Alpena here 4th time this season

The venerable cement carrier Alpena arrived 11:30 this morning (August 19, 2017), only her 4th trip to the Twin Ports this season. She has been here 286 times since I started doing this in 1996. As the Alpena entered the ship canal, you can see the Taagborg at anchor just beyond, waiting to load wheat at CHS in Superior.


  1. Last of the “Super” class (albeit now modified) that included Benjamin F. Fairless, Irving S. Olds, Enders M. Voorhees, and others. These were my favorites to watch pass under the bridge.

  2. Thom Holden says:

    You just can’t beat the Alpena. Always charming. I got way too busy this morning and missed her arrival. My bad.

  3. Rob Koedam Kortgene The Netherlands says:

    She is the most beautiful!

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