Two salties due here soon

The Ebroborg will be here around September 30, 2017 to load beet pulp pellets at Gavillon (formerly Peavey). This will be her 7th visit to Duluth since she was built in 2010.
She was here 3 times in 1012, loading bentonite at Hallett #5 in May (above), grain at CHS in July (at right and below), and beet pulp pellets in November. She made 2 trips in 2013, loading more bentonite in August and beet pulp pellets in November. One trip in 2015, in October, found her loading grain at Peavey. (The Atlanticborg is seen in the anchorage in the picture above right. She is waiting to come in to load wind turbine blades for Brazil; before going out to the anchorage, she was at the Port Terminal discharging wind turbine blades loaded in Denmark.)
The Fivelborg will be here around October 1st to load grain at CHS. This will be her 6th trip here since she was built in 2009. She loaded beet pulp pellets at General Mills Duluth in October 2010 (right) and again in October, 2012 (below).
In October 2015 she loaded pellets at Peavey. She spent some time in the anchorage off the Duluth piers before coming on June 22, 2016 to load grain at CHS 1. A 2nd trip in 2016 found her loading beet pulp pellets at Peavey in November 2016.
Kenneth Newhams :