Assiniboine makes last trip out for 2017

After discharging salt, the CSL Assiniboine went over to CN Duluth to load iron ore pellets. She departed on Monday afternoon, January 9, 2017, coming out of the St. Louis River and turning into the Duluth harbor above. She passed two American Steamship boats already in port for winter layup. That’s the American Century in the foreground and the American Spirit behind her. The tug North Carolina is seen just off the bow of the Assiniboine. She had made several passes through the track just ahead of the Assiniboine. She was also back at the CN dock earlier clearing some ice away. Below, she made it through the ice without much trouble and is seen below approaching the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, just behind the Pier B Resort.


  1. she will get through before they close.

  2. nice

  3. michael garvey says:

    When the Herbert C Jackson arrived the other day, the deck crew were undoing the hatch clamps. The ship wasn’t loading cargo, but headed to the Frazier shipyard. What might be the reason for this? Thanks.

  4. James R Barker departed Duluth at 1700 on Jan 12 with iron ore…what is the destination of the Barker if the Soo Locks are closed?

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