Labrador, first trip here, loading wheat

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This is a test row that i just added
After discharging cargo in Hamilton, Ontario, the Labrador came to Duluth, arriving off the Duluth piers on November 28, 2016. The next day, she came in under the Lift Bridge (above) and is now loading wheat at Riverland Ag. She arrived in the St. Lawrence Seaway around November 17. She made a previous trip to the seaway in late August this year, first discharging cargo in Hamilton and then loading grain in Thunder Bay.
This ship is currently working for Canfornav, a member of the Canadian Forest Navigation Group in Montreal, and is one of many of their ships that comelabradorduck to Duluth. Many are named for ducks, such as Bluewing, Greenwing and Mandarin, to name a few. I assume their Labrador vessel is named for the duck of the same name. Unfortunately, the duck is believed to be extinct, at least since the late 1800’s. There are however some theories that it never existed, or that it is not really extinct, just rarely seen. If it did exist, it is believed to have spent the summer in breeding grounds off Labrador. So I guess, the ship could be named for either the duck or the province in Canada where the duck spent its summers, if it did exist.
The Labrador was assisted by two Great Lakes Towing tugs. The Arkansas (above) on her bow and the Kentucky (below) on her bow.



  1. Noticed Indiana Harbor near Soo Locks on Marine Traffic – destination Zug. I think she may be on cam now, not sure because of Soo cams delay.

  2. DHC has posted a video of the Indiana Harbor departure.

  3. D. V. Holler says:

    DV Holler

    Can you find out where Indiana Harbor is headed and the owners plans for her? Several days ago, the Indiana Harbor’s ID marker appeared after a year of silence. She is one of the finest vessels on the lakes and I’m glad to see her out and about again.

    • Ken said she loaded coal for Presque Isle, Mi. Click Ship Schedule above the info is still there. Don’t know after that.

    • News Channel on 12/1 has a small paragraph about her. No info re after unloading at Presque Isle.

  4. Ken I see on MarineTraffic that Indiana Harbor is moving and that your schedule says she will go to PresqueIsle. Lots of folks love this ship and would be glad to know she is operating again!

    • You beat me to it, seems kind of late to be taken out of lay up doesn’t it?

      • Maybe it’s kind of a test run for next season?

        • Greg Hayden says:

          Was I the only one watching on DHC when Indiana Harbor left at 2048 tonight, Wednesday? Someone at the canal was waving a flag. Suspecting that a spotlight would come on and bathe them in light, when it did I was poised to take a screen capture, so I have a picture of it.

          Greg Hayden
          Vista (San Diego area – a chilly 53F @ 1925 PST) CA

          • I caught her leaving just in time and yes I saw the flag. She’s flagged US. Maybe someone on crew is from another country and has family here? My thought was it was a company flag. I’d like to see the screen shot but I don’t know how to do that.

        • holly jorgenson says:

          she is expected to arrive Two Harbors on saturday.

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