Cruising the Port on the Alder

I was happy to be on the Alder this afternoon (March 15, 2018) as she broke ice in the harbor and up the St. Louis River. Ice was not so bad, maybe about 18 inches in the River, but the Alder moved right through it. The Alder is a good place to check out the vessels in the harbor. Above, with the Lift Bridge in the back ground, the Great Lakes Towing tugs were getting ready to start a another season. From left to right, the North Carolina, the Arkansas, the Kentucky and the Huron look ready to go.  Below, the Edwin H. Gott may not be leaving until March 29.
Above, the Arthur M. Anderson is still tucked in over at CN, no word if she will be out this season. Below, the James R. Barker is at Midwest Energy and is not expected to depart the port with coal until March 23.
We swing by downtown Duluth as we return to the dock.


Kenneth Newhams :