Molly M1 back with more stuff

The tug Molly M1 arrived Duluth this morning at 5:19 with a barge loaded with 2 pressure container vessels that will be taken from Duluth to Alberta, Canada where they will be used in oil recovery operations. She was here once before, in July, 2015, with a cargo of machinery to discharge. In the picture, piece to the left is still on the barge; the other piece (right) has already been discharged


  1. Paul Badaovinac says:

    Interesting. switching gears. This morning in our paper there was a picture of the largest cargo ship in the world. It is a container ship, 1,200 feet long. It can carry 13,000 cargo containers measuring 20 feet long. I was trying to compare it with our 1000 footers sailing the Great Lakes (gigantic), and this ship is 200 feet longer. Amazing. Registered in Hong Kong and owned by COSCO Shipping Lines.

    Paul Badovinac

  2. Rob Koedam Kortgene The Netherlands says:

    She looks what it is: a workhorse.

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