Arthur M. Anderson home for the winter

The Great Lakes Fleet’s Arthur M. Anderson arrived Duluth for winter layup on Sunday, January 15, 2017 just after noon. This was her 22nd and last trip to Duluth this season. On most of those trips, she brought limestone in and then usually departed for Two Harbors where she loaded iron ore pellets


  1. Any news on the Anderson? Saw her still sitting at the dock. Are there plans to upgrade to diesel?

  2. Karen Damvelt says:

    Is the Arthur M. Anderson going out this Season at all? Or is she in Dry Dock for Repairs or Major Maintance?

    • She is not scheduled to go out this year; last i heard, she was spending the year on the east side of the CN dock in West Duluth. She is likely there until or whenever Great Lakes Fleet’s business picks up; if there is work to do, GLF will get her out, i am sure.

  3. It looks like Lee Tregurtha will be arriving in Duluth in about an hour. I assume that will be the last ship of the season.

    You can see the videos of Arthur Anderson, Roger Blough, and Paul Martin arriving here:

  4. Remember the Blough grounding in Whitefish Bay? News Channel has a small update article on it.

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