Is that water out there??

Taken on March 2, 2015

Not too many boats, but 4 horses

The Duluth Police Mounted Patrol is back in business and out on patrol. Here they are working the sidewalk in front of the World Headquarters of the Duluth Shipping News, next to the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.

A balloon, a boat and a bridge

The Isadora is at anchor waiting to come in to load grain at CHS. The bridge is the bridge. And the balloon may or may not rise to the occasion.

Dewey’s Dumpster Delight

Bob Hom, formerly second in command at the DECC, recently retired, but Hom does not know the meaning of the word. When he isn’t out working on the crew of a Heritage tug , he is a builder of boats. His brother Dewey found this boat in a dumpster. Where some people see garbage, Bob sees another boat. He cleaned, sanded, filled and painted it to look like new, as you see above. I wrote an article about Bob and his boat building skills in the Winter 2011-12 issue of the Port Authority quarterly, North Star Port, which you can read here.  (page 5)  Thanks to Captain Tom Mackay (Ret.) for alerting me to this and taking the picture.

Bridge from web cam in window


Fishing OK, walking around not so much

It was a good day for fishing in Duluth on Sunday, August 26, 2012. Not so walkparkinglot20120826_5365good if you wanted to walk by the fishing boats or get from the boat to your car. To the surprise of many, including the fishing boat operators that I talked to, no one told them a race would be going on the sidewalk by their boats this Sunday morning. Pedestrians, and their baby carriages, had to walk in the parking lot while the runners commanded the sidewalk.
bluebridge20120826_5339It didn’t help that the Blue Bridge was not operational, forcing more than the usual traffic into the tunnel and sidewalk by the fishing boats if they wanted to get to the other side.
volunterpointing20120826_5334Over at the  Marine Museum, workers arriving there had no knowledge that a race was set up on their side walk, with a water stop next to the tug boat and volunteers directing visitors and tourists to stay out of the way when runners were coming thru. To make matters worse, it was a two lap race, very strung out to begin with. It was going when I arrived in the morning around 9 and was still going strong at noon. Since it was a triathlon, it was going slower than a usual running race.
What I saw was apparently the running portion of the Superior Man Triathlon, not surprisingly the first year for the event. All the volunteers I talked with were polite, friendly and totally unaware that waterstop20120826_5369race officials apparently forgot to mention to, at the least, the fishing boat operators and the folks at the Marine Museum, that their race was going right by and right through, respectively, their place of operations. Having run many races myself, I am sure the runners assumed that race officials had received the necessary permissions to run the race and provided notice to any folks who might be inconvenienced.
bbclouisiana20120826_5327 Happily, the swimming portion of the race was over before the BBC Louisiana appeared with wind turbine parts from Denmark around 11 in the morning.

Traffic jam on Helberg Drive


The morning after (the marathon)

In the beginning, the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin (left) and the Perelik shared the lake with a small boat and the South Pier Light.
Then the fishing boats went out  …
… the early runners appeared on the scene
… and finally, the walkers arrived

Kara Goucher heads for home …

… her home town; a big crowd greets her as she runs for first place in the U.S. Half Marathon Championships in Duluth on Saturday morning, June 16, 2012. She will represent the US in the Olympic Marathon in London later this summer. Official time: 1 hour, 9 minutes, 34 seconds.

Such a beautiful day in Duluth


More from the bear

Gary Hopp sent this note and the 2 pictures here taken by Buzzy Winter who works for him at Great Northern Services, Inc. 20120515-3715-Watermarked20120515-3729-Watermarked

That silly bear was napping in a tree behind our house on Park Point from about 9am to 10am before making his assault on the South Pier. He eventually went to the bay side of park point then swam across the bay to Bayfront Park. I have not heard any additional reports of where he went from there.

Our new bear cam

bear20120515_2119…caught this bear walking along the South Pier this morning (May 15, 2012) Click to enlarge. Below, the bear climbed down from the pier, on its way to the beach. I first heard about it when the Chief Bridge operator, Ryan Beamer made an announcement on the bridge public address system. And you think you had troubles today!, Ryan recalled his announcement for me here.
And then he told me  some of what happened, starting by describing what the man at the end of the pier was doing.
That’s Aerial Bridge operator Dale Mitchel with the stick (actually a pole they use to clean lights high off the ground). When he saw the bear, he jumped up from his chair in the bridge house, picked up the closest thing he could find and then went out to make sure the bear was being a good citizen. The bear had just jumped over the wall on the beach when Dale arrived at the wall. Below, several squad cars soon arrived to check out the situation.

No snow but lots of water

I keep hearing on the radio that we are getting lots of snow, but I can’t find it. Lake Superior, however, rarely disappoints. Throw in some rocks and a lighthouse, and you can get a nice picture.

That was then …


and this is now: For immediate release: Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Duluth, MN. —U.S. Coast Guard Station Duluth is issuing a warning that the unusually warm temperatures observed this year have greatly increased the possibility of weakened ice.
"Ice conditions are deteriorating rapidly, major wet cracks and ice breaks have been recognized the last few days, with forecasted temps climbing to the high 30’s, this will only accelerate weakening ice " said Boatswains Mate Third Class Matthew Murphy, Coast Guard Station Duluth, MN.
The combination of warmer temperatures and shifting winds has caused extremely hazardous ice conditions in the St Louis River. The Coast Guard cautions those ice fishing and transiting on the ice due to the unpredictability of the ice breaking apart. (Picture taken on February 17th, 2007.)

Bentleyville opens!


Statue of Liberty revisited


It has been pointed out to me that I did not have to fly all the way to New York City to see the Statue of Liberty. Any one want to guess where in Duluth this one is located? Beth Duncan, at the Marine Museum, is not eligible to enter this contest since she told me where to find it. After everybody is done not knowing where this is, although Beth told me she has mentioned this to many people over the years, I will add some additional information. (As almost always, click to see larger version.)

3 boats off the Duluth piers

Becca Nelson, foreground, was giving some kayaking tips to Victoria Pfingsten while the Baltic Carrier was sitting at anchor off the Duluth piers. This on October 1, 2011; notice no ice or snow, or falling leaves for that matter, but Becca’s woolen cap is proof enough that it was a bit cold out there.

Matt the Electrician comes to Duluth


Flying cameras, Yikes!

Dennis O'Hara and his OktoKopter at the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge I went down behind the Aquarium last night (June 29, 2011) to take a picture of the salt water vessel Orsula coming into port. With tugs helping out and the sun just sliding over the hill behind me, it seemed like a good thing to do. Then I noticed a cute couple watching the ship too. Upon further investigation, they seemed too serious to be simply visitors out for an evening stroll.
Dennis O'Hara and his OktoKopter at the Duluth Aerial Lift BridgeWhen Dennis O’Hara turned and said, Hi Ken, I realized I was not alone, or rather I was alone. All I had was my little camera. Dennis had his wife Debby with him, a couple of interesting boxes and an even stranger, bug-like contraption sitting on the grass in front of him.
Dennis O'Hara and his OktoKopter
Upon further investigation, I realized it was a helicopter. Knowing Dennis, I looked underneath the helicopter and saw what looked to be a camera. A closer look at that box revealed the controls you usually see in the cockpit of an airplane. Despite being a licensed pilot, Dennis had spent a  good part of the winter learning how to fly his OktoKopter.  Octo from the Latin for 8, meaning 8 blades.
OktoKopter takes off to get a picture of the incoming ship Orsula
And the first step for that is to know precisely when to take off so you can get your picture and get back with a safe landing. A slow moving ship can cause a problem so they carefully judge the speed of the ship as it came under the Lift Bridge. I assigned myself the task of announcing that important moment in the countdown to lift off. You can see the bow of the ship just coming under the bridge, the tug ready to help and the OktoKopter just taking off. My work was done, successfully, I might add.
OktoKopter in the air
Having lost the battle to get exclusive pictures of the Orsula, I decided the only thing left was to get exclusive pictures of Dennis and Debby taking pictures of the Orsula with the OktoKopter.
Dennis O'Hara guides his OktoKopter so he can get a picture ofhe incoming Orsula
This is not your average model airplane. For one thing, it will be flying over water so stalling in midair, or worse, is not an option. Nor is your battery running low. Happily all this technology includes a voice that announces how many minutes the battery has left, from the 7 it had when it took off.
Dennis O'Hara hat and his OktoKopter
I thought of one problem, but they had that covered too. How do you know what the camera is seeing. Debby took care of that with a totally separate system; she was watching a live feed from another camera on the OktoKopter showing her what the camera in the sky was seeing. That allowed Dennis to maneuver the OktoKopter into position. He had rigged it to take a picture every 2 seconds after he pressed the button. Can’t expect him to pilot the aircraft and take pictures at the same time.
Meanwhile, the voice was giving Dennis an update of the status of the battery. Click here to go to his web page at Northern Images to see the picture he, Debby and the OktoKopter took last night. His home page at Northern Images Photography is here.
The OktoKopter comes back to earth

Tent on the way, pizza here now!

brad20110613_3521This is day one of Grandma’s Marathon week. As of noon today (Monday, June 13, 2011), the Grandma’s Marathon tent is not up but Brad Erickson has his new Vitta Pizza place up and running; it is day one and you can find him and his Neapolitan Style, 97-seconds from his oven to your table, pizza now. If you try to buy a book at Northern Lights Books and Gifts you will find him instead as Anita has moved on to other things, including the Gift Shop on the lower level of the Maritime Museum down by the Lift Bridge. She brought her impressive collection of books on shipping with her. Brad and his delicious pizza, with outdoor seating, can now be found at 307 Canal Park Drive. Buy a book at the Gift Shop and then go get a pizza and sit outside and read and eat. (Click pic to see pic big)

Friends, the Sundew and the Rookies play the Icebreaker

sundew20110611_3456In the old days, I took a lot of pictures of the US Coast Guard cutter Sundew. That was back when the ice breaker was breaking ice. Then it became a museum and when that didn’t work out, Jeff Foster bought her and does a lot of different things with the boat. I imagine you could get married on it or perhaps, at the other end, talk Jeff into spreading your ashes on the lake. So I don’t take pictures of her working her old-time job, but I do take pictures of people taking pictures of her. I was talking to my new friends John McLaughlin and Rodeane Widom, from Glendale, Arizona when John spotted the Sundew sundew20110611_3458coming under the Lift Bridge and took his camera out. That’s him taking a picture of the Sundew. Then I saw the Sundew turn left and create a perfect picture with the North Pier light so I took a picture. And then, I noticed some other people in red suits posing for a picture while they were ‘working out’ on the anchor dug deep into the ground in the front yard of the Marine Museum. They are the Rookies from St. Paul. They probably didn’t know the Sundew was behind them; they were too busy getting ready for the fast pitch softball game they have tomorrow with a team from Superior called Icebreaker.
sundew20110611_3463John and Rodeane get in their RV every year on May 1st and don’t return home until at least November. Of course they are wired for the trip; Rodeane let me hold her Ipad, the first one I ever saw, much less held. They are on the way to Halifax and I appointed them official Duluth Shipping News photographers whenever they find an interesting ship, in Halifax or anywhere. They will check in here to keep us updated. You can always find their page by clicking on my new category called Friends. This is not a speed trip for them; they are in Duluth for about 2 weeks; they will leave Tuesday, couple days before Grandma’s Marathon. Rodeane passes time on the road playing Scrabble with a bunch of different people all over the country. She has 8 games going now; dial her up and maybe you can get a scrabble game with her. Yes they are married and plan to see their children when they come back across the country from Halifax. If you look closely, you can see that day’s issue of the Duluth Shipping News tucked under her Ipad. (Click all these pictures for larger versions)

Two Canadian boats arrive in Duluth

Atlantic Erie arrived Duluth to load coal; passes the Canadian Navigator on the way
On Sunday night, June 5th, 2011, the Atlantic Erie (above) came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge and made her turn up the Duluth inner harbor to the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior. She is loading 30,000 tons of coal for Belledune, New Brunswick, a port on the Atlantic Ocean. She is about to pass the Algoma Navigator, (below), formerly known as the Canadian Navigator. She actually arrived 11 minutes earlier. The Navigator was on her way to Burlington Northern in Superior to load iron ore pellets.
Recently, Algoma Central purchased the fleet of the Upper Lakes Group Inc.  Most of those boats have been renamed, as with the Navigator. To my knowledge, this is the first trip to the Twin Ports by one of their new vessels that has the new name on the boat.

The Hon. James L. Oberstar makes his …

presence felt again in Duluth. The ‘boat’ was pulled to the dock behind the DECC for her re-christening on Tuesday, May 23, 2011

Elton John in Duluth

I was going to visit the Algolake last night but they wanted to know about the Elton John concert. Since I am the Duluth Shipping News, I had to help them out so I went to the concert instead and reported back this morning. It was great. On stage above, Elton John is seated at his piano just behind the left of two hands raised up in the air to the left of center. I asked everybody to keep their hands down but evidently, that person didn’t hear me. (To get a closer look at the hand, click picture for larger version)

Running in the spring in Duluth ha ha ha

Foggy April morning in Duluth

The snow is gone, most of the ice has vanished; Duluth is the usual April shade of brown. Happily, this morning (Thursday, April 7, 2011), the fog moved in and prettied the place up a bit. Above, the Vista Star and the William A. Irvin survived the winter in good shape; unfortunately the Blue Bridge is still there, but after a slow journey from the Midwest Energy coal dock in Superior, the Mesabi Miner finally departed the port with 58,000 tons of coal for Presque Isle . It seemed like the Aerial Bridge was the only place the fog lifted even a little bit. I could not see the Miner once she got beyond the bridge, just as I could hardly see her very well as she approached the bridge.

Post blizzard beauty

Bentleyville pictures; comment question

Bentleyville, 2010, is a great place to catch the Christmas spirit, to say nothing of taking some interesting pictures with your camera, phone or whatever you have in your pocket. Above, you see a picture I took of the Bentleyville version of Duluth’s Aerial Lift bentleyville20101126_7075-2Bridge with an ore carrier about to go under.  I don’t usually talk much about Photoshop;  it has become a bad verb, but it showed me something about the pictures I took over there. In the top picture, it is very hard to see that the real Lift Bridge is just to the left of the Christmas ‘tree.’ I didn’t until I used the 
shadow/highlight tool in Photoshop. That tool magically found the real Lift Bridge, or quite literally brought the real bridge out of the shadows. So it is hard to say Photoshop changed reality; in this case, it found a little more reality.)
bentleyville20101126_7083But at the expense of messing up the nice black sky.  Then I closed in on the bridge and found that my camera saw something I did not see, and I still don’t know exactly what that is. These pictures were taken with a 1/3rd second exposure. If I had caught the bridge in motion, I assume the picture would be blurry.  Does the camera have a memory of what it had seen just seconds or less before; I have no idea.

Bentleyville opens in Canal Park


and will be open free to the public on these days and times

Saturday, November 20 through Sunday December 26, 2010
Sunday – Thursday 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Friday & Saturday 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
bentleyville20101120_7030All the lights you see are Bentleyville lights; installed during the last  month; those lights not put up by Bentleyville belong to the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. But should those lights go out during the next month, Bentleyville built their own lift bridge. And just like the big bridge, it goes up and down. Their ore boat however, in the foreground, is going the wrong direction to go under the Lift Bridge, but that is a minor point since it wasn’t built to move at all.

Callaway comes in with a pot of gold, maybe ..

markgrimoct122010-1 Mark Grim caught these pictures of the Cason J. Callaway as she approached the Duluth entry on Friday night, October 1, 2010. She was bringing a cargo of limestone from Calcite, Michigan. She was expected to depart the port late Saturday or Sunday a.m. with iron ore pellets for Conneaut.

Kim Storm

kimstormherpictureofstelleaprimaOn November 17, 2005, Kim Storm was alone on a very cold night, taking a picture of the Stellaprima (left) as she approached the unloading dock at the Port Terminal with heavy cargo loaded in Japan. The next day, still very cold and snowy, workers began to discharge the cargo onto waiting railcars for the long trip to Alberta. Kim was back again to take more pictures and over the next couple days, she wrote a song about the whole experience. Five years later, less a couple months, last night in fact, she sang the song again at Amazing Grace in Duluth (inset). She sang other songs, including her song about the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge: Aerial Eye.  Here is a link to her CD available on Amazon.

Catch the Tall Ships when they are in Duluth

Eight Tall Ships, the Roseway, Denis Sullivan, Zeeto, Roald Amundsen, Pride of Baltimore II, HMS Bounty, Europa and US Brig Niagara will be arriving in Duluth on Wednesday, July 28th. Click here to see our web pages on the ships, with links for more information. And if you can’t make it down to the harbor for the big event, watch it live on DSNTV. I hope to have two live cameras on the Grand Parade of Sail on Thursday afternoon at 2, perhaps the single most exciting event of the trip. And daily live video during the festival. If you have taken photos of any of the ships while they were at other ports, and want to share them, send to me with a title and credit line and I will try to post it here.

“Do you think we should get married here?”

isoldarosegargen20100701_2172 Perhaps, the couple in the Rose Garden is wondering what the view will be next June when they get married by the Lake. The Rose Garden will be there but it is not likely the Polish owned Isolda will be in town. She was at anchor off the Duluth piers on July 1st when they were checking out the location.
View Map

The Islolda came into port later that day to load durum wheat at the CHS terminal in Superior. She is a Polish ship owned by the Polish Steamship Company located in the port of Szczecin, Poland. Her crew is also Polish. They will take the wheat to Algeria where it is often used to make couscous, a dish that can include a variety of other ingredients including lamb, beef and vegetables.

Express service from Duluth to Antarctica

clelia20090704_8707 The Antarctic is as close as a trip on one of two ships that will be in Duluth this summer. The cruise ship Clelia II will make 5 trips here this summer, the first coming tomorrow, Saturday June 26, when she comes under the Lift Bridge around 6 am. If January in Duluth in not cold enough for you, you can take a trip on the Clelia II to Antarctica, leaving Argentina on January 4th or February 2nd.Europa Bolle wangen South Pacific (c) Brett Yates 250x350 pix If you are in a hurry to get to Antarctica, get aboard the Bark Europa, a tall ship coming to Duluth this summer. They leave Argentina for Antarctica on November 11th, December 22nd, January 14th and May 2nd. Both of these excursions offer at least a short visit to Argentina.

A hug from Grandma …

… after finishing Grandmas Marathon; what could be better!
Well, maybe a hug from your sister the finish line security guard. Donna Philippot, from Minneapolis, ran the race; her sister Lynne Osterman, took care of security at the finish line, at least until Donna finished her race.

More pictures from Grandmas 2010



April morning in Duluth

It is April 14th, 2010. We are warmer than usual but not green. Grandma’s Marathon is a couple months away and the sidewalks are filled with runners. The Sundew is getting ready to move on to her next life with Jeff Foster, and the William A. Irvin will open as usual in May. The Federal Polaris joined the party mid morning. Currently (noon), she is at the inner anchorage waiting for the Iryda to complete loading grain at CHS1 in Superior.
And that’s not enough, the Wizard of Oz came to town and is setting up shop at the DECC auditorium for a show tonight.

We are slowly getting back to work …

… except perhaps for the J.A.W. Iglehart at the upper left. She has been there for two years now, and is probably retired for good from her career carrying cement on the Great Lakes. The Canadian Navigator came into port this morning and will follow the John D. Leitch (she came in Tuesday morning) loading iron ore pellets at the CN Dock in West Duluth. She is just moving into Murphy Fuel to take on fuel while she waits for the CN Dock.  Behind her and to our right, the John G. Munson is also getting ready to load iron ore pellets at the CN. She will move there later today from her winter berth there at the Port Terminal.  Probably sometime tomorrow, she will depart with her cargo for Gary. Further to the right, you see the American Century at her winter berth at the Port Terminal. And in the foreground, a train of empty cars is moving into position at White Box Duluth Storage (formerly Cargill) to load barley for Shakopee. Eventually, the barley will find its way into bottles of beer from Anheuser-Busch.

The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge is slowly getting undressed for the new season

The 2010 shipping season got off to a dark start when the James R. Barker departed the Twin Ports between the Superior piers at 3:12 earlier this morning. Meanwhile, between the Duluth piers, seen here several hours later, the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge was shedding her winter skin so she could show the world her new paint job and perhaps more importantly, lift herself up to welcome the first visitor to go underneath her in several months, probably before the end of this month.

A lot to see

sollabarkerlighthouseWhile I was taking pictures from the blue line in the new hockey arena they are building at the DECC in the afternoon of September 4th, I took a picture of the Aerial Lift Bridge (upper left) while the James R. Barker was coming in. The arena will soon be covered so the picture may remain the only picture of the Lift Bridge ever taken from the blue line. I should have been at the ship canal. I am after all, the Duluth Shipping News and not hockey news.

I had a team working the ship canal for me from two very unusual spots. The inner South Pier light was recently purchased by Steve Sola, giving him one of the best angles for boat watching we have here. That’s him on the left, standing on his light taking video with his phone. Dale Sola, Steve’s Dad, was taking pictures of his son taking pictures of his Dad from the pilot house of the Barker as he and his wife Betty were coming back from a trip to Marquette with coal. Take your pick of which of those two spots you would like to be standing to take a picture.

But there’s more; check out the video below, taken from Steve’s phone, of the Barker coming in. Make sure you watch all of it for a unique look at Steve’s lighthouse.

After making the turn up the Duluth harbor, Dale was still taking pictures. Below, from left to right you see; the outer South pier light, the near South Pier light, the Lift Bridge, the South Pier Inn (not surprisingly owned by the Sola’s), and above the Inn, the salt water vessel Federal Hudson, at anchor off the Duluth piers, next to a so far unidentified vessel.


A little windy in Duluth

wave20091002_3488 Friday afternoon, October 2 2009



One more look at the Federal Hudson before the summer is over (Sunday, September 6, 2009) …

federalhudson20090906_2612 … she will likely come into port on Tuesday to load grain.

Only 1 1/2 years until hockey in the new DECC arena …

decc20090904_2443 … but the lower floor was being laid on Friday, September 5, 2009. That is the floor just behind the glass at the south west corner of the arena. You can see the curve of the ice surface to be. Click here for a Flash update on arena progress:

Click here to go to the DECC web page for the new arena and their web cam

Watching the Federal Hudson

dive20090902_2205 Click picture for more ………

WDSE toured the Clelia II on Saturday while I followed behind. You can see it on Venture North on November 12th at 8 pm

(insert content here)
20090829_2186Clelia tour manager Nina Padden gets ready to lead the tour with Videographer Judy Morrissey behind the camera and Writer producer Greg Grell out of sight on the right.  That was not the first time I followed Judy around. Back in April, 1996, I was behind her trying to stay out of the way as she was getting video for the WDSE  award-winning documentary, Working Waterfront: A Harbor Portrait. In the picture at the left, we are judywdseapproaching the Federal Fraser at anchor off the Duluth piers, ready to go up the gangway so the WDSE crew could record the Fraser coming under the Lift Bridge. I am proud to say that I was able to get in front of Judy going up the gangway and it paid off. I made the final cut, there is at least 3 seconds of me climbing up the gangway. Just below is a picture i took of the ‘rest of you’ way down on the ground from way up in the pilot house of the of the Federal Fraser (now the Spruceglen).

Then and now

On Friday, August 28th, Commander Beverly Havlik (second from right) stopped by with her mother (center). Beverly commanded the Coast Guard cutter Sundew from June, 2000 until June, 2003. The Sundew is now a museum, located just in front of the William A. Irvin, and is operated by the DECC. Erik Akervik and Tom Kanzier, from the left, are tour guides on the ship. At right, John Clark works on maintaining the ship. They had a lot of questions for Bev; like where can we find the key to this place, what does that thing do, what is this connected to etc etc. She had a good answer for all questions.

Train going south

I have just realized it is a lot easier to take pictures of ships than of trains. I can easily get a ship in one shot, and they go slower. Still, that second car says Amtrak on it. I invite my train buff friends to add a comment here telling us about these cars. They were headed south on Saturday morning, August 15, 2009.

Not lost in the crowd

The Indiana Harbor had just cleared the Duluth ship canal on Friday afternoon, August 14th, 2009 and people were wondering what this other boat was bobbing in the water. That little boat, lower right  was captained by Jim Robinson. He left Bayport, Minnesota on September 9th, 2008 and took the long way to Duluth in his 24 foot Daniswan. In case you want to try it, here is the route (i will be correcting this as soon as i talk to him) he took. Down the St. Croix River to the Mississippi River to the Ohio River, up the Ohio to the Cumberland, the Tennessee River and into the Intercoastal Waterway, New York harbor, up the Hudson, to the Champlain canal, to Montreal, Lake Ontario … the Soo and along the South shore of Lake Superior to Duluth.

What do you do on a hot day in Duluth?

With the temperature in the high 80’s for the first time this summer, the Duluth Shipping News figured it was a good time to find some college students and get the house painted. Happily, Andrea, Jordan and Keri were in the neighborhood and agreed to do it. Andrea (left) and Keri (right) are students at UMD; Jordan, center, goes to school at UWS.

What a great year for boats in the Twin Ports!

At last, a good day for boatwatching (picture taken at 7:30 am on August 4, 2009). The Canadian Navigator (left) is sitting at the inside anchorage, the Joseph L. Block (center) is departing after discharging a cargo of limestone at the CN dock  and the H. Lee White (right) is at the Port Terminal Dock. For a larger version of this picture of the Canadian Navigator, the Joseph L. Block and the H. Lee White
A few minutes earlier, the Block had moved away from the dock at CN and had just passed the Canadian Transport loading coal at Midwest.

James R. Barker and the Rose Garden in Duluth

The James R. Barker added to a pleasant summer evening in Duluth as she came into port just after 8 pm on Monday, July 27, 2009.