She was Emilie, now she is Sunda

When I first heard that the Sunda was coming to Duluth, I was happy to see another ship making her first trip to Duluth. On further review, that call on the field was over ruled; the ship made one other trip here, on May 17, 2011 when she arrived as the Emilie to load grain at CHS. At the top, you see her new name on the side of her hull. To the right, you can see where that name was painted over her former name, which you can see, prior to her sale, below. We welcome all ships to Duluth, new ships and old ships, new names and old names.


  1. Ray Marshall says:

    I’ve been very tired for an extremely long time of seeing lake boats coming to and leaving from Duluth with names of steel companies corporate executives. It’s much more “romantic” to see boats with names such as Federal Columbia, Labrador, BBC Mont Blanc, Cornelia, Roerberg, etc.

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