BBC Vesuvius here to pick up cargo waiting here since 2008

The BBC Vesuvius arrived Duluth on November 29, 2017. She is here to pick up one large pressure vessel that has been waiting here since 2008. It was part of a shipment brought here and destined for the oil sands project in Alberta, but for some reason they changed their mind, so the owner kept it here until a new buyer was found. And yes, the Port picked up a storage charge. It may have come here as a part of a 93-piece shipment that was discharged here in August, 2008. Most of those pieces went from here to Alberta by truck; one piece, the largest went by rail. Click here to see that piece. That obviously is not today’s cargo since it never got out of Duluth but I added this link to show what one pressure vessel looks like. Today’s cargo will be loaded into the hold of the BBC Vesuvius and then she will take it to the new customer in Colombia.
Kenneth Newhams :