Boland left Duluth for Superior, Barker for Detroit

Heavy boat traffic in Duluth! After some repairs at Fraser Shipyards, the John J. Boland (above) was moving down (or up) the Duluth harbor just after 10 am this morning (December 20, 2017). She would go under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge and over to the Superior entry and to the BNSF terminal just inside the entry to load iron ore pellets. The James R. Barker (below) arrived Duluth on December 19th to load coal at Midwest Energy. Here she is departing with 68,000 tons of coal for two Detroit Edison power plants a little later. Very early this morning, the Beatrix departed with 12,000 metric tons of spring wheat bound for the United Kingdom. She was the last saltwater ship to depart the port this season.
Kenneth Newhams :