Arctic winter brings the Desgagnés to Duluth to load grain

The Claude A. Desgagnés arrived this morning on her second trip to Duluth since she was built in 2011. Her first trip was in November, 2015. It is not a coincidence that she made both trips in the winter months. Then, she sails the earth as a normal salt water vessel and is here today in that role, loading grain at Riverland Ag (above and below). In the summer, she is reflagged by her Canadian owner,Transport Desgagnes in Quebec, as a Canadian vessel. Then she takes supplies up to communities within the Arctic Circle such as Nunavut and Nunavik that are not as accessible in the winter.  At least one other ship has been to Duluth while also serving those communities, the Umiavut .

Nunavut was formed from the eastern part of the Northwest Territories and is officially called Canada’s third territory.

Kenneth Newhams :