Lee A. Tregurtha is 4th boat to leave

2017-0323-1311 The Lee A. Tregurtha left Duluth at 4:00 this afternoon, March 23, 2017. She was the 4th laker to depart Duluth in the new season. The Paul R. Tregurtha is likely to be the first laker to arrive in the Twin Ports although she has not left yet. She is expected to depart later tonight with coal for Silver Bay, giving her time to get back for more coal and celebrate her status of 5th laker out/first laker in!!


  1. Brent R. says:

    The tug, Point Valour, has been working as needed in Thunder Bay for the past three days. For example, earlier today, she broke out Ron Paul J Martin which is now steaming east in Superior.

    Let’s do a head count of the giants.

    I’m not seeing an AIS signal from either Mesabi Miner or Walter J McCarthy jr.
    American Integrity is still berthed in Toledo.
    Edwin H. Gott is still berthed in Sturgeon Bay.
    Presque Isle is still berthed in Erie.

    It looks like everyone else is running.

    American Spirit came out of her berth in Duluth and is apparently refueling.
    Paul Tregurtha is loading at Silver Bay.
    American Century and Burns Harbor are down bound in the St. Marys.
    Edgar Speer and James Barker are up bound in the St. Marys.
    Stewart Cort is west bound in Superior.
    Indiana Harbor is east bound at the Mackinac Straits.

    I see Mackinaw and Biscayne Bay working the locks so I assume ice is still a problem. Mobile Bay is in the lower St. Marys. Their destination says “ice breaking” so I assume they are not using their barge to set buoys. And, I can see Morro Bay breaking ice out in Whitefish Bay.

    Let’s do a head count on the rest of Coast Guard ships. Alder is docked in Duluth. I don’t have AIS tracks on either Katmai Bay which was in the lower St. Marys or Hollyhock which was in the St. Clair. I haven’t seen Neah Bay out this year and Bristol Bay just left Cleveland which is Neah’s home port. I know that they started the Service Life Extension work on Neah Bay back in May, 2016 so maybe that isn’t completed yet.

    I guess I could mention the two Canadian Coast Guard ships. Griffon is near Montreal, working the St. Lawrence. Samuel Risley is heading west after clearing out the harbor at Midland which is way over on the southeast side of the Georgian Bay.

    • thank you, brent…your comments are much appreciated! keeps us on our toes, knowing where everybody is!

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