Bad weather brings pretty pictures inside and out

We had a great weekend in Duluth. It started on Thursday, April 12, 2018 when the Federal Weser arrived at 9:46 in the evening. That exact day and time is important since it was the day and time that over 2,200 folks tried to guess and thus win the 2018 First Ship Contest  (web pages for past first ships) sponsored by VisitDuluth and the Duluth Seaway Port Authority. Linda Hanby from Middleton, Wisconsin won the contest with a guess of 10:05 on April 12. Miranda Moore, from Duluth was 2nd with her guess of April 12 at 10:38 pm. The Weser arrived at 9:46 on April 12.

I am sure the Federal Weser knew the weather forecast suggested a blizzard was on the way. And not just any blizzard but a blizzard in mid-April, about a month into Spring. I have been trying to get good pictures of bad weather in Duluth for 22 years, but I never saw anything this bad (or good depending on your point of view). Steve Sola took this picture of the Duluth North Breakwater Outer Light from the top of the Duluth South Breakwater Inner Light.

The welcome event usually held on the first ship had to be moved ahead. The blizzard was not the best weather for driving over to the CHS dock for a party or for that matter loading the durum wheat they would be taking to Algeria so that was moved ahead also. That started on Monday morning; in the early afternoon, our party to welcome the first ship and announce the winner of the first ship contest was held.

Above is a picture I took of Maarja Hewitt, the Media Communications Manager at VisitDuluth, while she was talking to the crew about the many wonders of Duluth, Minnesota. She is very good at her job .  Everyone was having a good time learning about Duluth.

Kenneth Newhams :