Great Lakes Shipping, 2017, begins

I pay a lot of attention to the start of our (Duluth) shipping season, but a note from the Lake Carriers’s Association today reminds me that there are in fact, 4 other Great Lakes that have shipping seasons. And those south of us can get a head start since we are often encased in ice until mid-March or later.
20091021_3763PRODThe Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder was set to depart her layup berth in Erie, Pennsylvania today and head over to the Cleveland Bulk Terminal to load iron ore pellets to carry up the Cuyahoga River to the ArcelorMittal steel mill. A lot of those iron ore pellets are brought down from Silver Bay and Duluth Superior.
Their note indicated that the Paul R. Tregurtha will depart Duluth on March 22, 2017, with coal for Silver Bay.


  1. One of the big signs of spring is when the hummingbirds fly back across the gulf of Mexico and are seen again on the gulf coast. As it gets warmer they’ll move north.

  2. Anne Oppegard says:

    My three go-to signs of spring: robins, motorcycles, and Duluth Harbor activity!! YAY 🙂

  3. YEA!

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