Loading coal and running a race on Friday night

On Friday night, September 7, 2018, the Minnesota Mile was held on Skyline Drive, in Duluth. The route covered my exact route for my daily walk.  Last night,  I timed my walk so I arrived at the start line just before the race started, about a ¼ mile east of Enger Golf Course. Ahead of me was the start of the race, and when I looked left, I saw the Mesabi Miner loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior (above). Road workers had hurried up and finished some interesting road repairs that have kept me off the course. I am still a little confused about how and what they were doing, but it was not easy (see below).
The road was a little too close to the edge of the cliff, so they built another cliff to hold the new stone wall, allowing them to extend the width of the roadway and walking/running path about 15 feet. Both still provide a wonderful view of Duluth, Superior, both harbors, the Lift Bridge and Lake Superior.  Notice the new black top (above), just laid, and the rocks at the the edge forming a new barrier to the new wall. The blacktop goes from the new wall to just over the center line. Below, on June 22, you can see the wall being built and the rocks that will be used to build more wall
Kenneth Newhams :