Alder Opens 2016 season

Join the Alder and 25 members of LSMMA as they open the 2016 shipping season in Duluth Minnesota

Matcho, a canine crew member

The Chios Charity was recently scrapped but she was here 7 times after 1996. I got to know Matcho, her canine crew member on those last two trips.  Click below for a short video about my two visits with the Chios Charity wonder dog.

The good old days

While we wait for the Alder to open up the season, probably on Monday, March 9, here is a video I created during the beginning of the 2007 season.

Duluth Layup, 2003-04

Juno under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Here the Juno arrives Duluth on December 8, 2014. She made one other trip to Duluth, in October, 2011.

Saltie departs Duluth

This was the Muntgracht’s first trip to the Twin Ports; she brought machinery here that then went to the Twin Cities.

3 arrivals on November 7, 2014

The Philip R. Clarke, James R. Barker and CSL Niagara came into port under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on Friday afternoon, November 7, 2014.

Vikingbank follows Federal Satsuki

Like the Satsuki, she will load grain at the Gavilon Elevator, the former Peavey elevator

Federal Satsuki departs with grain

… on October 31, 2014

Algoma Olympic departs at dusk

Ruddy departed Duluth on Oct 15, 2014

For more information about the Ruddy and this visit, go here.

Federal Yukon departs Duluth

The Federal Yukon departed Duluth late afternoon on October 8, 2014 with a cargo of grain loaded at CHS. This was her 9th trip here since she was built in 2000.

Baie St. Paul arrived under Lift Bridge

Baie St. Paul arrived Duluth on October 6, 2014 for her 8th trip here this season. She will load 32,000 tons of coal for Quebec.

Alder and Tregurtha come into Duluth

Late in the afternoon of October 2, 2014, the Coast Guard cutter Alder came in under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. Half an hour later, the Paul R. Tregurtha arrived on her way to Midwest Energy Resources to load coal.

Watch the Clarke leave on October 1, 2014

After discharging a cargo of limestone at the Hallett #5 dock, and fueling at the Calumet Fuel Dock, the Philip R. Clarke departed Duluth for Two Harbors where she will load iron ore pellets.

Join the Callaway as she opens the 2014 season

Take a ride on the Nels J.

Aboard the Whitefish Bay in Duluth

Lynx is 1st Tall Ship in

The Lynx visited Duluth in July, 2011 (above and below), her first trip here. She will return on July 25th, 2013. The Lynx is a re-creation of a Baltimore Clipper that was used in the War of 1812. These ships were known for their swiftness and maneuverability. They were most effective as blockade runners and offensive weapons of war.lynx20110713_4371

Federal Kumano finally departs, in a fog

After more than a month at anchor off the Duluth piers, the Federal Kumano finally came in on May 29th to load durum wheat for Algeria. She finished on the 30th but was stopped from departing by a thick fog. She waited in the inside anchorage until Friday around noon when a short break in the fog appeared.

Where did this come from?

4:45: the Tregurtha called the tug North Carolina in for the day. It appears that all boats will wait until morning when they hope the Alder will be able to open up a wider track.
The Paul R. Tregurtha asked the tug North Carolina to check the ice between the piers. The tug is able to move through it but not easily. (2:38 pm)
2:45: The Tregurtha has asked the North Carolina to check the Superior channel; the Duluth entry does not look promising. The Alder may be called.
2:48: tug is having trouble in the Superior channel also, but still trying
Pictures taken at 1 pm, Friday, April 12, 2013.

Party on the Federal Hunter

The Port Authority organizes a party, usually in early April, when the first salt water vessel comes to town. I went to the welcome the Federal Hunter to the Twin ports party today (April 1, 2013) to show a little of what being on a ship like the Federal Hunter is like. It is about 15 minutes and is a little silly. It is a hand held camera view of the affair.  Go with me as I walk to the top of the ship, go along as i walk from stern to bow. Enjoy the good parts of the ceremonies, including the announcement of the winner of the Visit Duluth first ship contest. And watch us eat some of the delicious food served by the ships ‘Food and beverage’ staff.
federalhunter20130401_8115The Federal Hunter arrived a week earlier than any other salt water ship in recent memory but that did not stop the ship from hosting a party outside (April 1, 2013). You can tell the members of the Indian crew; they are in short sleeves. We locals were still dressed for winter.

Mackinaw breaks ice in Duluth

The US Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw left her moorings at the DECC at 9 am this morning (March 17, 2013) to break ice in the Duluth Superior harbor. She returned to the DECC around 11:30, dropped some folks off, and then went under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on her way to Whitefish Point at the other end of Lake Superior.

Go along with the Alder


On March 13th, 2013, the US Coast Guard cutter Alder made her second ice breaking trip of the new season. She retraced some of the tracks she broke out on Monday and went under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge to open a track to the end of the ice pack, about 5 1/2 miles out.

Alder opens 2013 season