Nancy J. is number 4

September 18, 2014 · 4 comments

Heritage Marine brought their 4th tug, the Nancy J., into Duluth on September 18, 2014, finishing a long trip that started in Texas. DSN ace photographer Holly took these pictures while Heritage Marine owner Mike Ojard filled in our ace reporter with all the details.


The Heloise came in from the anchorage at 6:30 in the evening of July 30, 2014. Right behind her, fishing boats were going home for the day while the tug Kentucky gave an assist to the Heloise as she made her way over to CHS 1 to load grain.


The tug Defiance pushed the barge Ashtabula into the Duluth harbor on Friday, July 18, 2014. She is bringing in coke breeze to discharge at Hallett #8 in Superior. When that is done, she will cross the St. Louis River and load iron nuggets at the Hallett #5 dock in Duluth.


First, the Heritage Marine tug Helen H. broke up the ice to clear a path for the Presque Isle to make another attempt to start her season, going to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. They then circled around to the stern of the large tug barge to make sure there were no problems. Helen H. then returned to her dock in Superior. The Presque Isle was the first large boat to depart the port since the Mesabi Miner left for Taconite Harbor on March 27th.


Take a ride on the Nels J.

January 22, 2014

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Callaway home for the winter

January 15, 2014

Two Heritage Marine tugs helped the Cason J. Callaway tie up at the Port Terminal for the winter this morning (January 15, 2014). Here the Helen H. is clearing ice along the dock. I took the picture from the Nels J., also assisting the Callaway. Earlier (below), Heritage Tug owner Mike Ojard (in the boat, […]

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Good byes all around

January 9, 2014

Launched earlier this year, the Canadian flagged Baie Comeau made 7 trips to the Twin Ports this season, discharging grain on one trip and loading coal 3 times. She departed today (January 9,  2014) with her 3rd cargo of iron ore pellets. Two Heritage Marine tugs, the Helen H. above, and the Nels J. below […]

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American Century gets help from Kentucky

December 27, 2013

She is about to make the turn toward the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on her way out to Lake Superior with a cargo of iron ore pellets loaded at the CN in West Duluth. More on the American Century.

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Icy cold in Duluth

December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013: winter in Duluth began early and hard. Ice and cold have brought the tugs out early to keep traffic moving. This morning, the Arthur M. Anderson received help from the Nels J., below, getting close to the Calumet Fuel Dock at the Port Terminal in Duluth.

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The tug Nels J. approaches the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

December 7, 2013

… on Saturday morning, December 7, 2013.

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Raba arrives with assist from North Dakota

October 6, 2013

The Polish owned and Liberian flagged Raba arrived here on Sunday afternoon, October 6, 2013. On this, her first trip to Duluth Superior, she will be loading grain at CHS in Superior.

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Ryerson moves to a new home in Duluth

September 6, 2013

The Edward L. Ryerson was moved this morning from her berth at Fraser Shipyards by two Heritage Marine tugs, the Nels J. on her stern and the Helen H. on the bow. Below, they are moving under the Blatnik Bridge and out of Howard’s Pocket. At the far right is the John J. Boland, still […]

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Watch tug Wilfred M. Cohen in Duluth

July 27, 2012

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Edwin H. Gott, last to come in for the winter

January 19, 2012

Nice for the boats; winter arrived here within minutes of the Heritage Marine tug Nels J making sure the last boat to come in, the Edwin H. Gott, was secure against the dock at the Port Terminal on Wednesday morning, January 18, 2012. The temperature plunged, down to -31 at my home, and a big […]

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Medemborg arrives for bentonite

October 14, 2011

The Medemborg arrived Duluth on Friday afternoon, October 14, 2011. This is her 10th visit to the Twin Ports since she was built in 1997, her first visit this season. She was here twice last year. She will be loading bentonite on this trip; in past trips, she has loaded beet pulp pellets and other […]

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Heritage Marine buys tug #3

August 11, 2011

Heritage Marine has been working with 2 tugs in the Duluth Superior port, the Nels J. and the Edward H. Mike Ojard has just purchased tug number 3. She will be called the Helen H. See notes from the trip to the Twin Ports below, thanks to crew member Paul von Goertz. The picture above […]

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After 3 weeks at anchor off the Duluth piers…

May 9, 2011

The Nogat finally came into port to load grain on Sunday afternoon, May 8, 2011. Above and below, she is assisted by the tug North Dakota as she made her way to the Duluth Storage (formerly Cargill)

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Munson last boat to arrive for Winter

January 19, 2011

The John G. Munson came into port this morning (January 19, 2011). She is the last of 10 boats that will spend the winter in the Duluth Superior port. She was assisted by the Heritage Marine tug Nels J. The tug is helping the Munson get close to the dock after which the boat will […]

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Ice is nice

December 15, 2010

On Monday, the American Century came into Duluth with a boat load of ice. The salt water ship Orsula can be seen at anchor waiting to come in to load wheat for Italy. On Tuesday she was in and loading wheat at CHS1 in Superior (just below). Ice is the news of the day as […]

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Duluth Storage, formerly Cargill, is now loading the Federal Pioneer

October 15, 2010

She is seen above just after coming under the Lift Bridge, around 1 pm Friday afternoon, October 15, 2010. Above, the tug Kentucky is helping the ship (Federal Pioneer) turn around before backing into the slip at Duluth Storage (formerly Cargill), alongside the grain terminal at the right of the picture.

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Olympic Melody, one of many salt water ships coming to Duluth

September 29, 2010

The Olympic Melody came into the Duluth harbor on September 29th, 2010 with the aid of two Great Lakes Towing tugs, the Kentucky on the stern and the Minnesota, just disappearing around the bow of the ship. She loaded grain at the CHS terminal in Superior.

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The end is near ………

January 9, 2010

At 11:00 this morning (January 9, 2010) the Great Lakes tug North Carolina moved away from her moorings and headed down the harbor to await the arrival of the James R. Barker. The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge is up, awaiting the big 1,000 footer’s arrival. (more coming) The Barker was here to pick up 58,000 […]

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The North Carolina helps the American Integrity

January 5, 2010

The American Integrity came into port this afternoon to go over to Midwest Energy Resources in Superior to get another load of coal. In the background, you see the John G. Munson at her dock at the Port Authority for winter layup. She came in on December 26th. You see the Great Lakes tug North […]

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Heritage Marine gets a second tug

October 27, 2009

Heritage Marine bought a second tug for their fleet. Called the Ares, Heritage Marine owner Mike Ojard brought her to Duluth on Tuesday, October 27. 2009. She had been used as a supply tug for oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Heritage owner Mike Ojard had the tug’s hull reinforced in New Orleans to […]

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Mauthe returns as the Pathfinder

October 22, 2009

The J. L. Mauthe was built at River Rouge, Michigan in 1953. After a long and steady career, she entered layup at Fraser Shipyards in Superior in 1993. On the last day of 1996, she was towed from Fraser to the Bay Shipbuilding Company to be converted into a barge called the Pathfinder. At about […]

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