Block here for 9th trip this season

The Joseph L. Block arrived Duluth on Sunday, July 23, 2017 to load iron ore material at the Hallett #5 Dock in West Duluth. This is her 9th trip here this season. She was here 15 times last season. On most of her trips this year, she brought limestone to discharge at the CN Dock and the Hallett #5 dock next door and once to the Graymont Superior plant. She loaded iron ore pellets at the Burlington Northern Santé Fe (BNSF) dock in Superior on a trip here in April.


  1. Thank You, it took my son 7 years to accomplish his dream of working on a freighter, (His actual dream started as a 3rd grader when his teachers father was a Captain on the Arthur M Anderson. Captain Deitlin gave him a personal tour and the run of the boat the day he visited at Calcite). As of 07-04-2017 Our son stepped foot on the Joseph L Block. He has always had a passion for the boats, the life and made some very good friends. Dennis Hale was one of those friends. He is a wealth of information when it comes to the boats. Thank you for posting this info on the Joe Block….

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