Lee A. Tregurtha

The Lee A. Tregurtha should be here today for the first time this season. Built in 1942 as a tanker, it made many refueling runs across the Atlantic during World War ll. It is named for the wife of the vice chairman of Interlake Steamship Company. The Paul R. Tregurtha, the largest boat on the Great Lakes, was named for her husband. The boat's whistle is a two tone steam … [Read more...]

John B. Aird departs Duluth

The John B. Aird has been here 35 times since 1996, but only twice last year. This is the first trip to the Twin Ports for the Aird this season. It was built in 1983 from two sections. The stern was built at Collingwood and the bow in Thunder Bay, both in Ontario. Final assembly occurred at the Port Arthur Shipyard in Thunder Bay. Photo taken September 23, 2001. *submitted … [Read more...]

John J. Boland

The John J. Boland will be here today for the 8th time this season. On this trip, it will be loading taconite at the DM&IR Dock in West Duluth. It started life in 1973 as the Charles E. Wilson but became the Boland when American Steamship Company sold another boat called the John C. Boland to Lower Lakes Towing a couple years ago. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune … [Read more...]

Speer in icy harbor

The Edgar B. Speer will be here to load taconite at the Burlington Northern Dock in Superior. It will likely come in the Duluth entry to get fuel before moving down the Superior channel to the BN Dock. Photo taken March 23, 2003. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-28-2004 … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport arrives under Aerial Lift Bridge

The Canadian Transport was built in 1979, the same year additional width was allowed for vessels transiting the Welland Canal. Ten inches was added to the previous maximum width of 75 feet, providing 31,800 more cubic feet of cargo space. This is the 20th trip the Canadian Transport has made to the Twin Ports this season. It is loading about 30,000 tons of coal for Ontario … [Read more...]

American Spirit

The American Spirit loaded taconite at Burlington Northern on December 18th for Gary, Indiana. It came back to Superior early Christmas morning to load taconite for Zug Island, Michigan. Last year, this boat was called the George A. Stinson but it is about to complete its first full year as the American Spirit. Photo taken September 29, 2004. *submitted to the Duluth News … [Read more...]

Beeghly enters Duluth ship canal

The Charles M. Beeghly will be here today for the 6th time this season. It is very similar to the John Sherwin, a boat that was taken out of service in 1981. The Sherwin is still out, sitting at a berth in Superior. In the same year, the Beeghly was converted to a self unloader and remains a working boat on the Great Lakes, although it too was out of service from 1981 until … [Read more...]

Paul R. welcomed even in cold

The Paul R. Tregurtha will follow the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. in loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. Both boats will load 61,000 tons for Detroit Edison. The McCarthy will discharge half its cargo at the St. Clair power plant, and half at the Monroe plant. The Tregurtha will discharge all 61,000 tons of coal at the St. Clair power plant. Detroit should have a … [Read more...]

Blough takes taconite

The Roger Blough came under the Lift Bridge early last night and went to the Murphy Fuel Dock in Duluth for fuel. It was then expected to move over to the Burlington Northern Dock in Superior to load taconite for Gary, Indiana. This is the 13th trip here for the Blough this season and the 5th time it has gone to Burlington Northern to load taconite. The other trips were to the … [Read more...]

McCarthy needs repair

Last night , workers were still trying to remove a piece of the Walter J. McCarthy Jr.'s self unloading boom so they can investigate and repair a leak in the assembly. That work will be done off site. Port Authority gantry cranes are holding it in place until the still attached piece can be freed from its connection and lifted out. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for … [Read more...]

Middletown in Twin Ports for taconite

The Middletown was here on November 24th to load taconite at the DM&IR Dock in West Duluth. It will be here today to do the same thing. It was built in 1942 and saw duty in both the Atlantic and the Pacific during World War 2 as a tanker. It was hit by a Japanese bomb in 1944. Since then, it has been renamed several times, rebuilt and lengthened. *submitted to the … [Read more...]