    Thanks for the cam. Would it be possible to leave the sound on? That adds a lot to the boat watching.

    • Jeff B. Haertlein says:

      It was a nice wake up view to watch the Presque Isle leave this AM on Ken’s camera. As for the sound. It would be incredible, but he can’t leave the sound on all the time in his office. Now if there was a mic jack on his camera, he might be able to plug in a mic and place it just outside the window, and still close the window. Then we could have sound as well, and not interfere in his office duties, etc.

      • Eric Grant says:

        Simple fix, turn on the LSMMA steaming camera and listen to the sound there. We can’t expect Ken to do everything you know. The view is good enough for all of us.

  157. Love this view of the bridge and canal, Ken! Great job!!!

    • Jeff B. Haertlein says:

      Yes, this is a great viewing angle. Just remember everyone, we are lucky we have this view at all!!!!!!!!!!!! But it is great to see this view, when I am home from work or have the day off. My “Thanks” too, Ken!

  158. just love looking… anticipating a visit as soon as the ice breaks up a bit. The spring run of ice makes for great pictures!

  159. PaulMax1957 says:

    Haven’t been on since January and am happy the Camera is back on but right now all I see is heavy snow falling. LOL I also am watching the Live Stream webcam of the construction of the new Vikings stadium in Minneapolis and it is cloudy right now. Wonder if the snow will drift down there.

  160. If Kens cam ant on,,, three more weeks of winter????

  161. Eric Kimgy says:

    I was reading previous comments and that Eric’s take on this site is right, you get a full side profile view of the boats not like the other sites, I’m glad that this is zoomed in now. Forget looking at the full bridge view, you could look at the Lafarge cam if you want that. Keep this view locked in Captin Ken.

  162. I’m so glad that someone on one of my railfan sites, I love trains too, told me about these great webcams. I’ve lived in Alabama most of my life, but I spent five years in Michigan when I was a kid. During that time, I developed a love for the Great Lakes and the vessels that work upon them.
    Eric Pohlad is 100 percent correct: “I’m a firm believer that those who enjoy something should contribute back, so I challenge other to do the same.”
    I will be making a donation to this site and I encourage everyone else to do the same.
    As far as the webcam angle goes, it’s almost impossible to please everyone. On my railfan webcams, some subscribers are always pleased with the view while others are not.
    I’m just glad I can see all of this cool stuff!

  163. Mesabi Miner passed under the Aerial Lift Bridge at 21:21 tonight and my Granddaughter and I were disappointed that the ship did not salute the bridge — at least we could not hear it if it did!!!

  164. Miners lights are showing on the channel cam

    • good call John,about a 2.5 hr. run from two harbors to duluth, now everyone is going back to Grandmas to finish there beer. the ship mates should throw candy to the pear,after all they are on floats.

    • Looks like lights out on the Miner for now, schedule says trying it again in about a week!

  165. It is so good to see the pier lights back on once again!!! Welcome Spring!!!

  166. Miner is heading to Duluth at about 10.8 knts, just passing Two Harbors

  167. A tugboat went out this morning and as of noon when we left Duluth it hadn’t brought anything in yet:(

  168. Does anyone know what day the Mesabi Miner departed layup? I can’t seem to find a date anywhere.

  169. I’m in Duluth and yes the bridge isn’t lit up for some reason. The weather is clear.

  170. Am I missing something or are the floodlights which focus on the bridge out tonight? What’s with that?

  171. I see the CG icebreaker Mackinaw was at Thunder Bay. What happened to the Munson and the Callaway? Stuck in the heavy ice??

    • Munson looks to be stuck in ice in Canadian waters. It’s been sitting there for two days. Status is Laid up.

      • holly jorgenson says:

        Roco, what ais are you using to see the munson? last report i heard was that she was waiting for the mackinaw to lead the way to the soo. i don’t see either of them on ais.

        • I was watching it last night on marinetraffic.com AIS. The Mackinaw looked to be in route to support. If you check the current status is shows the boat in the same location but it’s not coming up on the GPS map anymore. I suspect stranded in the ice. Speed was .1 or stopped. Go to NOAA Coast Watch Great Lakes Region and you can see the ice cover out there. I can’t understand why they’re even attempting to send these boats out right now. The east end of the lake is even worse as you get closer to the Soo.

          • holly jorgenson says:

            ok, thanks for clarifying…it really is a mess out there. mesabi miner is coming back to duluth after taking a load of coal to taconite harbor, but her next coal run has been changed. she will remain in duluth until april 7.

  172. Eric Pohlad says:

    This camera angle is far superior to the full bridge view. We are able to view the vessels clearly, while still viewing the bridge. The advantage with this camera is not the bridge view as the Lafarge camera offers that if that’s your thing. This is a camera that allows side views of vessels. I will start supporting this site as I just started viewing recently after someone suggested it to me. With that said, I’m a firm believer that those who enjoy something should contribute back, so I challenge other to do the same. Skip a single coffee or car wash and a donation to the owner(s) of this site. Wonderful site here and perfect camera angle at that!

    All the best,


  173. I see Winter is refusing to go away in Duluth.

  174. Here comes the Mesabi Miner! FYI I like this camera angle, more ship / less bridge.

  175. Ken — Just a comment….What has happened to the angle of the camera on the bridge? Way too much of the South Pier Motel and not enough of the bridge, and the North bridge support hardly shows — do you see what I mean? I’m sure you’ll get it all resolved. The cat must have hit the camera again!!!

  176. Linda Gable says:

    Ken– Thanks for the view of the bridge and ships. I was born and grew up in Superior until my father found work here in Idaho. I now live in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho. I try to come back to superior as much as I can. This is a small taste of home and I miss going down to watch the ships. Last time I was there I brought my kids to see it all. They said mom this is so cool. LOL I miss home there but it not so bad that I can see a part of it now. As long as you have the camera I will keep watching. Thanks again Ken.

  177. Ken, how do ships use bow thrusters with ice?? just a ??? glad your back

  178. hi shipheads,nice to see action under the bridge,

  179. Sorry but i need to turn the cam off tonight (March 25th) since i am doing a very large back up on another computer that uses this same internet connection; it should be back up Wednesday morning

  180. Mary Ann says:

    Ken – so great to have your cam back on! No matter how many others may come along, yours is the best – feel like I am THERE! Many thanks!

  181. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Nice to see a Three-fer, but only two horns ???

  182. Wow, what a shipping day! Saw the Presque Isle sail under the bridge at 20:02 this evening. What a sight! Lots of people taking pictures with their phones! One guy was flying something which was lit all around the canal park area — what was it! It almost looked like a kite which had some kind of light in it. Any clues???

  183. Saw the Cason J. Callaway just go under the bridge and leave port at 13:20!!! Good thing the Alder is out ahead of it!!! WEEEEE–shipping is beginning!

  184. Just saw the Alder go under the bridge; what a sight! Spring just may be around the corner, hey Ken??? Thanks for sharing with us on your camera!!!

  185. Jill in Alabama says:

    Good morning, everybody!! Great to see the bridge. Thanks, Ken!

  186. Yes!!! So cool to see the Ken Cam again! Thanks Ken!

  187. Camera back on! Thank you Ken

  188. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, The season, horns,ships,Ken and friends are back.

  189. Thanks, Ken; I was beginning to get excited! Now I can relax until the 26th!!!! Watching the front end loader moving the snow on the North pier!!!

  190. Mesabi Miner getting ready for departure tonight 3/19/2014

  191. All the ships are getting ready because the soo locks will open on the 25 of March.

  192. james pfeifer says:

    Daniel.i have been watching all the aises i have not seen any ship movement yet be sides cutter alder. do you no something i dont no

  193. Jeff Haertlein says:

    Yes, I saw Ken too on tonights NBC News. An interesting segment. Glad I watched the National News tonight.


    North Freedom,WI

  194. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Ken, saw you on the National news today.
    Lets get the ships moving

  195. Wow, I can’t believe how many ships are leaving winter layup! You would think they would stay in port longer because of how harsh this winter has been and how much ice there is. So far this week, Roger Blough has left Milwaukee, Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. VanEnkevort has left Escanaba, and just last night, Joseph L. Block left Sturgeon Bay. I think the shipping season might be starting a little early this year!
    For those of you who want to stay updated on ship departures around the Lakes, here’s Boatnerd’s AIS map:

  196. james pfeifer says:

    daniel i think the ships are going to be late departing late this year because all the thick ice

  197. Wow, I can’t believe this weather! Here in central WI, we hit 50 degrees today, which is our warmest weather since what, October? I hope that we are finally done with all this cold, brutal weather. I’m totally ready for the shipping season to start! πŸ™‚

  198. james pfeifer says:

    does anyone no if the alder is going out again today

  199. james pfeifer says:

    looks like the alder is having trouble

    • James, according to articles I’ve read, the Alder is having to break through ice anywhere from 2 to 5 feet thick in the Duluth harbor. So I have to agree that she may be having trouble!

  200. holly jorgenson says:

    steve, i looked back at posts from last year. look here to see how the season progressed, then regressed, then finally got going:

  201. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    With the ice on the lake, when do you think we will be seeing ships ???
    High here 0 tomorrow, notch melting around Mn.
    Friend had to pull his fish house off the lake, the weight of the snow is pushing water up through the cracks and holes in the lake

  202. I was just looking on Issac Pennock’s website Tugboathunter, and noticed that he often talks about a fleet’s “flagship.” Does anyone know off hand what that means?
    Also, if any of you haven’t visited his site yet, I recommend that you do. He is an amazing photographer, and visits multiple places around the Lakes, taking pictures of the ships. He regularly makes posts with new pictures. So if any of you have never visited his site, here’s a link:

    • holly jorgenson says:

      interesting question, daniel…i always thought it was the first ship built for the fleet, but i don’t think that is the case. possibly the fleet’s most important ship? isaac will likely see this and give us the definitive answer. i have enjoyed his blog for quite a while. he really does an amazing job, AND he’s still in high school!

      • Really? I knew he was in school still, but I thought he was in college! He certainly does do an amazing job. Thanks for your help!

        • Hi Daniel, thanks for the complements! To answer your question about flagships, a fleet’s flagship is usually the vessel that carries passengers and corporate guests. The flagship title rarely is used much anymore as compared to previous eras when new ships were being launched every few years. Also, not all companies still carry guests/passengers on their vessels, so the usage of the title has diminished. Hope this helps, and I’m glad you enjoy the site!

          • Thanks for the reply! I have been looking at your site for quite a while now, and I love reading your posts. Keep up the great work!! πŸ™‚

  203. Wow, look at all that snow! That’s crazy! Stay warm, Duluthians!

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      I would be in a serious state of depression by now. I’ve got to have my warmer southern climate. My pretty, fat yellow buttercups and purple hyacinths are coming up in my yard and I’m counting the days until spring. I’m also counting the days until the Kencam is on air!

      • Well, Jill, just be glad you’re not here in Wisconsin. It’s HORRIBLY cold, and I don’t know how much more of this I’ll be able to stand! Enjoy your “spring” weather!

  204. Just look at that beautiful full moon light up the canal and reflect on the water/ice!!! Absolutely outstanding!!!! Duluth!!!

  205. I don’t mind at all, Holly. That’s fine with me. I wonder why you can’t find anything on their site, like you said earlier…And Steve, I agree! It’s almost boring without any ships to watch! πŸ™‚

    • holly jorgenson says:

      probably nothing to do with their site…i just have never taken the time to find my way around it. usually read the news or look up a boat and that’s about it.

      • I love reading the news, too. Some people might call me crazy, but I read the news on their site every day. It’s actually very interesting stuff.

  206. Yes! Boatnerd posted my Sturgeon Bay pictures on today’s News Photo Gallery. I linked it below for you all to see.
    Here is a list of all the ships in port so far for layup:
    St. Marys Challenger, CSL Niagara, Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, Hon. James L. Oberstar, Joseph L. Block, American Mariner, Stewart J. Cort, Edgar B. Speer, James R. Barker, Paul R. Tregurtha, Wilfred Sykes, and Arthur M. Anderson.

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Daniel, your pictures are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing them with us, and congratulations for getting them posted on Boatnerd. That photo of all the boats lined up next to each other is really good.

      • holly jorgenson says:

        wow daniel…thanks for posting the link. i can never find what i want on their site. will you post to facebook?

        • I don’t use Facebook, sorry. Thanks for the comments, though! Taking the pictures was really fun.

          • Steve Brooklyn Park says:

            How long before we see them in Duluth again ??????
            Long winter without ships !

          • holly jorgenson says:

            do you mind if i put the link on the “boatnerds of facebook” page? i think some of the members there would enjoy them.

  207. I just got to Sturgeon Bay a little while ago, and I am staying until Sunday morning. Of course, the first thing I did on the way into town was take a look at the layup fleet. There are 12 ships so far, with at least one more, Philip R. Clarke, expected soon. I am planning on going out tomorrow and taking plenty of pictures. When I return home, I’ll send them into Boatnerd, so hopefully they’ll post them in a photo gallery. Looking forward to tomorrow!

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Thanks, Daniel. Have fun and stay warm up there!

      • Thanks, Jill. I took a ton of pictures today, and can’t wait to get home now to download them. If Boatnerd does post them in a gallery, I’ll link that page so you all can see the layup fleet. The temperatures aren’t too bad, and it is nice up here.

  208. Up at 6:00am CST. 68* already. Snow and Ice all gone, and I hope it stays that way. That is the first time I have seen snow since 2007 when I was pulling a Milk Tanker. Hope everyone is doing well. Raining here today. Currently 68*, but the forecast high for today is 66. This has been one strange winter.

  209. Have you noticed — the lights on the piers are no longer lit! It looks so sad!

  210. Jill in Alabama says:

    Hey Y’all!! Wild couple of days down here but things are getting back to normal. It was incredible to see the entire city of Birmingham grind to a halt within about one hour, but it did just that. The snow was not the problem, it was the cold temperatures and the ice storm. The bad weather was predicted for south Alabama, but it hit further north (central Alabama) instead. Schools had just dismissed at 10:45 Tuesday morning and many businesses were closing to allow folks to get home. Very few made it to their destinations. The roads were just impassable — solid ice. School kids got home if they could walk; otherwise they stayed overnight at their schools. I live on a hill and I’m sure there were about 40 or 50 cars left abandoned in the street. Many people who were walking to their destination did not have proper clothing and it was probably 20 degrees. Thousands of motorists were stuck in their cars overnight on the interstates. Just unbelievable. Just as unbelievable is the fact that we will be in the mid 60’s today! My buttercups are coming up! Hurry spring!!!

    • I’m glad you’re safe down there, Jill. I’ve never heard another time when Alabama got this bad. Hope things shape up soon!

  211. Don’t know if any of you have heard yet . . . Canada Steamship Lines’ two Trillium Class bulkers were just launched a few days ago in China. They look pretty much the same as the self unloaders that are on the Lakes, minus the self unloading equipment.
    Hope everyone is staying safe, especially those of you down south!

  212. holly jorgenson says:

    hey southerners…are things better down there today? hope so.

  213. 20* here in NW Florida. Still have snow all over the place. I hope the weatherman’s predictions come true. Calling for high 60’s to low 70’s for this weekend. I am tired of this crap. Thanks Lady Holly. I grew up in this crap in Michigan. I know how to drive in it, and I have 4×4. My son and I went out and played around it it yesterday.

  214. PaulMax1957 says:

    This question is for those who live in Duluth. I was taking the Duluth Virtual Tour and was wondering, why are there so many radio towers (I counted 14) on the hillside??
    Bentleyville looks really nice.

  215. Just looked at the Duluth weather. 2005hrs. 8:05 PM 29 Jan 14. You folks are 3* cooler that we are here in NW Florida. You are showing 19, and we are at 22*. Ice and snow everywhere. Interstate 10 closed from Tallahassee to Pensacola. SR85 closed from Ala line to Niceville. Just miserable. Stay safe everybody.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      richard, a mess like that is commonplace here, you guys have got it bad right now…stay in if you are able, if not, take it slow and easy! be safe, to all in the midst of this miserable southern storm…that goes for you, jill!

  216. Wow, Jill. You guys really are going through some tough times. Watching the news this evening, all the traffic backups and crashes are crazy, there’s so many! Stay safe down there!

  217. holly jorgenson says:

    here is a link to some video of what the southerners are putting up with today…hope all y’all will be safe!!

  218. We here in NW Florida are at 36* and it has begun raining and snow mixed. They say we could get 1-3″ here where I live. I am 35 miles South of the Florida, Alabama line. Stay safe everyone.

  219. Jill in Alabama says:

    Hey Daniel and everybody, here’s a weather oddity. 1 to 3 inches of snow is expected for the Alabama gulf coast tonight. Snow on the beach! The high on Tuesday (tomorrow) is expected to be 34 in Birmingham. High on this Saturday is predicted to be 64! We are swinging 20 to 30 degrees everyday right now.

  220. I live in central Wisconsin, and it is actually a few degrees colder here than in Duluth! Is anyone else besides me a little chilled? Stay warm, Ken, and all you Duluthians.

  221. Do you have or is there a place you can post photos on this site?

    Thank you

  222. While we wait for summer and the new Canadian ships . . . here’s a video I found on YouTube of the Whitefish Bay passing Port Huron, when they had a near accident with a fishing boat that stalled in the middle of the river. It’s a reminder of the danger that the ships face during the season!

  223. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Looks like thats it for the year.
    When do they start again, March ???

    • holly jorgenson says:

      yup…now what do we do?
      this is from the boatnerd.com news page.

      Soo Locks close for season with downbound passages

      1/16 – Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. – With the downbound passage of the U.S.C.G. Cutter Bristol Bay, the 2013 navigation season came to an end at the Soo Locks around 4 p.m. Wednesday. Earlier in the afternoon, the downbound tug Victory and barge James L. Kuber were the final commercial vessels through the locks for the season. Crews will be busy at the Soo Locks with maintenance projects until they re-open March 25.

  224. Does anyone have any idea what the Mesabi Miner is doing out there? It looked like she would anchor, or something, but now she’s heading back out. Maybe waiting for something???

    • Jeff Haertlein says:

      I have been watching too, and not sure what she is doing. I also have the scanner on va the other website, and have heard nothing. I am sure she will come in via the Duluth Entry, as there is too much ice in the inner harbor for them to use the Superior Entry. Plus I am pretty sure those are ice fishing shantys I see in the inner harbor. But I am NO expert, or an authority!!

  225. tom from mpls says:

    So is the miner coming in to Superior? Her path appears to be favoring that direction.

    • Not sure. It was on the horizon and then turned back to the east (according to the tracking website) but now appears headed back toward Duluth/Superior. Not sure what’s going on.

  226. It has to be the site I use. I went to google and googled duluth web cams and it loads fine. Thank you Lady Holly.

  227. I can’t get the live stream to load.

  228. Read an article yesterday where ships using Lake Superior are encountering the worst buildup of ice in decades. The National Weather Service said this is the second fastest and thickest ice build up in 35 years. When viewing the canal and shoreline, it doesn’t seem to have blown up to Duluth yet. I imagine when we get a Nor’easter, it will come in strong and hard. I can just hear the ice crunching!

  229. Red light is back on the the North Pier Light!

  230. Wonder how bad the ice is out by the Apostle Islands. . .if its holding up CSL Laurentien that much, it must be pretty bad.

  231. Am I imagining it, or is the red light on the North Lighthouse out again or do they turn it off when there is no scheduled shipping? For some reason, I don’t recall this happening in other years! Looks like a milder day in Duluth — good for the weekend tourists!

  232. I see Duluth is warmer than the past week. According to accu weather, it is currently -2 and going to a high of 14.

  233. Ashtabula/Defiance’s departure was pretty cool to watch, with the sea smoke and everything. I am watching the Frontenac arrive right now. . .same cold conditions!

  234. Don’t go near the fog!!

  235. I wonder what’s going to happen with Hollyhock . . . according to AIS, they’re docked in St. Ignace right now. I feel so bad for them because they just had misc. repairs and drydocking this past summer. Now, they’ll need MORE repairs. And same with the Mesabi Miner . . maybe they’ll go into winter layup a little earlier than planned. Who knows?

  236. ed guyette says:

    looks like ais n paul r tergurtha headed to brnfor winter lay up

  237. I feel really bad for the crews of both the Mesabi Miner and the USCG Hollyhock. I don’t know if any of you have heard about the crash, but it happened at around 11:00 this morning in the Straits of Mackinac:
    And the Hollyhock just got out of drydock this summer! πŸ™

  238. Ken, you must have bumped the camera.

  239. Wow…dramatic streaming cam of the cold and wind and sea smoke… and a few hardy souls braving it all to take it all in…
    Can’t thank you enough Ken.
    Any maritime movies being considered should get these images for future films… like I said… WOW and thanks Ken!

  240. I think Baie Comeau’s arrival will be pretty cool, with the sea smoke and everything. She’s making 13 knots, so she’ll be here in just a few minutes. I hope she doesn’t go to anchor!

  241. Lake fog has everything socked in. The only thing I could see is the old tug in the park. Stay warm everybody.

  242. As I sit here at 3:30am it is very cold outside. About 62 degrees. Now before you laugh you should know first that I live in Honolulu and we are getting what is known as Arctic Blast, cold air from Alaska. Normal low temps are 72 degrees so 62 is cold for us.

    Now you can all laugh while I say Good Night and get under the covers and bundle up. Very nice morning in Duluth, except for the biting cold that is. Lucky I Live Hawaii.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      sheesh, paul! hope you will be ok in those temps! πŸ™‚
      did you see that the air temp in duluth is minus 17Β° and the feels like temp factoring in the wind is minus 33Β°? but i bet when the baie comeau arrives in an hour or so, there will be people out there watching her! not me…

  243. David Stenberg says:

    We are Watching from Yuma AZ Where it is in the 70*

  244. I wonder what the deal was with Great Lakes Trader. . . they left the anchorage a little while ago, and are on their way out to Lake Superior. Maybe waiting for weather???

  245. Sitting here in NW Florida in 38* weather.

    Watching the people walk around the park, bundled up like Nanuk of the North.

    Happy New Year Duluth.

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      We’d better bundle up, Richard. That cold air is heading south!!

      • I just checked the extended forecast for us here in the NW Corner of Florida. Low of 10* expected Monday Morning with a high of 39 for the day. You were right Lady Jill. It is headed this way with a hard freeze expected. I think it is time to move back to South Florida. Wind gusts to 25 mph till Tuesday Evening. Prayers to those who live in Mn and the other Northern States. Stay warm Lady Jill.

  246. I have been watching the port via web cam for the past 7 years. The recent addition of the streaming camera is fantastic. I post the weather for Duluth along with a friend that lives close to the Canadian border in Mn. I was stationed at DIAP in 69-70. I love the area, but can’t take the cold. I now reside in Florida. I love reading this blog.

  247. Which ship is lying to out in the lake? Can’t imagine having to wait to get into a safe harbor and port in this weather. As a kid living on Park Point, I don’t recall seeing that type of activity. Perhaps the old memory is getting shorter!!!

  248. I don’t know if anyone else was watching at the time, but earlier this evening, the Joyce L. Van Enkevort disengaged from the Great Lakes Trader and moved about the harbor breaking ice. She then headed back to her barge, and will be departing soon. I have never seen that before, and it was pretty cool.

  249. Just saw the St. Clair arrive at 17:52. Her bow was well coated with ice! Looked like a very cold, slow arrival! Brrrrrr!

    • I agree, Donn! I watched her arrival, as well. Wish she would have blasted her horn so we could all have heard her!

  250. It’s kind of hard to believe that the American Spirit is already in for winter layup. I know some ships lay up early in January, but I didn’t expect a 1,000 footer to lay up this early. Maybe it’s because of the heavy ice around the Lakes.

    • And now, it appears the St. Clair will be laying up, and not loading coal as expected when she arrives in a few minutes. According to Ken’s schedule, it also looks like the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. will be coming in tomorrow. ASC Parade!

  251. Jill in Alabama says:

    Happy New Year, everybody!!

  252. holly jorgenson says:
  253. Hey everyone,
    I sent pictures of my recent trip to Sturgeon Bay to Boatnerd, and they posted them on today’s News Photo Gallery. If anyone is interested, I posted the link to the gallery below:

  254. The Sam Laud’s arrival was pretty cool. . .she had a good horn, too. It looked amazing with the harbor ice!

  255. what a beautiful view of the bridge right now at 5pm

  256. Here it is again, Holly! The Indiana Harbor is listed for Two Harbors, and is a little ways away from Duluth. That would be cool if she does arrive to wait, or something.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      i see her on ais, daniel. she’s going slow, so it will take a while to get to duluth if that’s her plan!

      • Darn it! It looks like her plan was to arrive, as I see she is approaching the fueling dock. I missed her!

        • I just checked Ken’s schedule, and it appears she is fueling at Calumet before heading back up to Two Harbors. I hope I’ll see her depart!

        • holly jorgenson says:

          darn…i should have alerted you that she was speeding up…sorry.
          sam laud should arrive in about an hour or a bit more…

          • Don’t worry about it, Holly. I was busy anyway. I’m anticipating the arrival of Sam Laud, though.

  257. holly jorgenson says:

    morning, everyone!
    i see arthur m. anderson on ais about 45 min. out from the bridge!

    • holly jorgenson says:

      oops…she’s headed back to two harbors. argh!

      • It can be disappointing, Holly, when a ship due in Two Harbors does that. I think they are just waiting for the dock. But I agree with you!

      • Jill in Alabama says:

        Good morning, Holly! I just saw someone walk across the bridge. Seems to me that it would be too painful to even breathe in -18 degree weather — that air that cold would damage the lining of your lungs. I guess my RN nature is surfacing. I am fascinated that people can tolerate living in an environment like that. Incredible!

  258. Wow! Looking at the Duluth forecast, I really hope everyone stays warm! The daytime highs for the next few days won’t even reach 0. I guess this is winter in the northwoods, then.

  259. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but yesterday I got back from a trip to Sturgeon Bay. Unfortunately, I missed the arrival of the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin on Friday morning. I also missed the removal of CSL Niagara from the drydock on Saturday, but I did see the Martin enter drydock. As for the St. Marys Challenger, the shipyard has come a long way on her. Her pilothouse and stack were removed almost immediately, and now she has her cement unloader on her bow. Her stern was covered in scaffolding and crews were working on her notch. It was a pretty cool sight!

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      We want to know what you got to see, so brag away, Daniel!

      • Jill, I can’t really brag too much, because I missed the arrival of the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin and CSL Niagara being pulled out of drydock. I’m glad I saw the St. Marys Challenger, though. That was a first for me. Unfortunately, though, I never saw her as her old self with her accommodations. Oh, well.

  260. Happy New Year to you Ken and all of the Duluth/Lake Superior fans! Aren’t we lucky to be able to view all that goes on from Ken’s neat camera! Also, enjoy the one from the Inn on Lake Superior and the Corps of Army Engineers Building in Canal Park. Keep the faith — August will come (Duluth’s warm month)!!!

  261. Wow! Good to see your cam on this cold ice covered morning! Thanks Ken!

  262. Bob from St.Paul says:

    Looks like it is Bad there in Duluth NOW!! Other cameras are iced up !!

  263. I am in awe of the people who watch the boats at the canal, even at night.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      me too, nan…boatnerds are a dedicated bunch!

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Nan, on my first trip to Duluth back in 2010, the Buffalo was scheduled to arrive at the bridge around 1:00 a.m. I asked Ken if it would be safe to go to the bridge at that time. He just chuckled and said we would not be the only folks out there. He was right! There were several people standing at the bridge watching the Buffalo make one of her rare trips to Duluth!

  264. I spend 1964 and 1965 on the steamship Henry Phipps. I really love being out there but I got drafted in the fall of 1965. I miss it but I do watch the ships coming and going. I never went home after I was discharged, but have been to the canal two time since I worked on the ship. I live in Kansas and have since I got out of the service. I think the Phipps was scraped sometime in the 70’s.

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Send us some stories, LtRuss!

      • In the Spring of 1965 we left Duluth in a convoy lead by one of the icebreakers. We got out on the lake and the ice started to lock us in. We were told the north wind had moved the ice south so several of the ship including the Phipps headed north to the open water. By the time we got up there, the wind had changed and moved the ice back north. We sat stuck in the ice for about 12 hours if memory severs me right until the icebreaker came up and set us free.

        • Jill in Alabama says:

          Hope you had some great food and snacks on board! We Boat- nerds love to hear stories from folks who have served on the lakers. Keep them coming! Happy New Year, LtRuss!

  265. tom from mpls says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the ship watchers out there and help me to decide if being in this situation would be fun or not…http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/cruise-ship-spends-christmas-stuck-ice-off-antarctica-161901748–abc-news-topstories.html

  266. I would like to wish all my fellow Boatnerds and DSNTV viewers a Merry Christmas! Thank you to Ken for everything you have done this past year, and thanks for having the camera back on these past few weeks. See you in 2014!

  267. Jill in Alabama says:

    Just saw one of the Algoma boats leave. Everything out Ken’s window looks black and white — no color at all! It’s minus 4 degrees and there are several people out in the canal. The folks who are in front of the window had to step around that huge pile of snow. The boat was rising out of the smoke (steam?) and creeping slowly out toward the lake. Those poor people had to wait quite a while for the entire boat to pass under the bridge! What a sight!

    • FYI Jill, I think you’re talking about the Algoma Olympic. I watched her leave, as well. Pretty cool departure!

      • Jill in Alabama says:

        Hey Daniel, I’d rather watch a boat during the summer months when the departure is a little warmer! I have been in Duluth twice — first time was in the month of August and I was still wearing a jacket. The second time was during the month of July and it was 40 degrees! It was great both times though. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

        • I did, Jill. Thanks for asking. And I have to say, I don’t have a preference of summer or winter for boatwatching. I love to see the ships anytime!

  268. holly jorgenson says:

    merry christmas and happy hollydays to all the dsntv viewers. so glad to have it back on air. thanks, ken!

  269. Jill in Alabama says:

    Merry Christmas, to Ken and all my boat loving friends from the Heart of Dixie! May God bless you all!

  270. ken or jill or holly, i use to be able to comment at this site about 6 monts ago on my comp. now i can’t I’m using my dads now. any ideas?? if you think of anything peease reply here. thanks, tim

  271. It’s me again; I think the Coast Guard has to get out there with a light!!!! They still do the maintenance on the lights, do they not, Ken?

  272. Hey, Ken — no red light on the North Pier??? Am I missing it or what is going on!

    • holly jorgenson says:

      yeah, wonder what’s up with that…it’s been out for about 4 days now. i thought they actually were there for a reason.

  273. What’s up with the Algomarine going sideways out at the end of the channel??

  274. Merry Christmas to all,especially Jill, Holly and ken

  275. tom from mpls says:

    What’s up with the McCarthy? She just seems to be running around in circles halfway between Duluth and two harbors at about 6 knots. Maybe they’re having their Christmas party on board?

  276. tom from mpls says:

    ok so did anyone other than me see what appeared to be lights like a ship maybe a half mile out past the end of the harbor entrance at about 6 am or so? It disappeared after maybe 10 minutes or so. Nothing was on the AIS sites. Strange…

    • holly jorgenson says:

      tom, about that time i saw on marinetraffic.com that i had missed the departure of the montrealais. she departed at 6:25. could that have been it? shortly after that she was not on ais.

      • tom from mpls says:

        That must have been it, thanks Holly. I was hoping for a ghost ship or ufo, but i guess that’s not the case.

  277. ken i think the red pier head light burnt out or froze up

  278. Eric Wright (Easy-E) says:

    What’s the deal everyone, is the cam up for good again? I hope Ken has reconsidered.

    -Eric EZE Wright

  279. tom from mpls says:

    And I missed the Assininboine getting towed in. Have to quit my job, keeps screwing up my ship watching!

  280. Algoma Montrealais is back in again!

  281. tom from mpls says:

    Nice coating of ice on the Century, man that looks cold!!

  282. tom from mpls says:

    Missed the Montrealais. Hate it when work gets in the way. Its sad when the old ships “die”.

    • tom from mpls says:

      And another thing, the Lee T. was built in 1942 and the montrealais was built in 1962. Just seems a shame to not be able to get more years out of these vessels. I suppose the new ones from China make more business sense.

      • Jill in Alabama says:

        I prefer the older, classic boats, too. My favorite, the American Victory, is sitting over at Fraser Shipyard. I’d love to see her on the lakes again. What a history she has!

  283. Lights are blinking but the bridge is neither going up or down. What gives??

  284. Jill in Alabama says:

    Just watched the Arthur Anderson come under the bridge. Did anyone else get to see it? There were about six people standing out in the snow to welcome her.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      i saw it jill, it’s a balmy 1Β° ABOVE zero today, but with the wind it feels like minus 19Β°! those duluthian boatnerds are a hardy bunch!

      • Jill in Alabama says:

        If I come up there in the winter, y’all have to let me stay inside the museum or Ken’s office to watch the boats. I have NOTHING to wear that would withstand that weather! Stay warm, if possible, Holly!

  285. What a spectacular sight it is to see the Oberstar go out at night, anybody else amazed by the way she is all lit up?

  286. Well put Tom & Jill, and THANK YOU KEN!

    There are a couple things happening soon that seem to me to be of some significance.

    1) The Algoma Montrealais is coming in later today. Word is that the Montrealais is going to be scrapped after this season, so this could very easily be the last time we have a chance to see her. She is a classic laker, and is steam powered.

    2) The Algoma Equinox is approaching Sault Ste. Marie with a stated destination of Superior; she is a brand new freighter, the first in a series of new ships built for Algoma Central. She just arrived from China and is on her maiden voyage across the Lakes to the twin ports. I don’t know if she will be entering under the bridge or through the Superior entry, Ken may have more insight on this.

    Two significant events that are on opposite ends of the spectrum for sure.

  287. Jill in Alabama says:

    -13 degrees! I cannot even imagine that! Thanks again, Ken, for allowing us all back into your office so we can crowd around your window.

    • tom from mpls says:

      Jill, i love the way you put it, especially around the holidays. I envision all of us with a warm drink in our hands, gazing out the window, standing together like the boat nerds we are. That’s the difference between this cam and the others. We have a little family in Kens office.

      • … and that’s not all. Our building is the proud new home of a distillery, specializing in gin and soon to open their doors. But, while a warm drink sounds good, i prefer my gin with a bit of ice and even less vermouth. What more do we want, a cam on a bridge, all the gin we can drink, and friends all around, at least if i can clean up my office and create a little space



  290. Rita from Georgia says:

    Glad the cam is back up. I was missing my bridge fix and close-up of ships entering and leaving. I am a happier boatnerd now. My favorite spot in Duluth is standing near the bridge to watch the boats. Thanks again, Ken.

  291. Great to see camera back up! I have missed this wonderful view so much! Thank you for starting it up Ken! I dont know if you will be able to keep it running but, I truely hope you can. It is a view like no other.

  292. Gorgeous views out your window this morning… sea smoke blowing around the bridge… awesome! Thanks for giving us this unique view!

  293. Elaine in Arizona says:

    I’m so happy that your camera is functioning again! Your view is my favorite, and it’s the next best thing to being in Duluth! You have an exceptional viewpoint, and I hope you’ll be able to keep the camera running. Thanks for all the good service you provide. You are very much appreciated out here in Arizona!

  294. tom from mpls says:

    Great Republic looked….Great! Thanks Ken!!

  295. Teri & Jeff B. says:

    Thanks for being back up & running. πŸ™‚

  296. Kevin Griffith says:

    YES! The cam is on!!! THANKS KEN!!!

  297. I live in Rochester MN, temps starting to drop here but nothing like up north with all their snow too. Stay safe Duluth

  298. Great to see the cam back on

  299. any ships coming ken/??? thanks for opening shop

  300. tom from mpls says:

    Thanks for the view Ken. Love the storms from the warmth of my PC.

  301. Yay! A view from inside without an ice/rain/ snow covered lens! Thanks Ken! Very cool to see out your window again!!

  302. the inn on lake superior cam is visible

  303. Teri & Jeff B. says:

    Hello from the Madison, WI area. We come to Duluth once a year, and stay at Comfort Suites in Canal Park. This was our go to site to get see ship traffic fix for the rest of the year. Really miss it. Can someone give me any sites to help me get my fix… πŸ™‚ Thanks.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      teri and jeff,
      there is another site with cameras…duluthharborcam.com
      there are 5 still shots across the top, and 3 live shots down the right hand side of the page. unfortunately, the current weather is preventing us from seeing much, but as the weather clears, you will see bridge and boats and people walking along the canal.

  304. Hi Ken and everyone… just wondering… are you all still missing Ken’s Cam here…nice and dry and inside… so we can SEE the weather happening… as well as the boats and the bridge… still suffering withdrawal. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving…

  305. holly jorgenson says:

    happy thanksgiving, steve, and all the other fans of DSN!

  306. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    With the kids and Grand Kid coming over tomorrow, I guess I won’t be watching a lot of shipping
    Hope every one has a happy Tuckery day

  307. Where do you find that camera?

  308. holly jorgenson says:

    ken is trying the cam from his apartment. right now pointed at the port terminal where john d. leitch sits waiting (foreground), and cornelia is discharging something. later, we may get to see the lights at bentleyville which opens at 5 cst.

  309. tom from mpls says:

    While losing the cam is bad, losing Ken’s commentary is worse. I remember the first i heard him describe what was going on, the ship, the trees, etc. It was all very cool and it made me feel like i had my own personal tour guide. Thank you very much for all you have done and good luck in the future. And yes, we should continue to come here to get good Northland info.

  310. holly jorgenson says:

    excellent idea jay ss…i agree that there should be that connection.

  311. Sad to see the cam gone! Well guess this is my last visit to this site. Take care all.

  312. Oh NO!! I’m so sad I loved watching,made me feel like I was right there.

  313. oh no πŸ™ im so sad!! i loved this camera view :'(

  314. Yes, this is very sad, what a shame to throw this away. Thanks to Ken for making the effort to bring this to us in the first place, hard to understand how it could be considered not important enough to keep going, how much could this cost really? PC’s are cheap, I doubt anything special (high end system) is needed for this? The view out this window is perhaps one of the most interesting views in the entire state of Minnesota, not too many window cams could have the same appeal this one does. It, along with this discussion area, are certainly the star attraction of this site, they are the reason I visit here regularly (daily) and have donated toward the site but now I won’t have any reason to come on a regular basis without the cam and this discussion. No link to this page any longer that I’m aware of so no future place to chat about what’s going on at the harbor.

    The new video camera feed from the visitor center is certainly impressive but it does not take the place of the view from Ken’s window. The other cams are OK during the day but when I get time to watch, in the evening, the other cams are no good & Ken’s was the only decent one (until the video quality went to heck recently…).

    It just seems that the cam was absolutely the highlight and daily draw of the website, I’m not able to understand why one wouldn’t do anything necessary (again, PC’s are cheap, heck of a lot cheaper than office rent right in front of the bridge I’m guessing…) to keep the main attraction up & running. Then again, I haven’t run Duluth Shipping News since 1995 so I wouldn’t know all the details. Does Duluth provide any financial assistance? They sure should, very minor cost for the great exposure and interest in in visiting the area that this provides. Hope all is well with you Ken.

    • Good words Jay SS… it is a special cam run by a special man with a special view and good folks lurking or chatting…. much missed… still hoping for a rebirth here….

      • holly jorgenson says:

        the discussion/comment part of this page is not going away…anything we see on any of the other cams is still open for questions, comments, and/or discussion here. we are all sorry to see the camera discontinued, but change happens…i, and many others, will remain a fan of this website and the information it provides about the twin ports and the boats which visit there. we all look forward to ken’s posts and possibly, new features he is working on to add to the website.

        • i will visit to see the chatter, that is still cool, i have learned a lot about Duluth shipping here.. BOMBS AWAY KEN, nice work..

        • I hope you are right Holly. There is no link to this page from anywhere that I am aware of now (no link or tab on the Shipping News home page that would take you here), so no one would find this page unless you have it’s address stored somewhere. Those of us who have this page bookmarked will still find it as long as it stays open, it’s just that no one else would find it. Hope you all stick around!

          • holly jorgenson says:

            jay, you bring up a good point. there should be a more direct way to access the comment/discussion section of this page. the only place i know of is on the “schedule” page at
            www. duluthboats.com
            the line in red which says “click here for live video of…” but that is not as obvious as it could be.

          • Holly, you’re right, I didn’t know that link was there on the http://www.duluthboats.com schedule page, good catch. So there is one link that still leads here. Maybe Ken will create a link on the Shipping News home page called “Discussion Page” or something like that.

  315. Big Bummer

  316. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    When dose the shipping season end id Duluth ????

  317. It’s that time of year again. With the holidays right around the corner, time to start thinking about stocking stuffers, and Christmas cards. Here are some great ideas!


  318. Very sorry about the news! I have loved the view of the bridge and traffic and especially being “so close” to the bridge as it is going up and down. Ken’s cam will always be my favorite! πŸ™

  319. I am deeply sorry to hear your news, Ken. You have done such a great job keeping this cam up and running, and you did have a truly great view. Thanks you so much for all your great work. Everyone on this site loves it!!

  320. I am sorry to hear that the camera will no longer be online Ken. There are others but none with the wonderful view you provided us. Very sad to see it go. If you are ever going to have it on for special occasions could you please try and post ahead of time so we can be sure to tune in? Thank you far all your efforts!

  321. Sorry to hear this Ken. Thanks for a great site!

  322. Sorry to hear that we won’t be getting your view of the bridge, Ken. I have enjoyed it these past months; you have done a thorough and outstanding job! You have given people who otherwise would not have seen that beautiful structure a bird’s eye view. Bless you!

  323. Jill in Alabama says:

    Oh, Ken! I don’t know what to say …. One of my favorite parts of your webcam was getting to see your reflection! Thanks for everything you have done and for what you did to get me to Duluth in person that first time! I’ll never forget it! Please let us have a peek from time to time. The view out your window is the very best. I’ll miss you, my friend, but we’ll stay in touch on email.

    • I will definitely miss this cam – sorry to hear about your computer issues. Even with the other cams on, I always had this one open too – just to watch “Ken’s” view too. I hope you will continue to share your photos and video via the main site. I always think that you have a good eye for finding the right way to capture a shot.


  324. No cam today… sad to see it dark, but understand you may need a break once in a while. Hope to see the cam streaming again soon!

  325. Tom Malmros says:

    This plug-in is not supported. This comes up when I try to get the bridge on with my Kendall. Can you help?

    • holly jorgenson says:

      tom, try: ustream.tv/channel/dsntv

    • d_malnati says:

      I don’t think the actual flash player used for the site is supported by the Kindall’s web browser (I think a Kindal is an android based player I believe.) For an andriod device I think there is a Ustream application that you could probably use to browse to Holly’s link. Only thing is I think Kindalls are restricted as to what android applications they can use.

      I also think the above holds true for someone trying to use an IOS device such as an IPAD, the browser wont work with the flash player, but there is a Ustream application that will work.

      • I’m on my kindle now. But in the past had a problem getting dsntv. Had to get tech support from amazon’s kindle page. Ustream will get you to the cam but not the dsn website.

  326. Check out the streaming video from the Marine Museum camera with sound !n the Duluth Harbor Cam site. Thanks Dennis, very cool!

  327. Thanks for the great view of the salt being unloaded! Cool… clear gorgeous video!

  328. nice to see your camera move. watching the salt unloading. cool

  329. Hi Ken,

    Where are you taking this video from (Tregurtha and Latimer, 11 AM Friday)?

  330. I was at the South Pier Inn this summer. This would be really nice if the camera was higher resolution.

  331. tom from mpls says:

    Fantastic sunrise in duluth this morning. Wish i was there!

  332. Jill in Alabama says:

    Ooooh. Awful weather today! Y’all hang on to your hats!

  333. What a great picture of the bridge with those clouds!

  334. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Nice to have the Canal Cam back on
    Even if we have to go through the Harbor Cam

  335. have thewaves and wind been high to shut the bride down

  336. What’s with the red bridge tonight?

  337. Just returned from a trip to Duluth. Winds 25 gusting to 40mph and drizzle…Canal Park was busy with visitors even on such a raw day. Massive white caps on the lake. I am sure the ships are hunkered down until the wind decreases. Another fall day on the Lake…

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Neil, you were one of those people I was watching this morning! The waves were splashing out of the canal, the bush in front of Ken’s window was barely hanging on, there were raindrops all over the window, and still there were folks standing out in the canal. You, Neil, you!

  338. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Are there a lot less ships or we just not being told about them because of our “friends” in Washington ????

  339. Jill in Alabama says:

    48 degrees in Duluth!!!!! Stay warm, Ken. Folks are still out enjoying the canal though.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      good morning, jill! 35 mph winds there…brrrr! might not see a ship today. the one which was supposed to come in seems to be hunkered down in the shelter of the apostle islands. are you expecting rain from T.S. Karen?

  340. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Are both cams frozen ???
    The harbor cam has a time of 19:37, today the first of Oct ????

    • holly jorgenson says:

      because of the government shutdown, the Maritime Museum is closed. that’s where the cam is, so who knows what is going on!

  341. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Anyone know what going on in Duluth this weekend ???
    All the people in matching T-Shirts

    • holly jorgenson says:

      well, maybe not all, but a lot…possibly this?

      Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk 2013
      09/29/13 β€” 1:30 p.m.
      DECC Pioneer Hall
      Registration for the 12th annual event begins at 12:30 p.m., with the walk starting at 1:30. The walk starts at the DECC and goes along the Lakewalk.
      This event is the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota’s single most important source of financial support. Last year’s walk raised more than $200,000.

  342. Jill in Alabama says:

    Pretty day in Duluth. All those lucky people walking on the bridge!! I’ll bet they are on their way to pick up their copy of Duluth Shipping News!

    • holly jorgenson says:

      it does look like a nice day! nick is there, somewhere, but no duluth shipping news…it’s after labor day! how are things in alabama?

  343. got a popup about security not valid

  344. holly jorgenson says:

    anyone else getting the blue spinning circle?

  345. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    What is that out in front of the window
    I was there last week and it wasn’t there ???

  346. Mike@Lake of the Ozarks says:

    Yes, Yes…get the camera fixed. I downloaded some of the
    boat whistles ..the kids young and old love them!

  347. Beavis Von Butthead says:

    What’s with the big fireball east of the bridge?

    • holly jorgenson says:

      beavis, if you are talking about the spot just to the right of the south tower, it’s bird poop on the window. darn birds sit and wait until ken cleans the glass, then they swoop in and use it for target practice!

  348. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Has the bridge cam been off ????

  349. About a week ago he had a camera that was like it was in HD. Now it’s the worst I have ever seen. I’m sending a $20 contribution to expedite this issue. The dilapidated camera is very bad.

  350. Yeah, for sure the picture is not real good today. I am sure Ken will figure it out though. He does a great job on is own time to keep this camera working as best he can for all of our benefit. I know it is frustrating at times when we cant see what we would like but I for one am grateful for all of the time and effort Ken puts into this. I also understand he has a life and more to do than just try to keep the camera up and running for us. So for all you do Ken, Thank you! Next time I am in duluth I will look you up and buy you a drink!

  351. Picture is VERY pixelated now Especially at Full screen must be a different cam than before. πŸ™

  352. Looks pretty gloomy in the canal this morning.

    • tom from mpls says:

      I’m sure radar, gps and all those other things are great, but it would scare the heck out of me to run one of these monsters in pea soup fog.

  353. Ken,

    The new camera that you installed worked perfect last week. It seems when you zoom in you lose the crystal clear picture. The resolution is cut in half, last week the camera almost looked in HD.

  354. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Bridge cam off air ????

  355. Hi Ken — You moved the camera!!! Less South Pier Inn and more bridge!!! Wonderful!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

  356. I have seen nothing other than a black screen on this site for at least two weeks. Before that it worked well. Are others able to see it?

  357. Had a great time meeting Ken. My wife Deb, Ken and I waved to everyone from the canal area.

  358. What are all the goofy comments above about on this site?

  359. Hi Ken, my wife and I just arrived at the Solglimit B&B in Duluth. Any chance I could stop in tomorrow and say Hi? Mike Palus

  360. Note: Ten Coast Guard units, along with 50 other federal, tribal, state and local agencies consisting of more than 300 participants, will conduct a full-scale, security and oil spill response exercise in the Port of Duluth-Superior Wednesday and Thursday.

    In addition to Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Duluth, participants in Operation Peeking Duck will include maritime industry representatives from the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, oil spill response agencies, as well as representatives from fire, emergency management and local law enforcement agencies.

  361. holly jorgenson says:

    ustream seems to be doing a lot of buffering the last few days. maybe that’s why the cam is going off and on so often and lagging so much? anyone else noticing this?

  362. I noticed the video is very jerky today.

  363. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Is the bridge cam off air ?????????

  364. Did Ken install a new camera, it appears to almost be in HD. Is is just me that notices this?

  365. tom from mpls says:

    Cool to see the Cort go out, she is so much different than the other thousand footers.

  366. tom from mpls says:

    Ok so the American Mariner just stops in the middle of no where, doesn’t the captain know we are on a “watching ” schedule. Tell that ship to pick it up a little. It looks like a great viewing day ahead. Thanks Ken!

  367. Willie B. says:

    Hi Ken,
    Have you noticed there’s a huge amount of lag since you installed the new cam a few months back. Any plans on getting a different camera? We used to be able to see boats in real time go by, now the screen freezes every 2 seconds.

    This ha been the same with 4 different computers I have viewed it on.



  368. What a beautiful sight, using the Harbor Cam. 20 to 30 sailboats on the lake.

  369. American Century sure came in high on the water at 10:30. She will have lots of hold for a load of coal!!!!

  370. I’m getting a good eyeful these past two days. Just saw the Blue Heron leave port at 7:00. She looks like she is locked and loaded!!! What is her next port or duty?

  371. Did anyone see the beautiful Blue Moon over the harbor last evening in Duluth? It lit up the entire shore area and the reflection on the water was so dramatic! I guess it happens when there are 3 full moons in a 4 moon season, and this was the 3rd of 4 moons this summer. The Indians around Lake Superior also call it a Sturgeon Moon. I always thought the rule was 2 full moons in one month but 7 out of 19 years will feature 2 full moons in one month. Wow — lucky Duluthians and tourists to be there last night!

  372. I will be in Duluth soon and hopefully will let Jill and Holly know the date and time i will wave to all of you.

  373. Jill in Alabama says:

    Just watched the American Integrity depart Duluth at 2:28pm. She looked great! Beautiful day in Canal Park. Wish I were there . . . .

  374. Keeley Harris says:

    I love Duluth! Thank you for the web cam! I grew up watching the ships from my grandmothers house. I miss it so much!
    People here in California gush over this Bay Area. But it doesn’t have my heart as Duluth does.
    I will come back someday. Come what may to Blue Bayou! I love love love you Duluth.

  375. Tom from mpls says:

    Thanks for the great “tregurtha” coverage, I enjoy having a desktop and laptop running shipping news and harbor cam at the same time. Both fantastic websites. Did anyone see the idiot in the cabin cruiser way out anchored in the shipping lane to the bridge? Is it that hard to give a thousand footer a little room? Unbelievable.

  376. Ken,

    I have been watching your webcam for year, thank you sir. You have had your cam “Off-Air” more times in the last 2 months than in the last 2 years combined. Listen, I’m not trying to be a jerk. I just enjoy streaming you cam as much as possible. Is there anything I can do to ensure that cam is up as much as possible? Donation?


    • holly jorgenson says:

      jonny, ken explained a couple of weeks ago that he is in the middle of trying to back up his computer to an online service. he needs to have the camera off to free up bandwidth so the backup will complete. it’s taking longer than he thought it would, but should be done soon. thanks for being patient with the process.

  377. Jeff B. Haertlein says:

    Hi Ken:

    Thanks for re-djusting your camera for my wife and I, as we talked to a friend in Iowa City, and he pulled up your camera as we talked. Good to meet you once again, as I thanked you, and nice to see you again. We will be here in Duluth until Friday. Hoping to see the Lee A. Tregurtha under “steam” this weekend. I have never seen her, since we began coming to Duluth in 1989!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  378. holly jorgenson says:
  379. Thanks so much.

  380. Thank you SO much for having the sound on for the Walter J. McCarthy’s departure!

  381. tom from mpls says:

    Whats the scoop on this “IL MOSTRO” sailing vessel that’s on the tracker?

  382. tom from mpls says:

    Sorry to hear about Mr. McCarthy. Thank you for the short story about him, he seemed to be a very nice gentleman. It’s rare to find a person of his stature to be so humble. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.

  383. Ahh is just my memory or is the amount of ship traffic down this year compared to last year,is everything ok in Duluth. It seems pretty quiet.

  384. Jill in Alabama says:

    You doing okay, Tim?

  385. where”s the sound ken!!!!!

    • tom from mpls says:

      It’s been working fine for me for the last 5 days, maybe your equipment isn’t working jimmy.

      • holly jorgenson says:

        hopefully, the backup will be completed today, and all will be normal again, with the cam.

  386. Ali (AKA: Shipyard Sally) says:

    The Tall Ships were GREAT!!! wish i could have been there!

  387. Hey Ken, will the webcam be on tomorrow?

  388. On the shipping schedule page there is an ad for jet rental, only $2,500.00/hour. Anyone want to go in on that? ha ha

  389. Anne - SF,SD says:

    I thought I read (somewhere) that a couple TS would enter harbor today then go back out tomorrow for the Parade of Sail? Does anyone know if correct, which and when? I’ve noticed they are congregating at the Apostle Islands.

  390. Shelly from Pine City says:

    When do the tall ships start arriving?

    • Thursday around 2 P.M. This is approximate because of sailing conditions. I hear they are going to lift the bridge and let 2-3 in and then lower the bridge for traffic and repeat as necessary until all of the tall ships have passed through.

      • Shelly from Pine City says:

        Thanks for the info. Will the webcam be back on by then or before that? Thanks

        • holly jorgenson says:

          shelly, did you see ken’s message right below the cam window? i’m sure he’ll have it back on asap.

  391. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Has the bridge cam been “off Air” since yesterday afternoon ??

    • holly jorgenson says:

      talked to ken yesterday…there have been some technical difficulties with the cam, which he plans to have fixed soon, but the cam may remain “off air” until that time.

  392. Holly are you and Peg around somewhere? Hoping for a wave!

  393. Great view of the Lee White.

  394. Tom Malmros says:

    Ken I need your help. When I try to bring up the bridge on my Kendall it tells me this plug-in not supported??What they want? Adobe or something like that? Enjoy watching bridge alto it freezes up sometimes.
    Thanks for your help.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      tom, i had the same problem…i contacted kindle support through amazon, and they walked me through a bunch of steps to get the camera view.

  395. Jill in Alabama says:

    Pretty day at the bridge!

  396. Paul from St. Paul says:

    I see it was a tad warm (92) in Duluth today! I guess the big air conditioner sitting just south and east of the city was not working very well today!!

  397. Steve Brooklyn Park says:

    Bridge Cam Dead ??????

  398. how many will be in town for the tall ship festival

  399. I love to watch the ships when thee go by.

  400. holly jorgenson says:

    wasn’t that cool?

  401. What a great sight, A large cargo ship and a Coastie following under the bridge.

  402. holly jorgenson says:

    there is a power outage in canal park, so the cam is off air. hope it will be back soon.

  403. Timothy D. Kerr says:

    The cam is frozen Ken or maybe I’m drunk again, yes, I’m sort of a loser.

    • No, you’re right. The camera is frozen. Presque Isle just came in, and nothing was moving on the cam.

  404. I will be in Duluth at the end of August. I will stand by the bridge and wave to all of you. I will try and give you a time the day before.

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Lucky!! Let us know so we can see you. Have a great time, and I hope lots of boats keep that bridge moving!

  405. Why did the St. Clair come limping into port — was the fog the reason she was traveling so slowly? Seemed extremely slow to me.

  406. Mighty soupy out there this morning! Does the fog horn still blow all of the time or some of the time? (Jill you probably know!!!!) While my husband stood watches at the South Pier Light as a Coast Guard, when it was foggy like this, they blew the horn until the fog lifted.

    • Donna, when my son and I were there in May it was foggy like
      today, and the fog horn was blowing all the time. I asked Beth at the Marine Museum who blew the horn and she told me it knows automatically when to sound the horn.

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Very rainy down here. Everything is just saturated! I love ALL the sounds of Duluth!

  407. Seriously? A bag over your head comment? I would like to say more on that, but decided that it is not worth the time. It speaks plenty on its own.

  408. I agree with your comment, Joan! Also, thanks for the explanation as to why the camera is positioned as it is! I agree, Ken and Dennis do a great job and keep us boat nerds very happy!

    • Jeff Haertlein says:

      I’ll go one further. You people are lucky you have all these cameras, compared to the olden days with just one! I am most appreciative! And I think all these mundane comments should be prohibited all together, and stick to serious boat questions at hand. I sympathize with Ken and Dennis!

  409. you and dennis o hara shood wear bags over your heads after last nigts fire works

    • dmalnati says:

      I actually don’t think this comment is fare to Ken or Dennis. Both of them are operating the camera’s on their time and expense for watching boats and that is what people expect to see. For them to set the cameras up for the fireworks means ether having to do it well before the show and maybe missing some boats or stay around the office and not get to send the 4th with friends and family, which to me is more about the 4th than seen the fireworks through the cameras.

      • tom from mpls says:

        I think the majority of us can find fireworks displays just about anywhere. I come here for my “fix” of ship news\video and for that it is always spot on!! Thank you again Ken and Dennis too.

    • You want to see fireworks? Go to any of the thousands of places around the country that set them off, watch tv programs from New York or the Capitol, search youtube for different countries celebrating with multiple fireworks shows throughout the year. I’ll stick with Ken, the bridge and the ships in Duluth. I won’t find this scene anywhere else. Thanks Ken, and Dennis too.

  410. Hate to be critical, Ken, but that grand and glorious bridge is almost out of the picture — can’t even see the top of the bridge. Walter J. McCarthy came in yesterday and couldn’t see the pilot house. The focal point seems to be the canal park lawn and the South Pier Inn. Is there a reason for this camera angle? Happy Independence Day to all!!!