The East wind works her magic on Lake Superior

The day (March 5, 2017) started cloudy and cold with a predicted high of 52; late afternoon the sun appeared but the temperature never got above 42. An east wind made my walk a little brisk but that was nothing compared to what it did to the ice on Lake Superior. After weeks of blue water, Lake Superior ice, not our ice for sure, arrived to slow our hopes for an early spring. I copied the images below from the NOAA-Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory web page; specifically the images from the set on the right side called Ice Thickness.
If you click on the picture I took at the top, you can see ice in the ship canal under the Lift Bridge brought in by the east wind but the ice seems to hug the shore as it creeps along to the larger sheet of ice in the back of the Duluth harbor, as seen in the second picture.It would not surprise me to see the front of the harbor filled with ice by the morning. (Caution: if the ice does not fill the front of the harbor in the morning, I will probably delete the above prediction)

We will have lower than normal temperatures for the next week but by this time in March, the ice doesn’t have much of a chance with the days getting longer. Ice is nice during the dark days of December but it has a losing fight against the longer daylight hours.I doubt this ice will have much effect on the start of the shipping season in a couple weeks but what do I know.

Kenneth Newhams :