About Duluth Shipping News

The Duluth Shipping News started with a web site at: www.duluthshippingnews.com in 1995 with a few pictures I took with my old film camera.
The next year, I started a paper edition of the Duluth Shipping News in the summer. It was a 2-page newsletter I distributed in Canal Park three times a week during the summer (left). I listed ship arrivals and departures for that day plus pictures and information about the ships.
Later, I began publishing the paper every day of the summer and in 2008, I added color (upper right). In 2016, after 20 years, I discontinued the summer daily.
Clicking on a ship name will take you to a web page devoted to that ship. There are over 500 individual ship pages that can also be found by clicking the Vessel Pages button in the menu at the top of www.duluthshippingnews.com

There are over 5,000 pages on the Duluth Shipping News web site. You can locate pages 3 ways. Check the menu at the top of the page. Click Vessel Pages for example and choose between US, Canadian and Foreign flagged to find almost all the vessels that have visited the port since 1996.

Or check the Tags menu running down the right side of the page. Hover your mouse over a name to find how many pages on the site have mentioned that vessel. For example, hover mouse over American Century and you will see (as of September, 2016) 43 pages. Click on the button and you go to a page that lists those 43 posts regarding that boat. Move down the page and click on any entry to see the whole post.

Or look under Archives, running down the left side of the page. Click on any month from the current month and going back to April 1998 to see all the pages I posted during that month.
From March, 2004 through July, 2009, I wrote a daily column for the Duluth News Tribune, containing the vessel activity for the day and a picture and a paragraph or two. It appeared on the second page of the paper every day during the shipping season. Copies of those pictures and articles can be found on www.duluthshippingnews.com here: duluthshippingnews.com/category/journal-2004/
For many years, I have maintained a live video feed from my office next to the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.