Winter layup in Duluth

That’s the Roger Blough at the left, the American Century foreground and the American Spirit behind her and to the right. See full layup list here.

Winter Layup 2016-17

American Century Clure Terminal Berth 11 January 3, 2017
American Spirit Clure Terminal Berth 8/9 January 7, 2017
Burns Harbor Enbridge Dock January 9, 2017
Herbert C. Jackson Fraser Shipyards January 10, 2017
Paul R. Tregurtha Midwest Energy January 10, 2017
Philip R. Clarke Clure Terminal Berth 1 Sunday, Jan 15 (5:55am)
Arthur M. Anderson CN Dock (east side of 6) Sunday, Jan 15 (12:17pm)
Lee A. Tregurtha Fraser Shipyards Monday, Jan 16 (1:43pm)
Roger Blough Clure Terminal Berth 4 Sunday, Jan 16 (5:53am)

Duluth Layup, 2003-04

Munson last boat of the season

The John G. Munson closed the 2014 shipping season for the port of Duluth Superior when she arrived under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge at 9:28 on the morning of January 20, 2015. The tug Nels J. made a trip through the Duluth harbor just before she arrived. Below, the Munson is about ready to turn the corner to the Blatnik Bridge and her winter layup home at Fraser Shipyard. The Nels J. was staying close by but the Munson seemed to have an easy time moving through the ice in the harbor.

Mesabi Miner in for winter

The Mesabi Miner came in on Monday morning, January 19, 2015 after discharging her last cargo of coal at Presque Isle in Marquette. After stopping for fuel, she began to move over to Midwest Energy Resources to spend the winter. She had a tug assist from a Great Lakes Towing tug, seen here (just barely) moving around her stern at left.

American Integrity in for winter layup

The American Integrity was the first of 6 vessels coming here for winter layup. She arrived this morning, January 7, 2015 around 11:30.

Winter layup, Duluth Superior, January, 2015

Location Vessel Arrival Date Carrier
Port Terminal Berth 1 Edwin H. Gott Canceled for Twin Ports GLF/ Key Lakes
Port Terminal Berth 6 American Integrity 1/7/2015 American Steamship
Midwest Energy Mesabi Miner 1/19/2015 Interlake Steamship
Fraser Shipyards Kaye E. Barker 1/12/2015 Interlake Steamship
Fraser Shipyards John G. Munson due 1/20/2015 GLF/ Key Lakes
Enbridge Dock Indiana Harbor 1/17/2015 American Steamship

American Spirit first in for layup

The American Spirit arrived Duluth around 11 am, January 2, 2014 for winter layup. She is the first of 8 boats arriving in the next couple weeks to spend the winter in the port.

The Munson is almost home

johngmunson20130124_7597The John G. Munson arrived off the Duluth piers early this morning (January 24, 2013) and dropped her anchor. Her expected arrival date has changed several times over the last weeks and again over the last several days. Ice and cold weather have added some complications to a mid-January cargo run inside the Soo Locks. I hear there are two issues at the moment that make Friday a better day to come in. The Alder, our Coast Guard cutter responsible for maintaining the shipping channels within the harbor, is expected back here on Friday and with her, a heat wave is also expected; it may get up to 19 degrees! That won’t change the ice conditions much but it will make working on the deck of the Munson, and the Heritage Marine tugs that will help her, a lot easier. (The Alder has it a little easier; unlike the Sundew, the Alder has an enclosed, and warm, pilot house.)

Roger Blough comes home for the winter

rogerblough20130116_7562The Roger Blough came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge (right) at 11:52 this morning (January 16, 2013). She then moved over to the Port Terminal dock (below) before going to Fraser Shipyards for winter layup. Last year, she stayed at the Port Terminal for winter layup. In between winter vacations, she was here for cargo only 8 times this past season, only 6 times the year before.

Coming home for the winter

The John J. Boland was greeted by a cold but hearty group when she came in for winter layup on Saturday afternoon, January 12, 2013 (temperature was 17 degrees F with the wind at 16 mph). Just below, the American Century came in at 7:56, Friday night, January 11, 2013. By Saturday morning she was tied up at the Port Terminal (just below). Below that, the Mesabi Miner is seen at her winter resting spot at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior on Saturday. She arrived on January 8th.

Winter Layup, Duluth Superior, 2013

Vessel Location Arrived Notes
 Mesabi Miner Midwest Energy Resources  January 8, 2013  Made 40 trips to Twin Ports this season
 American Century  Port Terminal  January 11, 2013   She made 31 trips to the Twin Ports this season
 American Spirit  Elevator M  January 12, 2013   She made 8 trips to Twin Ports this season
 John J. Boland  Fraser Shipyards  January 12, 2013   She made 6 trips here this season
 John G. Munson  Fraser Shipyards  January 25, 2013  Made 21 trips to the Twin Ports this season
 Roger Blough  Fraser Shipyards  January 16, 2013  Made 8 trips here this season
 Indiana Harbor  Enbridge Dock  January 11, 2013   Made 31 trips here this season

Mesabi Miner first in for winter layup

20120316_0486The Mesabi Miner came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge last night (January 8, 2013) at 11:51. She is the first boat to arrive for winter layup. Before taking her place at the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock for the winter, she stopped off at the Holcim Dock in Duluth for some minor repairs. (Above and below; note the red crane in picture above.)  She also stopped at Holcim for minor repairs last March (picture at right) before becoming the first departure of the new season.

Roger Blough leaves Duluth with iron ore pellets for Conneaut.

The Roger Blough departed the port of Duluth Minnesota on Saturday, March 24th, 2012 with iron ore pellets for Conneaut, Ohio. She passed by the Canadian flagged Michipicoten on her way out to Lake Superior. She arrived in port for winter layup on January 14th.

American Spirit leaves winter layup

She battled a thick fog but the American Sprit had no trouble getting through the Duluth Harbor, under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge and out to Lake Superior on her way to load iron ore pellets in Two Harbors

Mesabi Miner leaving? Later today, probably

After loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources on Thursday, the Mesabi Miner moved over to the Holcim Cement Dock (formerly St. Lawrence Cement) for maintenance work on the self unloading boom. She is expected to depart later today (March 16, 3012) for Marquette, Michigan. The picture above was taken this morning at 7:11; below 18 minutes earlier.

Mesabi Miner had ice in 2008

Go here for latest information:

Boland, Munson in Duluth Superior Port for winter layup

The John J. Boland and the John G. Munson in winter layup at Fraser Shipyards on Superior. The Boland arrived on January 5th, 2012; the Munson on January 16th. Both are expected out for the new season; perhaps in late March, or April.

Edwin H. Gott at Port Terminal for winter layup

The Edwin H. Gott was the last freighter to come home for winter layup, coming under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge at 7:45 am on January 18, 2012

Mesabi Miner at Midwest Energy for layup

There are 11 Great Lakes freighters in Duluth Superior this winter. Three have been here for extended layup, 8 came in January and are expected to depart sometime in March or April for the upcoming season. The first to leave will most likely be the Mesabi Miner, seen here at winter layup at Midwest Energy Resources on February 13th. Typically, the boat at Midwest Energy will load coal for a Lake Superior port, perhaps twice before the Soo Locks open, usually on March 25, when the full Great Lakes shipping season begins. Typically, the Mesabi Miner will leave around March 15; check here for updates.

American Century here for winter layup

The American Century (formerly the Columbia Star) came into port for winter layup on January 10th, 2012. She is at Elevator M in Superior.  As always, she was a frequent visitor to the Twin Ports, making 35 visits last year, one less than the year before.

McCarthy at Ogdensburg Pier in Superior

The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. arrived in Duluth on January 12, 2012 for winter layup at the  Ogdensburg Pier of Enbridge Energy in Superior.  It was only her 13th visit to the Twin Ports this season; in past years, she was here 30 to 40 times a year to load coal, usually for Detroit Edison. This past year has seen her loading iron ore pellets in Two Harbors to take to Gary, and in Silver Bay to take to the Cleveland Bulk Terminal. She also made trips to Zug Island, Indiana Harbor and Conneaut.

Mesabi Miner here for the winter

The Edwin H. Gott will be the last boat to come in for winter layup. This morning (January 17, 2012), the Mesabi Miner (above) arrived here after delivering her last cargo of the season in Taconite Harbor. She will spend the winter at the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior. That will make it real convenient to start the 2012 season in only two more months. She will likely load more coal for a port within Lake Superior, before the Soo Locks open (usually around March 25th). The Miner may get two  coal deliveries done by then. See video below.

American Spirit arrives Duluth for winter

It took her 50 minutes to go from the Duluth piers to her berth at the Port Terminal. Watch 17 minutes of that trip here; not overly exciting, a little slow but what do you expect from 1,000 feet of Great Lakes freighter at the end of a long season.

The American Spirit arrived in the Duluth ship canal about 10:30 on Saturday morning, January 7, 2012, for winter layup. Below, about a half hour later, she is moving into the berth at Garfield C.
Listen to the American Spirit whistle as she came in:


Boland in for winter layup

This is the 6th time the John J. Boland has come under the Lift Bridge this season. On her 5 previous visits this year, all after September 20, she usually brought limestone in and loaded coal for her departing cargo. On her September 20th trip here, she discharged limestone and then went to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. She came in this morning (January 5, 2012) for  winter layup, the first of 8 vessels scheduled to arrive here in the next two weeks for winter layup. She will be at Fraser Shipyards. Two other vessels, the American Victory and the Edward L. Ryerson, are already at Fraser on extended layup.

Duluth Superior winter layup: 2011-12

Port Terminal Berth 1 Edwin H. Gott 1/18/12
GLF/ Key Lakes
Port Terminal Berth 4 Roger Blough 1/14/12
GLF/ Key Lakes
Garfield Berth C American Spirit 1/7/12 American Steamship Co.
Midwest Energy Mesabi Miner 1/17/12  Interlake Steamship
Fraser Shipyards Edward L. Ryerson 5/18/09
Central Marine Logistics
Fraser Shipyards American Victory 11/12/08 American Steamship Co.
Fraser Shipyards John J. Boland 1/5/12 American Steamship Co.
Fraser Shipyards John G. Munson 1/17/12 GLF/ Key Lakes.
Enbridge Dock Walter J. McCarthy 1/12/12
American Steamship Co.
Elevator M American Century 1/10/12
American Steamship Co.

The J. A. W. Iglehart never goes away

The J. A. W. Iglehart is a very old and beautiful boat that sits in long term layup in Duluth. With regular traffic in short term winter layup, I thought I would add some pictures and information to her page on my web site; she has not moved no matter the season for several years. Go here and click her name in the list of vessels on the page. You can also click on her name in the list to the right on this page. Check the caption to the picture above for more information about it.

News notes for January, 2011 …

… as of Wednesday, January 17, 2011
Winter layup in Duluth
The Adam E. Cornelius, American Victory and Edward L. Ryerson have been in port for an extended layup. The H. Lee White arrived in port for winter layup on January 4th, 2011. The American Spirit arrived here for layup on January 12, 2011 and the Roger Blough arrived on January 14th. Both the American Century and the James R. Barker came in on the morning of January 17, 2010; the American Integrity arrived on January 18th. The John G. Munson arrived on Wednesday morning  January 19, and is the last arrival for layup for the winter. Weather will not allow the American Mariner to be as originally expected. You can check the schedule page at for up-to-date information.
Soo Locks According to the Cheboygan Daily Tribune, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has granted a request from the Lake Carriers’ Association to extend the closing date of the Soo Locks for three days. The Poe Lock will officially close for the season on Tuesday, January 18th so that low inventories of iron ore pellets could be replenished to meet the wintertime needs of industry. The locks traditionally close on January 15th each year.
bridgepainting20100224_1581Bridge painting The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge will close at 6 am on Friday, January 14 so that the south tower can be painted (the North tower was painted last winter. See picture at left). That means all traffic after the 14th and until the end of the season (defined as the time that the last boat arrives in port) will use the Superior entry to access the port. It is anticipated that the bridge will reopen for traffic at 10am on March 14th. Watch paint dry!! You can still watch the paint dry, or at least watch the tent that covers the bridge paint while it dries, at our live 24/7 web cam at I may find something even more interesting that paint drying before the winter is over!

H. Lee White, first winter layup boat …

… arrived on January 4, 2010. She (H. Lee White) is the first of an expected 11 boats that will be in the Twin Ports for winter layup this year. She went straight to Fraser Shipyards where she will spend the layup. (picture courtesy of Mary George)

Lay up list, Duluth Superior, 2009-2010; updated 1/14/10

Vessel Location Carrier Arrival Date
Roger Blough Port Terminal Berth 1/2 GLF/Key Lakes departed January 14 at 1:45 pm; will not return to the Twin Ports for winter layup.
John G. Munson Port Terminal Berth 4 GLF/Key Lakes Arrived: Dec 27, 2009 at 1:23 pm
American Century Berth C American Steamship Co. Arrived: Jan 10, 2010 at 6:06 pm
American Integrity Berth D American Steamship Co. Arrived January 13, 2010 at 4:22 pm
James R. Barker Midwest Energy Interlake Steamship Arrived: Jan 12, 2010 at 1 pm
Edward L. Ryerson Fraser Shipyards Central Marine Logistics May 18, 2009
American Victory Fraser Shipyards American Steamship Co. Nov 12, 2008
Kaye E. Barker Fraser Shipyards Interlake Steamship Jan 05, 2009
St. Clair Fraser Shipyards American Steamship Co. Dec 27, 2008
Adam E. Cornelius Fraser Shipyards American Steamship Co. Arrived: Jan 6, 2010 at 1:31 pm
Indiana Harbor Enbridge Dock American Steamship Co. Arrived January 15, 2010 at 5:17 pm
Walter J. McCarthy Elevator M American Steamship Co. Arrived January 14, 2010 around 6 pm
American Mariner Fraser Shipyards American Steamship Co Jan 12, 2010 at 10:35

… information courtesy of Duluth Seaway Port Authority

Ryerson arrives Twin Ports for layup

On Monday, the list of boats in the harbor for layup added one and then lost another. The Edward L. Ryerson came in for layup (above) just before noon on Monday. This reflects the bad economy especially within the steel industry. The Edgar B. Speer came into port on April 27th and has been at the Hallett # 5 dock for temporary layup including bow thruster repairs. It moved over to the BN dock to load iron ore pellets on Monday evening. Photo taken on May 18, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 05-19-2009

Kaye E. & Lee A. close friends for winter

As of Tuesday evening, the Edwin H. Gott and the Edgar B. Speer were slowly making their way through the ice together, still below the Soo but making progress. They were not using any tug or Coast Guard assist but that could change as they head into the St. Mary’s River. The Canadian cutter Samuel Risley is ahead of them in the river, a good sign since the Risley is a very good ice breaker. Meanwhile, back in the Twin Ports, ten of the 12 winter layup boats are in port. The Gott and the Speer will be the last traffic under the bridge for this season. Above the Kaye E. Barker and the Lee A. Tregurtha are safely in port over at Fraser Shipyards in Superior. Photo taken on January 13, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-14-2009

Fraser Shipyards, winter layup 1964-65

When the Mesabi Miner comes through the Superior entry late Sunday or early Monday morning, it will be the last of 12 boats that will spend the winter lay up here. It, like 4 of the other boats, is over 1,000 feet long. Back in the winter of 1964-65, boats were a lot smaller and there were many more of them. The picture above, taken of Fraser Shipyards that winter, shows 14 boats in winter lay up. The boats are: Edmund Fitzgerald (the top boat of the 4 at lower left), Thomas W. Lamont, A. T. Lawson, Charles M. Schwab, Viking (car ferry), Clarence B. Randall, International, Reserve, William H. Donner, Thomas E. Millsop, A. E. Nettleton, Irving S. Olds, D. M. Clemson, Enders M. Voorhees. The picture and names are courtesy of Wesley Harkins.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-19-2008

Ryerson here for winter layup

The Edward L. Ryerson came under the Lift Bridge late Monday afternoon (above) for winter layup. It is the first of an anticipated 12 boats that will spend the winter in the Twin Ports. It almost became the first boat in December, but at the last moment, more work was found for the boat. It has been a very busy season and still is. Shippers are getting their last trips in and it could be a week before more boats arrive for the winter. Photo taken on January 07, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-08-2008

Black and white Munson

After a winter lay up in dry dock at Fraser Shipyards in Superior, the John G. Munson was over at the Murphy Fuel Dock last evening, getting fuel before moving over to the CN Dock in West Duluth to load taconite for Conneaut. The boat will probably be gone by the time the sun comes up so we will have to wait for the next trip to see the newly painted red hull with a gray and a black bow stripe. A black and white version of the boat’s paint job is above, taken at Fraser Shipyards on March 9th. After a long lineup at Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior over the last couple days, no coal will be loaded there today. The CN dock, across the St. Louis River from Midwest, will be sending out two boats today with taconite for the lower lakes. Photo taken on March 09, 2007.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-30-2007

Mesabi Miner here for winter layup soon

The Mesabi Miner was the last cargo vessel to depart the Twin Ports this season, leaving early afternoon on Tuesday (above) with the last coal to be loaded from the dock at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. Today the boat should be the last cargo vessel to arrive in the Twin Ports this season, coming back from the short trip to Marquette. After taking on some fuel at the Murphy Fuel dock, the Mesabi Miner will return to Midwest Energy, this time to spend the next couple months in winter lay up. If past history is a guide, the Mesabi Miner will be the first vessel to depart the Twin Ports in the new season, sometime in early March. It would also be the first one to arrive, again making the short haul to Marquette and back, available late this season and also early next season since it is on Lake Superior, this side of the Soo Locks which are now closed.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-19-2007

Gott gets Garfield berth

The Edwin H. Gott came under the Lift Bridge on Sunday morning at 2:25. Later that morning, crew members had secured the boat at Garfield berth C (above) for winter lay up. The Stewart J. Cort came in at 6:54 Sunday morning and is now secured at Port Terminal berth 7. The next boat to arrive in the Twin Ports will be the Mesabi Miner, coming back on Tuesday from discharging a load of coal at Marquette. The Miner may take one more load before returning to spend the winter at the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-15-2007

Roger Blough here for winter layup

The Roger Blough, as it does most winters, will be coming to Duluth for winter lay up. It only came here for cargo 4 times this season, each time loading taconite. Above, the Blough spent last winter at the Port Terminal. The picture was taken on March 17th, 2006. It departed Duluth 5 days later to begin the season.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-12-2007

Cason J. Callaway here for winter layup

More boats were expected in port for winter layup last night and today. But two boats will be here today to load coal. Three more loads of coal are scheduled to leave Midwest Energy Resources in Superior before the Mesabi Miner returns to port to spend the winter lay up there next week. The Cason J. Callaway is due here today for winter layup. Above, it is entering the Duluth ship canal for winter layup on January 24, 2004.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-11-2007

American Spirit here for winter layup

The American Spirit was expected to arrive here earlier this morning for its 31st and last trip of the season. It loaded taconite on all the previous trips this year. Today, it will go into winter lay up at the Port Terminal. It is the second of 11 boats expected to spend the winter in the port. Above, the American Spirit turns into the Duluth harbor in October, 2006.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-09-2007

Reserve coming to winter 05-06 layup

The Reserve should be here today to discharge a load of limestone before heading over to Silver Bay to load taconite. It came in for winter lay up on January 12th of this year (the last shipping season) (above) and in early March, it was sold by Oglebay Norton to K&K Warehousing, Inc. of Menominee, Michigan for $4 million. This will be the 13th trip here for the Reserve this season. That is about the number of trips it has made here for the last several seasons.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-21-2006

McCarthy to end winter layup

The Arthur M. Anderson has been waiting at the Soo Locks for several days, so it was probably the first boat to go through into Lake Superior early this morning. The Anderson is going to Two Harbors, leaving the Paul R. Tregurtha and the Columbia Star to fight it out for first boat through the Soo and into the Twin Ports. They should both follow the Anderson. It appears now that the Tregurtha will arrive here first, very early Sunday morning. Above, the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. , at winter layup. It should have departed from there early this morning, going to Two Harbors to load taconite.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-25-2006

Beeghly at Fraser

Eleven boats spent the winter in Duluth Superior. Six of them, including the Charles M. Beeghly, seen above in February at the Fraser Shipyard in Duluth, will be departing Duluth today, beginning their, and our, shipping season. The first Canadian boat of the season, the CSL Laurentien should also be here today. It will be the first boat to load taconite at the Burlington Northern dock in Superior. All of this activity starts today because the Soo Locks will open one minute after midnight on Saturday morning. For the same reason, we will be welcoming the first boats from beyond the Soo early Sunday morning. It looks to be a race between the Paul R. Tregurtha and the Columbia Star, two thousand footers that make many trips to the Twin Ports each year.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-23-2006

American Mariner prop inspection

When the James R. Barker leaves sometime today with its second load of coal for Presque Isle, Michigan, there will still be 10 boats at their winter layup berths in Duluth Superior. One of them is the American Mariner, above. It was in dry dock at the Fraser Shipyard in Superior, allowing workers to check on the boat’s prop and rudder.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 03-17-2006

Charles M. Beeghly

There is not much traffic left for this shipping season. The Roger Blough and the Edgar B. Speer were expected here late last night. The Charles M. Beeghly and Edwin H. Gott should be the 9th and 10th winter lay-up arrivals today. The James R. Barker left yesterday afternoon with coal for Marquette. It is expected back on Tuesday morning, the 11th and last arrival for winter lay-up and the last traffic of the season. There should be no traffic on Monday. Above, the Charles M. Beeghly departing Duluth last April.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-15-2006

Speer brings ice, gets welcome

Three boats, the Philip R. Clarke, the Edgar Speer, and the Roger Blough are expected in port today for winter lay-up. All three are owned by our home town shipping company, Great Lakes Fleet. The James R. Barker is due back here today from Taconite Harbor to get one more load of coal at Midwest Energy Resources, this time taking it to Marquette, Michigan. It will then return here to spend the winter. Above, the Speer coming in for lay-up last January.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-14-2006

McCarthy and Duluth South Pier Light

Yesterday, the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. and the Indiana Harbor both came into port for winter layup. Along with the Earl W. Oglebay, that means three of the eleven boats expected to spend the winter here will be in port. The Paul R. Tregurtha, at 1,013.5 foot long, will be here for the 57th and last time this season. As usual, it will load coal for Detroit Edison and then head for Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin to lay up for the winter. Above, the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. arriving yesterday.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-11-2006

Reserve winter layup

The Reserve spent the winter here (above) but has only come back 6 times. Today, it will be here to discharge limestone on its 7th trip. But it has been busy. Beside the Twin Ports, the Reserve has visited Calcite, Ashtabula, Alpena, Cleveland, Lorain, Two Harbors, Ontonogon, Munising, Silver Bay, Gary, Indiana Harbor, Marquette and Toledo. On most of those trips, it has carried limestone or taconite. Photo taken February 15, 2005.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 11-14-2005

Barker will load last coal of season

The James R. Barker came under the Lift Bridge (above) on Monday morning at 7:39. With help from local tugs and the Coast Guard cutter Alder, it went to the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior to load coal for Marquette, Michigan. Weather will delay loading until sometime this morning. A departure this evening is planned if all goes well. The Barker will return to the same dock later this week for winter lay-up.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-18-2005

Anderson in the 2003 ice

Above, the Arthur M. Anderson was caught in a harbor full of ice on April 5th, 2003 as it was trying to depart the Duluth entry. With ice-breaking help from the Sundew, it was able to depart the Superior entry about 8 hours later. The Anderson comes in today for winter layup with better possibilities for movement, despite the very cold weather.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-15-2005