Silda brings cement into the Duluth harbor

The Maltese flagged Silda arrived Duluth at 4:30 Monday afternoon, May 29, 2017 (Memorial Day). This is her first trip to the Twin Ports. I thought about going to some local bars to make some bets about her cargo while she sat at anchor off the Duluth piers. I would say cement, and everybody else would say no no, and I would win. Or least if they were as dumb as I was 22 years ago when someone told me a boat coming into port was filled with cement. No way
She was assisted by two Great Lakes Towing tugs, just above, the Arkansas on the left and the Kentucky on the right.


  1. Does anyone know what happened to the Philip R. Clarke to make it need repairs?

  2. Cargo appears to have been loaded at Akçansa, Turkey. Same facility that originated the cement cargo that Cornelia brought to the CRH facility (ex Holcim, ex St. Lawrence Cement) last autumn.

  3. And the cement is from ?

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