Tug pushes her barge Erie Trader out of the ice and into the open water of Lake Superior

NOTE: The tug and barge are still off the Duluth piers. I am told they got stopped in the ice, the tug disconnected from the barge and was able to get out to the edge of the ice and is now back with the barge; i would guess the vessel broke its own ice and is trying to get out of the ice again. You can watch this on the WDIO cam. After spending her winter layup in Duluth, the tug barge Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader departed the port using the Duluth entry at noon today (March 20, 2018). They went to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. They got some help with the ice from a Heritage Marine tug. This was the first commercial traffic of the new season for the port of Duluth Superior.
Kenneth Newhams :