Lee A. Tregurtha draws a crowd & a flag

The Lee A. Tregurtha arrived Duluth at 1:43 early in the afternoon of January 16, 2017. She was the last of 9 boats that will spend the winter layup in Duluth Superior.
A large crowd and one flag welcomed them into the Duluth Ship Canal. That is Jason Fyten in the brown/orange coat below the flag taking a picture while his girl friend, Amanda Victorson waves their flag. Jason is a summer tour guide on the William A. Irvin. He purchased the flag at Anchor Bay Outfitters (At Anchor Bay Outfitters we live the Sailor life. We design Boat Watcher gear that is voted on and approved by our customers and friends. #BoatWatchersRock). The flag flew on the Irvin last summer and will probably be there again this coming summer.
When you look at the flag from the front, as I seemed to have neglected to do, it reads:



  1. MNBoatwatcher says:

    typo Blough came in Monday morning not Sunday morning

  2. boatnerd.com News Channel has an interesting article about what happens during shipping off-season.

  3. Sure do love that old boat!!!! When in winter layup,, what protects the hulls from the freezing harbor ice..? Is the hull structurally strong enough to withstand the pressure created by the ice??

    • When laying up for the winter, the water is pumped out of the ships ballast tanks so as not to freeze up the tanks. When done, the ships draft(how deep her hull sits under water) will be minimal (they will ride high in the water)in berthing slips that have no more than 30-35 feet in depth. The forward end will sit in as little as a few feet of water, the stern end deeper due to engine(s) weight and accommadation block. There, they will generally use a bubbler system that is hung overboard that constantly bubbles the water so as not to freeze around the rudder(s) and prop(s). …… Water frozen in ballast tanks and rudders and props frozen fast, not good.

  4. Missed that. Also check out the guy holding his child on his shoulder; love those pictures but I failed to notice the rest of him. (Buttock cleavage is minor exposure of the buttocks and the intergluteal cleft between them, often because of low-slung or loose trousers.
    The crena is another formal term for the cleft between the buttocks, and the medical term is posterior rugae.)

  5. Note the hardy soul in the bottom photo with shorts on!

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