Boland, Munson in Duluth Superior Port for winter layup

The John J. Boland and the John G. Munson in winter layup at Fraser Shipyards on Superior. The Boland arrived on January 5th, 2012; the Munson on January 16th. Both are expected out for the new season; perhaps in late March, or April.

H. Lee White, first winter layup boat …

… arrived on January 4, 2010. She (H. Lee White) is the first of an expected 11 boats that will be in the Twin Ports for winter layup this year. She went straight to Fraser Shipyards where she will spend the layup. (picture courtesy of Mary George)

Big news at Fraser Shipyards

Fraser Shipyards President and COO Jim Korthals today (February 16, 2010) had two big projects to talk about. He first detailed the specifics of the work that will be done at Fraser using a $2 million grant Wisconsin Congressman David Obey helped get for the shipyard. In the picture, he (Korthals, right) is pointing out areas in the shipyard where over 420 feet of sheet piling, or dock wall spacing, will be repaired with the money. That is a project that will begin as soon as the funding arrives. Congressman Obey is on the left.
Already in full gear is the addition of Lake Assault Boats to the Fraser family. Purchased by Fraser two months ago, the company was moved to the shipyard, along with their 58 customers in 13 states. With this addition, Fraser now builds patrol, fire and rescue boats, as well as hunting and fishing boats, the first boats the company built. Several of them were on display at Fraser today. Members of the Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade were there to show off their recent purchase of Lake Assault boat. The picture below tells the story.

Mackinaw comes out of dry dock, departs under the Lift Bridge

The Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw left Fraser Shipyards today (June 16, 2009), seen above going by the H. Lee White on her way to the Lift Bridge. This at 11:30 this morning. She is still in the area off the piers, checking out the repaired Azipods; not sure they will leave if everything is ok, or whether they will come back in. (Note at 4:00; after moving around just outside the Duluth piers, she has gone out into the lake, on her way, I presume, to her next job.

Mackinaw about to get out of dry dock


The US Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw arrived here on June 9th to get repair work done on their  2 Azipod thruster engines mounted on pods at the stern of the ship. The propulsion units are below water, so the Mackinaw went into the dry dock at Fraser Shipyards in Superior. They expect to come out on Friday June 12, 2009) and may move to a dock at the Port Terminal on Saturday for further inspection before heading back to work, possibly early next week. In the photos here, taken on Wednesday, workers, many here from Finland where the Azipods were developed, are completing their work. Both Azipods can be rotated 360 degrees, providing great maneuverability. She goes backward as easily as it goes forward.


Kaye E. & Lee A. close friends for winter

As of Tuesday evening, the Edwin H. Gott and the Edgar B. Speer were slowly making their way through the ice together, still below the Soo but making progress. They were not using any tug or Coast Guard assist but that could change as they head into the St. Mary’s River. The Canadian cutter Samuel Risley is ahead of them in the river, a good sign since the Risley is a very good ice breaker. Meanwhile, back in the Twin Ports, ten of the 12 winter layup boats are in port. The Gott and the Speer will be the last traffic under the bridge for this season. Above the Kaye E. Barker and the Lee A. Tregurtha are safely in port over at Fraser Shipyards in Superior. Photo taken on January 13, 2009
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 01-14-2009

Kaye E. Barker gets repairs at Fraser Shipyards

There may be only 2 boats under the Lift Bridge today, each one making its first visit to the Twin Ports this season. The Canadian Olympic will be here to load coal for Nanticoke, while the Presque Isle will be loading taconite for Gary. The Presque Isle was delayed for a while by weather at the other end of Lake Superior. The Kaye E. Barker spent the winter at Fraser Shipyard, with attention paid to her boilers. One of them exploded last year. It should have loaded coal and departed last night. It is the last to leave of the 11 boats that spent the winter in the Twin Ports. Above, it is just behind the Vista Star in a picture taken March 9th. The Star spent the winter at Fraser also.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 4/6/2007