New dock groundbreaking set for May 27, 2015

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, the Duluth Seaway Port Authority will host a groundbreaking ceremony for the Port of Duluth Intermodal Project which will feature a complete rebuild of docks C & D. The area has been cleaned up over the last 20 years and today, it is ready to go (just below). (all photos courtesy Duluth Seaway Port Authority)
 Dock-C D_5-5-15c
Below, a Port Authority graphic outlines the improvements to be made. At the upper left, you see the gantry cranes in operation as they have since they were built in 1959, the year the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway opened the port of Duluth to the rest of the world.
And speaking of 1959, the picture below shows the same area as it looked in 1959. Notice more ships in port than we usually see but much smaller ships.
Dock-C D,-1959cc
One of the first jobs in clearing away the old for the new was the demolition of the exiting structures, no longer in use. That was in 1997.
Dock-C D,-Nov-1998
Below, as she looked a few years ago. Notice the area that will be developed  was used as a holding area for cargo shipped to Duluth by boat but not yet  delivered, by truck, to the customer. Most of the cargo in the lay down area were wind turbine parts.
Dock-C D_Pano

Bringing fish in; getting coal to take out

Fishing boat passes behind Mesabi Miner as Miner enters Duluth harbor
The Mesabi Miner made a surprise visit to the Twin Ports today (July 26, 2011), first for fuel and then over to Midwest Energy to load coal. The fishing boat Opti 1 came in at the same time, hopefully with a cargo of fish.

Big news–no fog-see boats

The Frontenac (center) came under the Lift Bridge at 6:41 this morning (June 23, 2011) and went to the Murphy Fuel Dock to get fuel. The American Integrity (right) came under the Lift Bridge an hour and 6 minutes later. She was waiting for the Frontenac to complete before getting  fuel  herself and then going to the CN dock to load iron ore pellets. The Integrity slowed down, almost to the stop  just after moving around the turning buoy. The Mesabi Miner (left) was approaching the Lift Bridge, noticed the Integrity sitting there and called  up to determine where the two boats should be after the Miner arrived in the harbor. The Integrity gave her a choice, the Miner said, ok, how about you move over behind the Frontenac and I will pass on the left on my way to Midwest Energy Resources to load coal. And that is how the above picture came into be.

Federal Yukon here to load grain for Italy

The Federal Yukon arrived off the Duluth piers Saturday night, June 4th, 2011 and dropped anchor to wait for morning before coming in. At 7 Sunday morning, she came under the Lift Bridge and was escorted to her dock at CHS in Superior by 2 Great Lakes Towing tugs (above). This is her 8th trip to the Twin Ports since she was built in 2000. She is loading a cargo of wheat for Italy, a country often visited by ships that load wheat here. And yes, the kind of wheat they load here is used to make Italian pasta there.
In July, 2006, she was only the second foreign flagged vessel to load iron ore pellets at the BN dock in Superior. She delivered the pellets to a Mittal Steel plant in Algeria. Mittal also has a financial interest in Hibbing Taconite up on the Iron Range, the source for the pellets.

Two sister ships from Greece pass each other in Duluth

Olympic Miracle passes the Olympic Melody in the Duluth harbor
The Olympic Melody departed Duluth just as her sister ship Olympic Miracle was arriving. Both loaded grain at CHS 1 in Superior so the Miracle was indeed taking over for the Melody

Watching the dredge

The Duluth ship canal is officially a ship channel, meaning it is maintained at a depth of around 30 feet at all times so that large 1,000 footers and ocean going ships can move safely thru the channel on their way in and out of Duluth. To maintain that depth, the channel has to be periodically dredged since wave action and propeller blades can build up silt, especially around the edges of the channel. Marine Tech moved their dredge out to the South Pier today, just beside the South Pier light, to work on some of the edges of the channel. They will be there for about 3 weeks providing another sight for visitors to look at and for today, something for the crew aboard the Tuscarora to watch while they wait at anchor to come into port to load grain.

A visit from the Calumet is …

… always appreciated, and so she was as she came into the Duluth harbor early Sunday morning, July 18, 2010.

The American Century came under the Lift Bridge on Wednesday afternoon, September 30, 2009 and was preparing to drop anchor in the inner anchorage …

tregurthacentury20090930_3264 … ‘… to wait for the Paul R. Tregurtha to back up into the St. Louis River, dock at Midwest Energy Resources, load about 62,000 tons of coal, and then depart the Twin Ports. The American Century probably went up into the St. Louis River in early morning to get just behind the Tregurtha so she can move right in when the Paul R. departs. Time is money!

WDSE toured the Clelia II on Saturday while I followed behind. You can see it on Venture North on November 12th at 8 pm

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20090829_2186Clelia tour manager Nina Padden gets ready to lead the tour with Videographer Judy Morrissey behind the camera and Writer producer Greg Grell out of sight on the right.  That was not the first time I followed Judy around. Back in April, 1996, I was behind her trying to stay out of the way as she was getting video for the WDSE  award-winning documentary, Working Waterfront: A Harbor Portrait. In the picture at the left, we are judywdseapproaching the Federal Fraser at anchor off the Duluth piers, ready to go up the gangway so the WDSE crew could record the Fraser coming under the Lift Bridge. I am proud to say that I was able to get in front of Judy going up the gangway and it paid off. I made the final cut, there is at least 3 seconds of me climbing up the gangway. Just below is a picture i took of the ‘rest of you’ way down on the ground from way up in the pilot house of the of the Federal Fraser (now the Spruceglen).

Algowood brings salt, takes iron ore pellets

The Algowood was in on Tuesday to discharge a cargo of salt at the North American Salt Company dock in Duluth (above). She then moved over to the CN dock to load iron ore pellets.

Vlieborg undamaged

The Vlieborg is in the inner harbor, at anchor, after its collision with the north pier of the ship canal on Wednesday afternoon. It appears that the ship has suffered no structural damage. If several additional inspections reveal no damage, the ship may depart Duluth sometime later today for Europe with its cargo of beet pulp pellets.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 08-26-2005

Speer in icy harbor

The Edgar B. Speer will be here to load taconite at the Burlington Northern Dock in Superior. It will likely come in the Duluth entry to get fuel before moving down the Superior channel to the BN Dock. Photo taken March 23, 2003.
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-28-2004