Salt water ships I have visited

Because of Homeland Security, I don’t get on board as many ships as I used to. I have compiled a slideshow of a variety of salt water ships that I visited from 1999 forward. And I added some commentary as well. This is the first of what I hope will be several such shows.


  1. Great job, Ken! Over the years, you have really learned the photo / video editing and production jobs like a pro. Next stop, Hollywood!?

    Just to add a little to Tom’s earlier comment — Yes, Tom, one has to learn to get along with all sorts of people and personalities aboard ship. You better — because when you’re sailing for weeks at a time, 600 – 1,000 feet or so, is about as far as you can get away!

  2. Tom from Minneapolis says:

    Very well done story!! It’s unfortunate you don’t get the chance to board the vessels as often anymore. They all seem to have a story to tell, and you do a great job of finding that story! Fascinating how diverse the crews are. Funny how we all get along when we have no option. Maybe some life lessons to be learned here. Thank you!!

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