American Spirit in distress

The American Spirit was about to go under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge this afternoon, June 17, 2017, but made an abrupt turn to the left. She has been in this position for about 2 hours (4:46 Central  Daylight now). Picture above from Great Lakes Aquarium videocam, provided by Dennis O’Hara. Picture below from PierB Resort videocam, also provided by  Dennis O’Hara.
Below, from Pier B Resort webcam; the American Integrity was planning to come in using the Duluth entry; but turned away and went to the Superior entry (I presume) to come in to load coal.
Jody Aho took the picture below, showing how close she came to the Lake Walk. I am told she did not make contact with the pier and that she went aground. She did use her anchor to help stop her; not sure if that stopped her she was stopped when her bow his the sandy bottom.
Kenneth Newhams :