“Do you think we should get married here?”

isoldarosegargen20100701_2172 Perhaps, the couple in the Rose Garden is wondering what the view will be next June when they get married by the Lake. The Rose Garden will be there but it is not likely the Polish owned Isolda will be in town. She was at anchor off the Duluth piers on July 1st when they were checking out the location.
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The Islolda came into port later that day to load durum wheat at the CHS terminal in Superior. She is a Polish ship owned by the Polish Steamship Company located in the port of Szczecin, Poland. Her crew is also Polish. They will take the wheat to Algeria where it is often used to make couscous, a dish that can include a variety of other ingredients including lamb, beef and vegetables.

What rain? We just got married!

There were a lot of weddings in Duluth on Saturday, all with dreams of bright sunshine, blue sky, and I am sure lots of boat traffic. It is a hopeful sign when two people are starting out their new life together climbing the back stairs of Grandma’s Sports Garden (presumably to the reception) in the rain, and they stop when a stranger yells at them, “Can I take your picture.” And they stop and they are smiling!

Canadian Progress backdrop for wedding

On Sunday, the Canadian Progress appeared off the Duluth piers in time for the wedding of Brandon and Jessie Pritchard in the Rose Garden. Jessie is from White Bear Lake. Her new husband will soon be returning to Groton, Connecticut where he serves on the USS Hawaii, the Navy’s newest attack submarine. Undoubtedly, crews on the two ships at anchor, the Vancouverborg and the Grigoriy Aleksandrov, watched the festivities. It appears that folks on the Vista King, moving toward the Canadian Progress, may not have known about the wedding. Anyone in the Rose Garden on Sunday might also have seen the Adam E. Cornelius, the American Spirit, the Tuscarora, the John J. Boland, the Isadora, and the Inviken pass by. It was a busy day all around. Photo taken on September 23, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 09-24-2007

Krissi and Dan and Philip

Like a lot of other people, Krissi (right) and Dan (left) were out yesterday celebrating the nice weather in Duluth, watching the boats go by, and getting married. They don’t get a lot of ship traffic in Lake City where they live, so they didn’t let a wedding stop them from doing a little boat watching while they were in Duluth. Happily, the Philip R. Clarke joined the party and received a nice greeting from the Lake City couple. They had an impressive guest list. Led by the Clarke, the Indiana Harbor soon passed by while departing the port with coal, and just a little later, the Paul R. Tregurtha came in for coal. Soon the Canadian Enterprise joined the reception line but the bride and groom probably had better things to do by that time. Of course, what comes in must go out and all that activity on Saturday night means that Sunday will be a great day for boat watching. Photo taken on July 07, 2007 .
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 07-08-2007